How to earn a student on the Internet

How to earn a student on the Internet?

Earnings on clicks.

The essence of earnings is to visit different sites. This is the simplest kind of earnings for a student to earn on the Internet, however, more than 500 rubles a month can not be earned.

Earning on input of captcha from the picture.

Here you only need to enter the codes from the picture (captcha). Foreign servers pay more than the Russian, and earnings for one picture are hundredths of a cent. Even with an eight-hour working day, working daily, a month more than 500 rubles you are unlikely to earn.

Paid surveys.

On specialized sites you are required to post reviews about various products, and for this will pay a little money. Also a good way to earn a student on the Internet.

Simple earnings in social networks.

There are many servers for earnings in social networks. You need to complete the tasks. The essence of them is extremely simple and understandable — to make reposts, subscribe to different public profiles and profiles, put on husky, write comments, add to friends. More than 20 cents. No task is not worth it. However, if you get carried away with this type of earnings, then it is quite possible to be among the ones blocked by a social network.

Real types of earnings.

Consider real ways how to earn a student on the Internet:
Earnings on articles. With a good knowledge of Russian, you can try to make money on this. You are required to write articles on a variety of topics. At the copywriting exchanges, each performer will be able to pick up an order for himself. For beginners, earnings are approximately at the level of 1000 rubles per month, in a few months earnings per month can reach 10,000 rubles or more.
Creation of sites under the order. This is completely for advanced students who know HTML, JavaScript and other programming languages.
Sale of services on the Internet. For example, one girl really likes to knit, and she can knit much in large quantities, and then sell. And also handmade products are valued much more, and the client is ready to pay for it not small money. So why not earn extra money for a hobby or offering various services on the web?
In conclusion, I would like to remind you that it does not matter what your social status is — a schoolboy, a student or a pensioner — your earnings depend only on the desire to work and your diligence.