How to define your target audience?

Опубликовано: 13-12-2019г.

How to define your target audience?

Before you search for your target audience, it is necessary to first define. The most common problem of any business. If you have a cool idea, a platform for sales, ready product or service, there are people who will do it, but you have stalled on finding customers for their business-this article is for you.  Follow our instructions and advice, and we guarantee you the first stream of ready customers. The best proof that the system works is the fact that you are currently reading this article!

Segmentation of potential consumers.

It is very important for any business is to understand who is the target customer for your business.  Get for yourself the segmentation to identify key factors that are important as much as possible for you. This is needed primarily to understand where «inhabits» your customer what he lifestyle, where to find it and what kind of advertising will be most effective for your client. Here are some features that you can use:


-Country, County, region, city, district

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-Up to 18 years of age, from 18 to 25, from 25 to 35, from 35 to 50, 50 +

The social status of buyer:

Student, housewife, businessman, working, retired

The social status of the end-user:

The child, parents, parents and pensioners, married housewife

Monthly income:

Up to 20 000 rubles, from 20 000 to 50000 roubles, from 50 000 up to 80000, from 80 000 to 10000, from 100 + 000000

Once you make a rough portrait of your potential customer. Let’s consider an example: you’re an Internet store selling toys in St. Petersburg. Your potential customer:

Region: St. Petersburg and Flax area (if you are doing the delivery)

Gender: 70%-30% girls-male

The social status of buyer: the girl in the Decree, working girl, running man

The social status of the end-user: a child from 5 to 12 years

Monthly income: from 80 000 rubles (because the offer exclusive toys from superkachestvennyh materials, they may allow mainly clients whose earnings starts from 80 000 rubles)

Psychological and behavioral characteristics

The next stage of the assessment of Psychology behavior of your potential customers. For the analysis, you can make an easy analysis of the following characteristics:

Media preferences of consumers:

-Transfer to TV (transfer, serials, presenters, actors)

-Online resources (news related websites, YouTube channels, forums, social networks

Assessing the scope and frequency of purchases:

Purchase (your proposed product category) to be committed consistently once a week/month/year

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-seasonal (birthday/new year/8 March/23 February) or (in summer/fall/winter/spring)

-Volume: wholesale or retail, a number of one-time

Preferences with regard to the place of purchase:

-In the shop next to the House/in the city centre/store or hypermarket

-Internet store

Behavioral characteristics of customers:

Benefits for the customer: any satisfaction of needs (primary/secondary)

The key drivers of purchase: price, quality, level of service, proof of status

We continue to analyze our example:

Media preferences of the user (buyer):

-Transfer to the TV: «reset», «fashion verdict», «voice». Dmitriy Nagiev, Ivan Urgant, Kseniya Borodina, Evelina Khromtchenko

-Internet resources:,, via Instagram Polina Gagarina, Oksana Samoilova, Ljajsjan Utjashevoj, group: zoluchki, sekrety culinary blog, Forum on Lady

Assessing the scope and frequency of purchases:

Purchase good expensive toys committed seasonally: birthday/new year/8 March/February 23

-Volume: for 1 PCs. on each child at a time

Preferences with regard to the place of purchase:

-Children’s world

-Internet store

Behavioral characteristics of customers:

Benefits for the consumer: secondary (fun for a child)

The key drivers of purchase: price, quality, interest for the baby trend

It’s time to explain in detail what you have done. Suppose you are a man, you 40 years, you have no children, but have a friend with a child, which filed you an idea to open a shop of unique toys, because this niche market is free. You entire life watched Top Gear and read the wheel. You do not know the lifestyle of young mothers, because they never faced such a challenge. You can even be your own children and wife, but you also can’t know perfectly what does your wife happy that reads on the Web, what and where is discussing with friends.

It would be useful to undertake an analysis to fold in your head picture on who you want to target your product and where to advertise. See for yourself, after the analysis, we figured out which sites you can advertise which stars you can enjoy instagram, when it is best to arrange promotions and special offers on your product, check again the price category, analyze competitors. You can also review the places that are most frequently visited your users:

  1. -Fitness Centre
  2. -entertainment centers
  3. -amusement parks
  4. -kindergartens

This information can be used if you choose to hand out flyers, trial products, you want to make a presentation or to agree a mutual advertising.

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