How to create and promote group vkontakte

What do you think, how many groups on the social network Vkontakte? More than seven million! More than users in many social networks. If you want to create a group with a popular theme, make sure you have a serious competition. What will such competition?

Open the search groups and change the line any phrase that reflects the relatively well-known theme. For example, rock music.

Number of groups with such subjects can be hundreds, if not thousands. If you have an idea to create and promote a popular group, you cannot do without special techniques, the use of which can bring you to the peak of popularity.

Creating a group in Vkontakte

To create a group need a bit: the Internet and login in social networks Vkontakte.

In order do the following:

  • Open the "my groups" in the left column, go down, click the "create a group".
  • Enter the group name and click "create group".
  • Be sure to do a group description, specify the theme group, its type, country and city.

You can enable the following settings:

  • The wall (for communication between team members).
  • Photo album (photo uploads).
  • Video (for video uploads).
  • News (to indicate changes in the Group).
  • Audio recordings (to add audio).
  • External links (to add links).
  • Discussion (for communication, conducting surveys on different topics).
  • Restrict access to persons who are undesirable in the Group: «access: closed.
  • Applications: games, program tests to your taste.
  • Remains to press "Save", and the band was formed.

Optionally, you can edit the Guide, adding administrators and moderators group. The button "Edit membership" to add or remove users. "Invite to group" can be your friends. Going to the "edit information" and "Picture, select the photo avatar of your group. You can upload any picture GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF to 5 MB.

The band was formed. You can begin her promotion.

How to promote group

Offer a step-by-step plan of action.

Step 1. Determine the theme society

If you plan to earn money selling advertising, select subjects (real estate, repair, health, etc. d.). Commercial themes advertisers much more, therefore making easier (see here. «How to make money in Vkontakte ").

If you choose a theme, a non-profit for advertising sales the number of participants should be from 100 thousand people. Particularly popular themes (quotations, humor) threshold of occurrence may be 500 thousand subscribers.

Step 2. Explore your audience

Discover the main rivals. You can introduce yourself and ask the advertiser stats to determine their audience. You must understand what audiences and what will read you.

Step 3. Find a community with their audience to accommodate

In these communities you will be advertised. The most correct choice is a society with a similar theme. Selecting 10 -15 communities, ask administrators provides links to statistics.

In Excel, create the document by filling in the following columns:

  • link to society;
  • number of visitors per day on average;
  • the average number of subscribers;
  • the cost of one post.

In the last column show the cost of 1000 hits advertising. In larger communities, it is almost always cheaper due to the fact that there is no shortage of sponsors. Select multiple online communities in which will be placed.

Step 4. Prepare promotional materials

The most effective advertising option-"post with a hyperlink. The meaning of such advertising is that you are invited to interesting material for your audience.

An example might be:

  • best 10-15 thematic books community;
  • fresh interesting story or parable;
  • fresh interesting anecdote;
  • a compilation of videos or movies.

Materials must be such that the user read the content until the end and kept on its own wall.

This post must be accompanied by an interesting picture. Not when you're finished, cut it at a very exciting place, completing a link to your community.

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