How to register an LLC

You've decided to become a company, you have huge plans for the future, but still a few scares you the suspense: how to register a company? In the head is not little questions: what documents are required? How much will it cost? How long will the registration process lasts all etc.

It's really pretty simple: and papers need to be not so much, and the deadline for the registration of the company officially installed not long (5 working days after delivery of all the necessary securities). The main thing is not to panic and all spread out on the shelves, but will help in this detailed instruction in FreshDok, where painted every necessary step.

So, you have to prepare for the start of the package of documents that would be required to send in registering the instance.

This list includes:

Charter of the community-generated immediately in 2 copies;

The minutes of the general meeting or the decision of the founder;

Application for registration (form called r 11001);

Confirming the perfect payment of the State duty document.

These documents you must submit to the IFTS, there are several ways to do this:

Personal visit;

Surrender of documents through a trusted representative;

Sending mail (either express or registered with inventory);

Through the nearest MFC.

Preparation of documents for opening of LLC

If the list of documents all became clear, the need to fill them, design and development at first glance seems impossible to many. But in fact this is not the case: of course you can ask for help to numerous firms, which for a fee will prepare you and the Charter, and the minutes of the meeting, and other desired paper. However, the site FreshDoc you can compile these documents yourself using multifunctional designed templates that are adapted to your specific circumstances.

To do this you will only note:

How many participants and with what legal status be part Ltd.;

A place where will be located;

The grounds on which will act established the firm;

Range of authorized capital;

When payment for participation will be made by the participants;

Who will be delegated the authority to EEC;

What body would be formed in LLC;

Whether the company's seal;

The FEE will be used;

Who will be submitted documents for registration.

According to specific criteria you will receive detailed instructions for action and formed the documents required for opening of the Society with limited liability.

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