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How to come up with hundreds of business ideas

For some people, thinking about ideas as simple as "two fingers on the asphalt". For others, it is almost impossible.

For me to come up with the idea of not just easy, it's what I do all the time and often without trying. I do not believe that it is an innate ability, but rather a "skill", which I learned and practiced throughout my life.

While this training was mainly subconscious because I faced with an increasing number of people who are struggling to come up with new ideas, I tried to understand what I'm doing and where I do it best. The fact that the study subjects of creativity and innovation has become so popular, of course, helps.

I fully believe that anyone who uses enough practice and who consciously tries to identify problems and to identify the needs, can improve their ability to come up with new ideas.

A brief science before we dive into how to invent ideas:

Good idea-it network

If you have engaged in even the most rudimentary psychology course, you will learn that the brain mainly consists of cells that we call the "neuron". In the human brain has about 100 billion of these cells.  Linked together, they form the nervous system, which is capable of taking decisions, feel the surrounding Wednesday and issue commands to our body.

How we think, what we think and what we can, to a large extent the consequence of the relationships that these neurons made with each other.

nervous system

Every feeling, every thought, every memory and your every sense are a direct result of the signals that pass between the neurons in your brain.

Actually, something especially interesting in the human brain is the ability to rebuild these links and to establish new relationships, regardless of age. Nejrobiologi refer to this property as the "plasticity".  And the more experience we have, the more changes in behavior or the environment Wednesday, who we are, the more plastic becomes a brain, or, a fortiori, capable of creating new connections and remodel old ties.

That is why, in our more senior years, when most of us are involved in less and less use our brains to memorize information and more difficult for us to control bodily actions. Our brains have not ceased to be plastic, but simply fell out of the habit of creating new relationships.

This distinction exists for those who are used to generate new ideas, and those who do not know. The more practice you'll do, the better your brain will be when creating new connections. Simply put, the more you keep your brain, the easier it is for you to come up with new ideas and good ideas!

The perfect state of mind to generate ideas

Steve Johnson, author of "Where Good Ideas Come From, has spent years researching and writing on the subject.

He believes that you are more likely to develop great ideas when:

  • You are researching and experimenting in different areas
  • You are part of the "liquid" network
  • You let your idea slowly evolve over time
  • You are learning and open to the idea of mutually acceptable links
  • You make mistakes
  • Are you looking for new applications for old inventions
  • You build on platforms that were previously

If you read his book, it becomes clear pretty quickly that Wednesday, where you spend time, contribute to or detract from your ability to think.

When people first organized themselves into the dense settlements, innovations have skyrocketed.

With the invention of agriculture for the first time people began to form sedentary groups that numbered in the thousands. This meant that there could be more communications with lots of people, and a good idea can quickly spread and take root in other people's minds.

If you remember this, when you work, live and experimenting, you'll quickly realize that it is much easier to come up with new ideas, when you have a flow of ideas that you will come in the first place. This should not occur in a city or university or Wednesday, full of people, it can be so easily if you interact with the ideas of many people on the Internet, books and other means of communication. The key is "connectedness".

With that in mind, let's move on to how you really can come up with ideas for business.

1. Solve problems

The easiest way to come up with a business idea-solve problems that you have. The second most simple-solve problems that others have. They must not be such major decisions, as a Google search or Amazon, they can be much less.

One company that solves a big problem I have, thanks to the ownership of cats that many use a litter box, this Fresh Step.  Fresh Step scoopable line created» cat litter, and it means that when a cat does its business, trash hangs together and I can't dig up without problems. Ultimately, this means that I have to change the sand less frequently and cleaning much easier.

Another one of my favorite products, which solves the problem for me is my Bose headphones (I think, I don't have the fancy version). This is because they are equipped with noise reduction technology. It means a lot when you're working in a busy office or when you take public transportation. Hello world, goodbye. You literally need to tap on the shoulder to hear how people come. When I first tried these headphones, I felt that under the water. Today it is a necessity.

Many of the products that you are accustomed to using, were actually invented to deal with the problem, including Thermoflasks, to keep coffee/food in warm, sunglasses for protection from glare, security alarms to alert you that someone burst into fire hydrants, release Fire before the whole place goes up, toothbrushes, to keep your teeth clean, and dental floss, to catch junk food. The list is literally endless.

All you need to do is identify the problems well. As soon as you realize that each of your own frustration is actually an idea in the creation process, you'll really start having fun!

One of my disappointments that I want to have a product is what you probably think, too obvious-jewelry stand. Because I have so many valuables, should I keep the finger in a wall to keep it all. There is no resistance, which I saw in the market to solve their problems-just small stands for a long time when people bought fewer, but more expensive items. Today I almost described as "disposable fashion". You buy something, wear it a few times and set aside, partly because things such as jewelry, have become so cheap. Because it's true, people who enjoy the jewels, gaining a lot of them, and as you can see in the picture below, there is no place to put it.

Another good example of a company that came up with a business idea, solving the problem, is a British car insurance company, ingenie. For many young drivers purchase price insurance is something they cannot afford. Ingenie applied rather clever approach to this problem. They set up a small black box that you fit in your car. When you drive, box controls your driving style, including things like braking, speed, acceleration, turns, etc. D. Every 10 days box assigns you the result from 100. The higher your score, the more discount you will get For your insurance policy comes a period of review. Ingenie argues that helps clients (often students) save up to 50 percent of what they would otherwise pay. And there's an added bonus, encouraging people to move better.

I leave you with the last example. Have you ever heard about GoPro? This company, which started in the year 2002. Founder Nick Woodman recently went surfing in Indonesia. Nick couldn't find amateur photographers who could get close enough to get good shots, shot him through the surf, or which might get quality equipment at an affordable price.

The solution to the problem? GoPro camera-wide-angle lens HD camera capable of shooting great videos and good action shots, and that could go there, where other cameras available could not. Bind one to the body, and you can literally do anything with it, from scuba diving and extreme mountain bike before your flight (and breaking) of model aircraft.

When you do your daily tasks, whether they are at home or at work, try to understand what is bothering you. If you were for some time in a particular industry, you may have a good understanding of it, because there may be problems that have been a problem for a long time. That's why venture capitalists, such as Boris Wertz, see the value in investing in those who have extensive experience in the market, for which they write their idea. He calls it a "secret".  This is the secret or the problems that you have identified.

For me, sitting at work, I need to stay on my desk, because this is the only place where I have two monitors, it annoys me. A lot of the time I have to leave your desk to write in a more quiet area. But, without the second screen, writing and research go hand in hand. I like it when my studies are visible on one screen and recorded on another. Retreat from my desk is always the victim. The solution to this problem, of course, will be a laptop with dual-screen-now who wants to help me get started with the company?

Even if you work for someone else, try to find the habit of finding pain points. It puzzles me when companies have products that do not use their own employees. In Palo Alto Software we use our own product-LivePlan-to manage and track key business metrics. If we didn't, we wouldn't be fully realized user pain point, and we would not know what were the problems that require correction.

Once you get used to finding problems, you probably start to enjoy it. Remember that every problem is an opportunity for a new product, service or company, especially if it is a problem many others.

2. Decide what can be a problem

Solving problems that you have now, is not the only way to come up with new ideas. Why not think about solving problems that will exist but yet?

In this very futuristic sense, here no one stands out as good as Elon Musk. Businesses that he has made, including Solar City and Tesla Motors can do some bullying, but a shortage of fossil fuels becomes a problem in the near future, and Elon would take steps to fix it before it happens. This gives it a time for innovation, because he was the first, and this gives it a market profit. Good luck to the others to catch up!

If you believe that the market has not yet been created for you, you can just create it, appealing to those who, like you, believe that it will be a problem in the future.

Currently, there are many potential problems with the obvious solutions, including Desalinators for California, a condition that dries quickly and ends up out of the water, preventive medicines for diseases that may be problems (e.g., Ebola), makeup and accessories to protect your privacy When facial recognition software really is released and breeding program/reserves for animals that died out without assistance.

If you have a problem and you don't know how to solve it, leave a comment below. We will be glad to host you brainstorm!


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