How to buy in China?

How to buy in China?

As you know, China is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of various products in the world. This is due to the surprisingly inexpensive labor. Many consumers are very negative about the quality of Chinese products and this fact does have a place. However, it is worth remembering that the most famous American and European brands trust manufacturing of goods under their brand to Chinese factories and plants. These same brands charge a very good markup on their products, sometimes reaching up to 200%. We with you, ordinary consumers, it would be more logical to buy «Chinese» in China to save. But how to get to the source? How to buy in China without leaving home, and how to persuade a person to be insured if he is going on a trip to China?

Buy in China — Pros and Cons

In order to make a purchase in this country does not necessarily have to make a long and expensive trip. The development of the Internet and modern communication technologies led to the fact that we can contact the manufacturer and pay for his services remotely. Especially it concerns retail consumers. Although, even wholesale dealers increasingly prefer to travel to factories and long negotiations with manufacturers prefer virtual communication with them. Internet, e-mail and Skype are connected. For example, you can buy all the goods you need both on Amazon and on tobacco, etc.

The main reason «for» is cheapness and a wide range of goods. Clothing and footwear, appliances, cosmetics and perfumes, jewelry, household goods, etc. — all this variety becomes available. But purchases in China are carried out not only because of the desire to save money. Many things from the presented assortment can not be found on sale in the cities of our country.

The argument «against» is a risk. The fact is that the object you are going to buy can be seen only in the picture, try on clothes or touch the material, ponazhimat on the keys, evaluate the convenience of the interface is often impossible. Therefore, we have to believe the suppliers for a word, it happens that the original arrived is significantly different from the image on the site, and, not for the better.

The next moment is the time, payment and delivery. Yet it is a question of another country, so the timing of ordering and delivery can be significantly delayed. With the assistance of unscrupulous intermediaries, you can also say goodbye to your hard-earned money without receiving the ordered products.

Instruction how to buy in China

So, after weighing all the arguments for and against, you decided on this experiment. We know, this is a risk and it’s not easy, than how to persuade parents to buy a dog. But how to contact Chinese suppliers, discuss issues and payment and delivery? This issue is especially relevant for those who do not know the Chinese language, that is, practically for all residents of our country. In this case, you will have to use the services of intermediaries.

The main trading platform of Chinese manufacturers is Taobao. The number of goods sold and turnover put the site on one level with Amazon and Ibey. Service, of course, in Chinese. Many intermediaries offer their services for buying goods on Taobao for a small fee.

In order to use these services, you perform a simple search in any search engine. After reading the reviews about the entrepreneur, making sure of his honesty — send a request to which you send a detailed instruction (for reading and viewing), how to navigate to the Taobao without knowing the Chinese language.

At the next stage, choose the things you like and send a letter with the appropriate links to the intermediary. The issue of payment is discussed individually. In the course and go and virtual money and transfers to the account.
Next is an exciting waiting process from 15 days to a month. If there are no problems with the availability of goods from suppliers, quality, if products without marriage — in the end, the moment comes when you can enjoy beautiful and inexpensive products.

As a conclusion: the regular users of Taobao are advised to use the services of only verified intermediaries. Carefully read all the reviews on the service and carefully weigh the possible benefits and risks, as in the case if you decide to put money on skype.

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