How to become famous?

How to become famous and to build a business on behalf of the

Many wondered how would unleash themselves and become famous. Famous people are successful, they are much easier to succeed and, consequently, money and power.

I want to share with you a very effective technique. It is ideal for energetic, open, impulsive people who love to communicate, evolve, did not shave flaunt their feelings and emotions. Such people do not make a labour gain celebrity in masses.

You have probably guessed what I was?

To participate in the tv ratings.

Yes, it’s a real chance to become successful and famous. The benefit of these now very much. From pluses you get free accommodation, meals, new friendships and relationships. Of the cons you expose yourself, you see your friends, friends from the real world. But here who does not risk-he does not drink champagne. A great way to take a break from the routine, relax, make some money. It can also be a good launch pad for business or career. Once you become famous, much easier to be spin group vkontakte or via Instagram. People will subscribe to you because you know.

The first way. Let’s list the most basic scoring projects.

  1. DOM-2. An absolute leader. Suitable for both girls and boys are definitely a good way to spend your time, you might even find love. If you are not burdened with anything, then this is for you! Special talents and skills are not needed. The main thing to be media.
  1. The Bachelor. Not far off season 6 starts. This project is suitable exclusively for girls. A chance to not only get really steep groom, but also unleash itself. I watched all 5 seasons of the Russian Bachelor, Instagram subscribed to the girls of 5-6 each season. The cost of advertising in «storys» one of the participants of the Bachelor 4 (Alla Verber) from 1000 rubles. Specifically recognize-the cost for the post at one of participants starts from 5000 rubles. Just the other day, Jan Anisova signed a contract with Maxim Fadeev to work together. Also an interesting observation that girls routinely in the top five at each holostjake find your love and marry just after the show or build a very successful modeling career, travel a lot and earn.
  1. Voice, dance, minute of Fame, Star factory, stand up, open mic. These projects still focus on certain of your abilities. Just for PR come fail, but if you want to break it is in one of these areas, I strongly recommend you undergo similar casting! You will be able to appreciate yourself, understand how you fit your chosen sphere and that you are ready to win.
  1. For ready-made entrepreneurs also have interesting projects where you can unleash a ready-made business. On the channel Friday there is an interesting project at daggers drawn, where you will have modernizing concept, Interior, menu and staff.
  1. Reload, fashion verdict, school repairs, let’s get married. Pretty point projects. Each issue of heroes have changed, but it’s a great start to understand how basically you tv, publicity. Also a great opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe, room or find love again.

The second way to become famous-local level.

If you are never willing to go into the tv to find out all about you, you can start on the local level. Raise all old contacts and seek new, go to all events, exhibitions, presentations, meet with people, in other words start communication (network). Make business cards, write posts in social networks, add friends, sound speakers in areas where you are competent. The effect will be productive, you tell us about yourself and listen to that offered by other, learn something, take note.

The third way to promote yourself-video blogs.

Very young, modern. Aimed at a younger audience. You can start your own video blog and ask bloggers you shoot with a well-publicized interview. If you don’t know how it works, just go to YouTube, type in videoblogery and filter out those who have the largest number of subscribers and views. Contact them to find out how much it will cost you maybe able to do barter on the services you want to promote. Subjects have absolutely different: workout, make up, animals, travel, fashion. The main thing is to get into your target audience. A very effective way to become famous!

A business built on the name is half the battle. Take any Star and see what each of them has a business (Anna Hilkevich, Kseniya Borodina, Isa, Oksana Samoilova-its clothing line, Timati-burgers, Ivan Urgant and Alexander Cikalo-restaurant, Duv-Barber room) is not associated with their creative activities. You will save an enormous amount of money on promotion of a business. Think for yourself-every business there are direct competitors, is a well-established monopolies, force people to withdraw from the usual things simply to Pete Ivanov difficult. But if Peter participated in the tv project, personally, for example, with Olga Buzovoj, it is good to set about it, at least it will be interesting to talk with such a person, because this is your chance to see the live person from tv.