How do bloggers earn in Instagram

How do bloggers earn in Instagram?

To translate the idea of ​​earnings in Instagram into reality, it will be necessary to collect at least 500,000 subscribers in the network, or as they are called in the network of Instagram-folovers. In order to, at the very beginning of your earning, to fill the figure approaching 10,000 people, you can use real accounts or bots, you’ll need to spend about $ 5. This will save a lot of time, because collecting all the necessary subscribers for work, it is worthwhile to think about the time spent. If you take the average indicators, then this will require 3 years of daily work, in which you will need to comment on pictures, posts, put a husky, etc.

So, how do you make money on the put-ups?

To begin with, you will need to pass a simple registration and start receiving dividends with the help of Instagram. The size of the daily profit directly depends on the cost of 1 like, working daily «indefinitely» it will be possible to earn a day at least 500 rubles. So, every month you can increase your income by a considerable amount.

In fact, the salary in Instagram is to take photos:

• Products
• Interesting things
• Spicy details
• Beautiful scenery, etc.
and upload frames through the application, wait a while until the system processes and approves the photos. And if the program takes a positive response, the owner will receive a solid reward. But before work (namely work!) In Instagram it is necessary to immediately check ways of withdrawal of the earned means.

In order to make earning the most effective, it is worth sticking to some basic rules:

1. The profile should be as interesting and attractive for subscribers as possible.
2. The invitation link is best disrupted.
3. Open the link by placing it on the landing page.
4. To put Laika under all posts, which even remotely have to do with the account owner.
5. Use several of your accounts for likes and especially for comments.
6. Do not overlook tags.
7. Put personal watermarks on the photos.

So, for example, you can create your own blog, keep it on a daily basis:

• filling with content
• inserting pictures
• inserting video
• creating interesting comments
• answering questions
• communicating with users, etc.
Just need to immediately choose one of the portals offered in the network and start — to rush into the pool with the head. The most simple and popular among the existing ones is or, as well as the portal, which makes it easy to become a blogger.
Important! It is recommended to create a blog, only on an interesting topic, otherwise with time, «the fuse will cool down» and the work will not bring a worthwhile income.

The more interesting and interesting the content will be:

• Articles
• Descriptions
• Notes
• Questions
• Polls
the more readers you can attract, and the more popular the blog will be.

And, now the blog has become popular, more than 500,000 readers have been recruited and what’s next, how to increase earnings, how to make the blog work for the owner?

For this, it is necessary to study what a TIC is — the thematic index of quoting Yandex. The higher this indicator, the more serious the system is to this site, and considers it to be an authoritative publication. If the TIC is low — it should be increased, for example, buy links and make them guards. That links will become a serious income from blogging, but in this case it will be necessary to initially spend.
It is worth noting that the TIC and its high index directly depends on the number of placed links that conduct users to other resources. It is recommended to buy links, only from popular resources.
However, there is a cheaper way to increase the Yandex index, so you can register various directories.

The most famous is the YouTube channel, which makes clear delineation of the video blog, in terms of income:

1. Top video channel. In order to break into the top — you need to gather an audience of at least 10 000 «venerable» bloggers.
2. The famous channel. Here, «live» show-men, bloggers, reviewers, celebrities, stars, etc. (3-4,000 per month).
3. Average types of video channels. Videoblogs, which are successful, earn at least $ 2,000 per month.
4. Small video blogs, place mostly the most interesting (cut-out) moments from television, while violating copyrights, the profit reaches 1,000 per month.
5. New channels, the cost of earnings on which is all 300 dollars a month.
6. Channels that are disabled from the possibility of monetization and therefore completely unprofitable.
So, doing this business on an ongoing basis, semi-professionally, at the end of the month you can become richer, at least 10,000 each month. And if you take the job professionally, study the market of the most popular requests, the family budget will be replenished by 50-80 thousand monthly.

Also, the popularization of the site is greatly simplified, because the resource has already a good reputation and a large audience with other bloggers.
Having written down the first post, it is necessary to immediately see other interesting pages of other users and comment on the posts, make photos of photos and videos.
It will take not just a «response», but a full detailed review and comment, which will be noticed and appreciated by users, and then transferred to the author’s page to get acquainted with its content.
So, it is worth noting that the comments to other pages is a way to attract users and subscribers to their records, this is, so to say, a kind of «word of mouth» on the Internet.

Without a doubt, blogging is a lucrative business, but even such work requires daily work and constant work.

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