How can I recognize on time financial pyramid

How can I recognize on time financial pyramid

Charles Ponzi-creator of the first Ponzi scheme in the United States. In this article we will talk about how to recognize counterfeit market investment and still invest your money profitably. Economic crisis-gribnoj dozhd for fraudsters. Every time the economy potrjahivaet, experts say the growth activities of so-called pyramid schemes.

What's behind the phenomenon?

A pyramid scheme is an organization which itself produces nothing but exists due to the constant attraction of money resources. Income the first investors are paid for by subsequent attachments. This is the schema that Charles Ponzi "worked" in 20 years in the United States. By the way, for their financial fraud had served time and, ultimately, was deported to his native Italy.

Now with the financial pyramids bind another schema. When the investor is not just makes a contribution, but also leads to the following Parties for themselves. With the input of contributions it receives its percentage. This scheme is called a multilevel pyramid scheme. Money is also not invested, they simply redistributed among numerous participants.

In theory-everything is simple. In fact-to recognize the financial pyramid cannot often after the fact, when investors have lost their savings, the chances to create equity and credibility of those who work in the investment market quite legally.

New schemes of work»

In the year 2015 in Russia appeared curious "pyramid" financial scheme. It is designed for those who have problems with payments on loans to banks and financial institutions. Such debtors seek "financial agents", offering services on refinancing overdue loans or co-funding. Supposedly they organize investment project, the income from which will help repay the debt. In return, the customer pays to the agent 20-35% of the total amount of the debt. The money, according to the contract, are in the form of payment for the services of the agent.

"After that," rossiyskaya Gazeta "," financial agent "usually produces several debt payments to demonstrate" good faith "fulfil their obligations and attract new customers. And then disappears, leaving the borrower with outstanding debt ".

Where views authority?

Interesting, but this kind of activity does not have a ban in Russia. Pyramid schemes are prohibited in more than 30 countries, including Nepal, Albania, Dominican Republic … But not with us. Nevertheless, the State takes action. Last year, the structure of the Central Bank creates new division among the tasks of which is to identify organizations having signs of pyramid schemes. Works and a project to promote the level of financial literacy.

Knowledge-the only weapon

It is ignorance leads to sad statistics: only 27% of Russians recognize the signs of a Ponzi scheme. These are the results of a survey conducted this year by the national agency of financial researches (NAFI).

There are other conclusions that can be drawn from this survey. People are less likely to trust the legitimate market participants. For example, a unit investment fund, about 35% of its shares over the previous year, suspected signs of pyramid 13% of respondents. Drop in confidence in the financial system, frozen spring 2015 year has resulted in an increasing number of consumers was attributed to financial pyramids legitimate investment or savings instruments.

Another factor to recognize the pyramid, is a low level of financial literacy of Russians and a low level of awareness about the various products and services, financial and investment companies,-commented Irina Lobanova, head of the Research Department of the bank sector NAFI.

No wonder the major investment companies enormous work assign educational activities. They create departments for training, conduct seminars and trainings as for their "Treaty" clients and potential. These activities often are free and they serve solid experts-financial advisors, traders, analysts, whose names are familiar to professionals of the investment market. This factor can be interpreted as a sign of reliability and stability of the company. But still, how to spot a pyramid scheme? After all, if you know its signs, it is possible for him to check out any investment company, which attracted your attention.

Official signs of a Ponzi scheme

Official we call them, because they are published on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This list cannot be legitimized, but credibility more than the many thoughts of bloggers and journalists, hosted on the network.

According to experts from the Central Bank, here are some common to all "financial pyramids" signs:

  • the absence of the FCSM licenses/FFMs of Russia or Russian Bank to raise funds;
  • the promise of high yields, several times higher than the market level;
  • guarantee of return (which is prohibited in the securities market);
  • massive hype in the media, the Internet, with the promise of high yields;
  • the absence of any information on the financial situation of the Organization;
  • payment of money from new participants of funds made by other contributors previously;
  • lack of own fixed assets, other costly assets;
  • There is no precise definition of the Organization's activities.

How to choose an investment company?

The easiest answer is based on the reverse. Let's start with the first item relating to the license. The law stipulates that every individual, every legal entity can be a full participant in stock trading. -Explains Eugene Kartsev, founder and Director of "TOP invest", Member of the Board of Directors holding VLS Group, a licensed trader FFMS stock market. -Another thing that license must be the one who directly sells on the market-dealer, trader. And so the company you drew your eyes must work primarily with professionals.

With respect to high yields the Central Bank itself stipulates the possibility to obtain a higher income (rather than bank deposit) in the medium and long term, and with a certain amount of risk. It is investing in the stock market is an independent or through licensed intermediaries.

As regards safeguards, solid investment companies are ways to diversify risks. "TOP invest", for example, allocates its investment portfolio in three different directions, thus reducing the risks. In addition, insures its activity JSC «Alfastrahovanii» in 500 million roubles, that allows you to compensate for financial losses and fulfill their obligations to customers.

The following three items-a massive advertising, information and a message about "closed pyramid scheme payments are quite obvious. Just go to the company website to check how transparent its work, can I see a copy of the official documents provided by a professional team-from the head to the traders, analysts and consultants. Working site and accessibility information also talks about reliability.

Evaluate the assets of the company. So for example, the authorized capital of the financial company "TOP invest" is 30 million rubles. nested in Pai shares. It's the untouchables tools that are intended only to provide client contracts. In addition, the presence of additional assets-real offices, staff also increases customer confidence.