The success story of the confectioner-architect Mary Trinity

How it all began

Often, when a hobby turns into a favorite cause, and then in business. It all started with the fact that I just liked to Cook, first regular meals, and desserts. At first I was treated to family and friends after a while to me became a request to prepare a cake to order. Gradually about me began to recognize and treat it is to me for my design of confectionery. Some time in my life I was a freelancer, it was all on me: production, marketing, finance, production cost calculation. But I was always more attracted to the creative side of the process, namely the creation of something new and creative, and it is a business and everything that is included in this concept, I mortgaged.

By a happy occasion, a year ago I was introduced to people who admire my dessert and were interested in the creation and development of production. Three young and ambitious young person, my peers and I close in spirit people — Andrey Kostenko, Ramin Namazov and Anton efimov. In addition, we are fortunate to have before it all started, gave us valuable advice of people with vast experience in this field is provided the impetus and confidence.

The success story of the confectioner-architect Mary Trinity

From the outset, we often wondered whether the confectionery business is so profitable, as it retracted. It's quite a multilateral question-it all depends on the product itself. You can manufacture products of different blends, getting low cost and high profitability. However, it is not the case, as our desserts we produce only from natural ingredients, using an unusual decor is so ROI is not very high. For me, as a brand-chef, was of crucial importance not only beautiful and unusual appearance of products that will attract attention to themselves, but also the good quality of the ingredients. Therefore, we exercise strict control over the quality of purchased products and some components I quote from Paris or the United States: for example, rare species of vanilla sugar, decor, quality dyes, tonka bean, the new silicone moldy and form, concentrates.

Through thorns to the stars

At the initial stage of company development attachment size was in the area of minimum six-figure sums. Of course, the difficulties were and there are many, and we don't expect that they will run out. The most significant problem was the lack of finance is to perform work on all fronts accounted for solely by yourself, and psychologically easy to not have so much more — all matters related to production, it is necessary to combine with study at the University, because we all learn from the magistracies. So sleep (and sometimes lack thereof) of 4:00 per night has become the norm for our entire team.

The success story of the confectioner-architect Mary Trinity

I remember a year ago spent whole days the development concept. Because quality and thoughtful brand is a guarantee of success. Met in the morning and dispersed in the late evening, discussing the future of the name, logo, design, making the overall style. So first of all created the concept of the candy store with brand and design, has developed a stylish brand packaging that is in many ways the hallmark of confectionery, and, of course, identified and developed the basic assortment is a line of desserts. It was my main job. Invented by Andrey title, while stylish, memorable, a little daring — Californicaketion — meant an interesting mix of popular American and French styles and sophisticated desserts. I was guided by when creating future lines. Many fashionable position gained European elegance and versatility. And I'm happy that there are already branded, recognizable all the cakes and pastries.

Business organization

As mentioned earlier, the initial capital was around 1 000 000 rubles. These funds were created packaging, design and concept of the brand, website and shop equipment was purchased, renovated, and hired the first production staff. It turns out that the earliest developments began to implement even in the early spring of the year 2016. The production opened in the middle of summer. Immediately after the first stage we have found suppliers of ingredients and equipped production facility. And did so as soon as possible. Literally two weeks found, purchased equipment, made repairs and organized process. Our Technical Director, held the necessary repairs and fully equipped room for food production. When everything was ready at the end of July, we immediately started its activities.

The success story of the confectioner-architect Mary Trinity

I try to go into all the processes related to our common cause, but there are a lot of elements and nuances, so that responsibility rests with the individual specialist from our team. We have distributed roles to act efficiently and confidently move forward. It seems to me that it is received by us higher education in other areas helps to solve emerging challenges. Combining our experience in various fields, we get a very well-organized team. Given the nature of our product and its features, "just hire people to fail, so we have not just performers or employees.


When selecting personnel, in addition to the skills and experience, an important criterion was the presence of talent and sense of proportion, composition, taste. When you create each dessert we use unusual decor and make pies for individual, corporate and wedding orders. Yet there have been no cases to individual order were similar repetitive cakes, so such confectionery products must be approached creatively to be able to implement the idea of maximum follow the preliminary sketch. Therefore, when we formed the team, more responsive to the human ability to draw, creative thinking, rather than the ability to whip the whites into the French merengu or pour over cake mirror glaze. After all, it's just a technical process that anyone can learn.

The success story of the confectioner-architect Mary Trinity

Directly in a candy store now works 8 people, of whom 4 confectioners. Still there are a few people on the remote work.

Office of business and financial management for the most part deal with my partners, I answer only for the appearance of confectionary products, interesting and new structures are continually advise our customers and confectioners, draw sketches of future products. The complexity of your business — they can always occur when there is a clear strategy and organized process, but we have successfully overcome this step and continue to improve our activities.

How to start your own business

To open your pastry shop, firstly, there should be the ability and desire to create something nonstandard and new that will appeal to the discerning consumer. This applied experience and knowledge in the field of production and managerial and accounting systems. And, of course, our common desire to create a product worthy of respect, the kind who will be proud of yourself.

Break with zero is never easy, and confectionery market is no exception. On the market of Moscow already has both proven names and brands that hold quality constant, and a large number of small producers, and compete with all at once, of course, difficult. On our current level of competition we win at the expense of high-quality products, pull the look of modern appearance, the feasibility of individual confectionery products in the shortest possible time and the optimum level of prices.

The success story of the confectioner-architect Mary Trinity

We actively conduct our profile in Instagram and pages in other popular social networks, communicate with subscribers, use online advertising. In the warmer months, participate in various markets and events. Thanks to him about us get to know more people. If possible, support those who are difficult and need support — organize master classes in children's homes, participate in charity, serve cakes children from single-parent families, provide help — in gratitude, we tell the story in a number of sources.

To be a successful entrepreneur, not an employee, requires the willingness to work longer than "must"; continuous development of yourself and your business; the desire to benefit himself and others; ability to create appropriate and high-quality product or service. Opening a business, entrepreneurship is the self-selected way of development, an opportunity to show and develop myself and create something new, independently to benefit others; While all the way by purchasing resources and opening opportunities to implement more extensive plans and aspirations. I never thought attracted to work in the Office, in the company, "someone", to assist in the development of Foreign Affairs.

By nature I am a loner, a freelancer. So at first it was difficult for me to get used to work in a team. But I dream of becoming a successful pastry chef, to inspire people, to give them joy. My companions want to create your own successful business, name, implying a high quality and stability on the market. We are United in a single command to quickly and efficiently achieve their goals, while creating and developing the overall company and brand. The main thing is to build big plans and implement bold ideas, but do it persistently and gradually. Be faithful to the chosen course.

In the coming year, we will expand its product range and expand ourselves — move into larger premises and replenish our team definitely honing the skills of manufacturing and delivering a consistently high level of service and products.

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