Food business particularly in demand. But conventional grocery stores and supermarkets so much that is difficult to surprise the buyer some delicious novelty. And yet, some fancy skillfully transformed into life to increase sales and attract buyers. These strange ideas cause amazing emotion that clearly push for making a purchase. So, a few glorious examples of originality in «tasty» busines

s. Mint pencils

Pencils with Mint aroma created specifically to improve cerebral process. Scientists have proven that the fragrance of peppermint helps to improve concentration and focus, as well as having a positive impact on overall brain activity. People who use unique pencil during training, show excellent results.

A unique accessory consists of a graphite rod and newspaper wrapper, impregnated with the scent of peppermint. With the same properties offers a range of colors, and the fragrance of mint, as claimed by the manufacturers, is saved by as much as two years.

An unusual idea embodied the life company Smencil

s. Pancakes with images

One company came up with how to transform a pancake in edible amusing picture. For this purpose, a special device is used with a camera that takes photos at made the hot pan greased with oil. The pancake itself consists of two test colors that gives the product the outlines of the image. This idea was invented for catering establishments. The incoming client photographs digital camera, after which the guest receives a gift of a delicious pancake with his portrait. Thus, urban restaurants will pleasantly surprise its customers and get rave reviews. Ut

ensils that may be eaten.

This particular idea is a very noble character. The creators of the edible dishes so care about the environment Wednesday and advocate ecological technologies. Now customers of Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles can easily enjoy not only the great coffee, but also edible chocolate-wafer stakanchikom.

A similar idea decided to embody and in London. There was created a glass of cookie and white chocolate, known for its heat resistance. In this tasty Cup can also contain coffee drink. Unlike The Robin Collectio, firm Butt Foods surprised their guests bread dishes, which are served hot meals. It can also be enjoyed together with dish that is in it.

Designer Huck Wauters pleases society your creations from fruit and vegetable dishes. Unusual ideas gladly accepted as institutions and customers of these institutions.

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