Freelancing as a way of earning on the Internet

The word freelance refers to work without a work contract "free artist" or freelancer.

The word comes from the English language from the word freelance. If literally translate part of the word, then be free and free-lance-spear. Then there are free work. Freelance and can be practiced on the Internet.

In the network sense freelancing is to find order (job), run it and get money for work done. Sometimes differently called telework, remote work or telework.

Remote work via Internet

Many attribute freelancing on the Internet only with MLM (multi-level network marketing), magic wallets, reading the letters. But the reality is that all this has nothing to do with frilansov.

This freelancing is to perform a specific job for the customer (client), which you find on the Internet. Typically, employers can be found on the forums for freelancers, special sites on remote work, exchanges, work remotely.

For example, you find a customer to Exchange work remotely. Client temper you the text of a press release or some text for a site. Freelancer (that is you) do the work and to implement send material ready to e-mail client.

Customer checks, and you get paid for the work. Your work can be paid using payment systems (for example, Yandex money and Webmoney), by translating it into your personal bank account or in some other way. Thanks to modern means of communication became possible to instantly send a job and receive payment for it.

The most interesting is that people can work remotely many years with each other, but do not know how it looks like their employee or employer.

At first glance, it seems that freelancers often throw with payment. But this happens rarely. Once an employer has cheated, then at other times to him, nobody will come. Generally speaking, cooperation with remote workers is very advantageous.

Profession freelancers

At the moment in the market of remote work demanded by professionals such as designers (web), journalists, programmers, as well as representatives of creative professions.

The popularity of such occupations is related to the fact that the result of their work, you can easily get by e-mail. Thanks to this, the customers of Western companies can easily hire a remote work the best programmers from Russia. But, for example, Moscow newspapers and magazines find and hire smart journalists from regions.

From the history of remote work

Remote work was brought to Russia from abroad from the developed countries of North America (Canada, United States) and Western Europe. If you believe the statistics, in the United States of America working remotely around 17 million people (it's almost 5.8 per cent of the population).

With proceeds not employed in freelancing humans in almost half the incomes of employees. $50 thousand per year from freelancers against $30 thousand. Immediately begs the question, why is it that all Americans are not fed into the remote work?

The fact of the matter is that not everyone can plan your work schedule, and then workers are not all professions can be replaced. How to replace, such as plumbing or auto mechanics?

But the main is that freelancers work in Western countries only the best of the best, only held the workers. Only professionals. We have in the country all the way around. Remote work increasingly become start to success, great income and fame.

Pros and cons of freelancing

Freelance work is, like any other profession, pros and cons. Perhaps the main advantage is the absence of freelancers transport problems as you work at home, and so you have no need to commute every day to a specific location.

Another plus is the possibility to arrange your personal working place to your liking. you are only responsible for your actions. And nobody will be able to break the employment contract with you, because it simply does not exist. You can choose a job for yourself. You can work with companies from other countries and do not go out of the House.

But remote work there are minuses. There is no guarantee that you will get paid for the work you have done. Yes, this happens rarely. But still occurs. Your income is very unstable. For a couple of days you can get a huge amount of money, and then a month to sit without work.

Freelancing has become common since the development of the Internet. Some categories of workers less opportunity to appear at the Office, to take some of the work on the House, and some managed to completely switch to remote or home work.

Where do you start?

Start the search must host the abilities and skills which may be of interest to distant employers. In order to do freelance does not necessarily have a profile or higher education.

For example, if you have a foreign language, you can try the remote Sub. If you feel the talent of a journalist, then you will not be left without work.

If you know how to create websites and know programming languages, you can safely offer their services. Locate and in itself a kind of ability or skill, and courage to finding a job online at special sites.

At the moment in Russia formed a layer of freelancers. These are people who earn a living in the remote work. Now freelancing circulated among programmers, designers, rewriters, managers, professionals involved in promotion groups, forums and sites, translators, journalists, copywriters, artists, engineers, actors, affiliate programs and among many other professions.

There are many online websites that help freelancers find new employer and regular order, for example:


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