Information about the company

  • Company name: chocolate dream ™
  • Country of origin: Russia brand
  • Service-type product: confectionery,


  • Company founded: 2008
  • Year started franchising activity: 2012
  • Number of own agencies: 1
  • The number of franchised enterprises: 18

Franchise proposal

  • Amount of necessary investment:
    from 350 000 rub.
  • Lump-sum payment:
    250 000 rub.
  • Royalties:
    3 000 rubles, since 3 months
  • Contributions to the advertising fund:
    There are no
  • The planned payback period:
    from 4 months.

Franchise description

Want to be in the thick of the holiday events? Give people a holiday and, in doing so, fine making? If you like everything new, bright and unusual, then this business is for you!

At the lowest threshold of entry into the business, sized at 250 thousand rubles, you can become a full owner of your working business, because our training includes 24 courses on business management and development of 20 unique festive services, including master classes.

Franchise original holiday services "chocolate dream"

Business not required in the initial phase of the Office rental and hiring permanent staff. The first 3 years we have been a business from home, so as to obtain orders from customers need Internet and telephone. You can start a business and one person.

Our services are in demand at any festive event (corporate events, meetings, weddings, graduations, banquets, etc.), and where you want to draw the attention of the clients (boutique opening in SHOPPING MALL, the launch of new car models in the showroom, product presentation, etc.). Of course, peak date, as new year's day, 8 March, shrovetide and other national holidays, our business is reminiscent of an oil rig!

In the year 2013, our franchise has been accredited by Sberbank and posted on the website as a profitable and reliable business! And this is another reason to trust us.

High profitability of services (50-80%), season (holidays are held all year round), the absence of obligatory payments and work under the well-known brand gives you a unique chance to become a leader in the industry in your city or region.

At the moment we have successfully run franchisees in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Ukraine.

Franchise original holiday services "chocolate dream"

What is included in the franchising package?

  1. 5-day business training in the head office in the city. Moscow: the theoretical part is business course 21 (financial planning, accounting, active selling, cold calling, site maintenance, hiring of personnel, etc.); the practical part is 20 original holiday services (master-class on making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, chocolate candy, carving, molecular cuisine, fruity compositions, chocolate fountains, pyramids, champagne, etc.)
  2. How to: create and run a site for your region (Yandex. Catalogue);
  3. Advertising company in Yandex and Google;
  4. Exclusive of the city/region;
  5. The company's trademark "chocolate dream";
  6. Travel and training on real events capital;
  7. The continued support of the 24/7 experts of the company in all matters of competence and business development partner;
  8. Training webinars;
  9. Connecting to a shared chat partners;
  10. Training package, video instructions, check listings, commercial listings, contracts for services of all kinds for all types of clients;
  11. Create a group account in, AMOSRM and Unisender;
  12. Shuttle service from the hotel or subway, lunches and coffee breaks during training in Moscow;
  13. Choice of bonus (10 kg of chocolate Barry Callebaut Belgium, 2 fountain for beverages or filling your site unique texts).

Additional information

Support provided:

  • 5 full days at the head office in Moscow;
  • Support 24/7;
  • Training webinars times in a month and a half;
  • Connecting to a shared chat partners.

?Target regions:

  • Russia;
  • Countries of near and far abroad.

Requirements for potential franchisees:

  • Legal person and free territory.

Contact information

  • Contact person: Elisabeth Mitjakina
  • Phone: + 7 495 268-05-95; + 7 926 985-90-95
  • Skype: 7731597
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

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