The philosophy of business success

Today's topic is dedicated to those who are interested in the opportunity to start your own business or are already in the process of its creation. And I want to start with those things that do not lie on the surface, but which are the Foundation of everything that happens and qualitatively affect the result. I want to talk about your own business philosophy, my vision of business, about what I have to it and, of course, what an incredible opportunity he can open for everyone.

It is commonly believed that business is business, which aims to profit! Common misconception is that a key factor in business is money! So think very many, that is not very supportive attitude and this activity and to people who are engaged in this is the vision of dealers going on heads, ready to deal with anything if only it brought money.

I see it a little differently: considering that business, this is the best opportunity to implement itself, this is an opportunity to develop and express their own reality, their talents, develop personality and live the incredibly interesting life, being both scriptwriter and Director!

Let us all in order.

To high rise, places to go at the bottom of the

Once, being a cadet of the military flying school, I read the book "Napoleon Hill's think and grow rich". Very many things inspired me, but what I literally pierced is the fact that almost everyone who has achieved incredible heights, becoming the richest women and billionaires — once started from scratch. It is very touched me, because before this I thought that rise from the ground up, almost impossible. That successful people are just those that pointed finger of God and they were born into families of rich parents, or they will suffer the fate was special, or they were born with outstanding abilities and talents — somehow, in General.

For me was the discovery that most of the people that have made dizzying success started from there, where in the minds of most people climb not at all possible. And that they also had a lot of problems and difficulties. These examples of thousands: Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve jobs, Iosif Prigozhin with Valeria, Fedor Emelianenko, Roman Abramovich, Vladimir Putin.

Few people know that Roman Abramovich three years became a full orphan, and his grandmother and was brought up by his uncle. And he started his own business, creating from scratch a co-op for the production of toys. Iosif Prigozhin worked as a Hairdresser with 12 years and having little money came from Dagestan to Moscow, passing the hardest test.

My wife, Larisa, Gert, 14 years of SOAP in school floors to earn their coats as money that is earned, not enough mom and in 16 away from the homes, moved from Yekaterinburg to Tyumen, enrolled at the school. She began her career with the usual profession nurse, today she leads a group of companies developing the GRS, an incredible amount of talent and qualities, creating a successful business and a very large number of successful and happy people! On this topic can be a seminar to hold! In my case is the same. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, my family lost everything, we lived in a studio apartment at Grandma's (five men and a dog), and frankly, the situation was very difficult. From there I started when there was no money when my profession was not claimed, when the country broke the crisis and the disastrous impoverishment of the population in the 1990s.

Way in business, started from scratch involves tremendous value. When you walk through the steps, you know, what difficulties might be encountered by members of your team, and you are able to affect that, giving rise to my team and the business in General. And those people that this is not passed, this applies particularly to the children of rich parents, who know only the other side of the coin where there is prosperity, and how it was created is not. Very often it is the lack of this experience lets derail business passed by inheritance, and lack of competencies and skills does not allow proper authority and leadership that often makes one head Chief of has, and does not create a proper climate and effective team.

Through thorns to the stars

In addition to the importance of pass milestones in business from scratch — it is important to have a big dream. All great people were obsessed with the great dream. We can say that a successful person is a man who at once more rose than fell. And that assumes the compelling reason for the climb and go forward, determined by a dream, but it's far from the whole mission of the Dream!

Firstly, the dream is the Foundation planning

Have you noticed that very often we reach desired not, as it had planned to do before? The thing here is that the dream starts to work subconsciousness, marshalling the event generation process in detail and minutia.

Dream is the shortest path to the goal.

And you can schedule, including logic, and you can follow the events while in meditation practice-connecting purpose with the process of practical action following the events themselves and created. That's why I'm in the business I see incredible personal growth, when we learn to manage events in their lives.

Secondly, the dream creates a "problem"!

What I mean? One of the laws of the universe reads: "External is always a reflection of internal". And what would we do not set ourselves goals, the path that we need to pass to the target will be mainly aimed at establishing itself. And only when we meet the objective, personally, professionally, mentally — we'll achieve that.

Want to bring here the effect of resonance from the course of the school of physics. We know that when a match occurs frequencies — amplitude tends to infinity. It is with such unlimited power going establishment events. This is why poor people inside, even many working, cannot become rich — no coincidence frequencies. And that's why it seems that the whole universe you helps, this effect of luck when you enter in resonance with their goals.

So, when we put the high objective, "life" gives us difficulties, overcoming that we develop personal and professional skills. And of course it is reliable or not — we can also understand the ability to traverse difficult stages. "He can be trusted in any situation …" And agree it is no less important reliability quality rather than professionalism.

One successful person who played a crucial role in my becoming a said:

"Success is a bad teacher. Not at the moment you grow when the balcony in the rays of glory … The best teacher is the poshhjochiny, which you get from life. When you are at the bottom, you clearly see what you need to work, you need to change in your technology, communication, respect, etc. d. "

This message is completely changed my attitude towards problems. Not that I think of it as a good-no, of course not. I am also furious when they occur in my life, but furious because I am not on the level. On the other hand, I thank problems for what they show me what you want to grow.

Many people experience a lot of problems because they run a lot, but earns little. The problem is not actually in it!

The real problem is when a person runs a lot, earning little and he knows that he will never earn more! The lack of prospects is what is the real problem, that's what makes people fall, get depressed and destroy your life! Man plagued by internal conflict: he wants to live well and doing what not even close. And many are abandoning their dreams in order to change nothing. Instead of trying to find another profession, achieving what he wants, remaining true to himself and his dream.

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