Effective sales: techniques and tricks

Опубликовано: 14-12-2019г.

Effective sales: techniques and tricks

I want to warn immediately that this article is not the embodiment of the truth: some tips you can use something to take note and unnecessary pass by. As an experienced seller often have their "tricks" and techniques. This was announced today and we'll talk. Active sales, cold sales all this, anyway, is connected with calls.

  • Active sales is one of the technologies of sales of goods to the client, in which the contact is initiated by the seller, not the buyer.
  • Cold is selling to customers, which have shown interest in the proposed product and not waiting for contact from the seller.

The purpose of such sales is to inform potential customers about services and products company, promotions and new offerings from the company holding the primary Diagnostics of client requests and the formation of its interests, an appointment.

The basic principles of efficient telephone sales includes:

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  • the establishment of effective dialogue, script
  • the use of assignments during the conversation,
  • work with objections.

You definitely need to talk template that looks like this:

  1. Welcome and introduce yourself.
  2. To submit to the company.
  3. Designation of the purpose of the call.
  4. The final agreement.

The second paragraph is very important to name the specifics of the company, t. k. often the potential client ignores the name of the caller, but hears the specifics of the company and the purpose of the call. It is precisely on these points, it is important to motivate your opponent.

But we need to understand that the template is not something eternal. Sellers often hear denial. In such cases, it is important to learn to keep balance.

All that you have in these calls is your voice. It is therefore very important to train. You can take, let's say, a cookbook and read aloud with a smile recipes from there. It is important to ensure that the reaction of the customer template not the voice of the seller does not flinch. I often become the target of "cold calls" and believe me, when the seller upset is very good.

Let's say, just recently I had a call. The first call I missed, but looked online, who called me and that for the offer. To me, this proposal was not interested. One day I got a second call and managed to answer it:

— Hello! My name is Alex, I'm from company *. I'd like to tell you about our offers.

Of course, I'm beginning to waver. Understand that the seller began working with objections. Answer:

-Remind me: what's your name?


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-Alexander, I have already looked at your offer on the Internet and I am not interested in it.

-Okay, good luck!

It was heard on the voice as the man was upset. I even became its pathetic. This is not worth a permit! Even over the phone you can hear false, a lie and your mood. People subtly feel it. That is why it is very important to train and to pronounce the most strange phrases and text with a smile and smooth voice.

The same thing works and in person. If you falshivite, this will be evident. This is often the most basic beginner error. For this, by the way, I don't like stores, in which the seller is forced to approach the client and issue the whole tirade about discounts, promotions and credits. Usually in such shops on your method worked, years of work not allowed, even if it's 100% working method. Some experienced sellers can work quietly "template not using their working methods, ways and as I wrote above is" tricks ". If you have such a solution — use! The most important thing is the result!

But remember that, for example, pressure on the client does not work. It is important to remember about the thin line between supply and imposition. Not worth it to put pressure on the customer.

If you are a beginner and constantly hear "no", don't get upset. Call more often! With each new call you get confidence. Of course, at the outset, it is worth to work out various options for the development of conversation with friends, colleagues or mentors. The most unusual, difficult and strained conversations. Do not feel sorry for yourself! In this conversation with a client it is important that you remain calm. Customer needs to realize that he is dealing with a professional.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • take your place in the template where you constantly stumble, and train them;
  • get more natural sounding speech (without hypocrisy)
  • You can record on tape some real conversations with customers, to listen to them to understand what needs to be fixed.

Where to look for potential customers?

Active and cool is not just sales calls. There are several ways to find a client. List all:

  • cold calls,
  • personal calls
  • placement of advertisements in the media,
  • work on the recommendations of the exhibition,
  • the Internet.

But today we'll talk about finding a client on the Internet, and more specifically in social networks. Social networks such as Classmates, vkontakte, my world, Facebook, Google + YouTube, Instagram, are developing rapid way, practically every week go out various updates associated with advertising and successful sales.

So, what should be done to start?

  1. Place on your page with information about their activities to potential customers find you through search.
  2. Cold contacts: create your group/public, where you can post information about their work posts/activity of the company (and other useful information) and invite potential customers there.
  3. In SOC. networks the most easy to find "his" customer. Search you can set, ranging from age (CA of your company) to marital status.
  4. Depending on what your company is engaged, what services you offer, you can choose the approximate age, marital status, city, gender, work and even the interests of your clients.
  5. Social networks help collect you customer base quickly and easily. Simply configure search parameters however you want and invite your group to those who found upon request. This will avoid punishment for spamming. After all, if a person came to you in public — anyway, it is interesting this specificity. So those people can already establish contact.
  6. Easy way to establish contact with the customer is to ask questions: what makeup most enjoy? "," what can you recommend to me? "," can I help you? ".
  7. Try not the official conversation, but in a friendly way (but not panibratski). Most often the customer more willing to respond to such messages. Find you can be interested in it, what would a person want to respond and continue the dialogue with you.
  8. If you have a challenge to increase their client base, do not forget about the content of their group.
  9. It can be as informative posts based on your activity, and other useful information.

Three whales, which attracts people to the Group:

  • promotions/discounts
  • contests,
  • communication.

Keep the band alive, on behalf of the Group of contact to clients, ask questions in their posts, create a field for communication! Let us advertise for clients to come to you. You have to understand that different social networks it is important to write differently.

  • If this is vkontakte, odnoklassniki, etc. p., it is important to write small text posts with attractive header and bright interesting image to attract attention.
  • If it's YouTube, Instagram, better record video, but on the entertainment portal to tell an interesting story with hidden advertising, etc. d.

After reading an interesting post, people will start putting likes and do reposty. And this creates the group interest, and, as a consequence, come new customers. I hope this article was useful and interesting. Wish you advance, perseverance and, of course, more new customers. Good luck!

Автор: Максим Миллер
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