Earnings on writing articles

Work on writing articles is one of the most interesting and well-paid. For writing do not need special skills or education, basic literacy. There are two types of articles are copyright and rerayt. If you have no experience writing articles, it's best to start with the rewrites. Rewriting is a presentation of one or more texts in other words with the preservation of the basic thoughts and meaning of the text. Copyright-this article is completely invented by the author, i.e. without the use of other texts. The cost of each article depends on rewriting it or copyright, number of characters, uniqueness (the higher the uniqueness of the text better). Earnings will be limited only by how many articles you've written, i.e. the more time you spend and the more articles are written, the more you get. The upper bound of earnings can be very large and depends only on you (for example, good authors can receive several thousand a day for a few hours of work).

Some Exchange large volumes of orders:

Advego is one of the largest content exchanges. Daily runs over 25 000 jobs. There are also articles in the shop (with getting some experience) you will be able to sell any of its articles. Besides working on writing articles, there is an opportunity to earn in social networks, etc.

Etxt-also quite a large Exchange of content where each author will be able to find a job.

Qcomment-exchange comments. The possibility of easier earnings because writing comments easier and faster than writing articles.

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