Earnings on the video card

This earning is suitable for those who have powerful graphics card is installed on your computer. Enormous money you don't get, but the cost of phone and Internet to recoup quite possible. At the same time, the higher the speed of the video card, the greater will be your profit. Let's see in more detail.

Graphics card is a chip in your system unit or laptop needed to read information from your computer's memory and transform it into a graphic image. So if you have a powerful PC with an excellent video card, but you're not an avid gamer, then you can free resources to use. This will help you to online services, capable of remotely work with the video card. To do this, you'll need to download a special program available for these same sites and start the process.

Who needs it?

The resources of your graphics card need for financial calculations, Bitcoin system (United States). Thus, payment services at the expense of ordinary users get more power and pay funds to its official partners, and those, in turn, pay you. Nothing complicated!

With the slider you can adjust the power output of the video card. But we recommend you leave for its work not less than 50% of the resources, as a 100% download video cards considerably reduces the term of its operation.

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