Earning in Twitter

Earning in Twitter

Perhaps for some users it will be a surprise that the popular social network Twitter can be not only entertainment, where you can spend leisure time, but also a good way to earn money. Most users use the network to communicate, find friends, watch news or video, advertise, but many have long since transformed the network into a way of stable earning that does not require much time and effort.

What do you need to earn money and how much you can earn on Twitter?

Effective work involves a competent distribution of forces and time, the more efforts are invested, the better the results will be achieved. In Twitter, you can earn from 300 rubles a day, this additional income can be a good help for busy people, students, retirees, for those who decided to devote themselves entirely to earning online, income has no limits.

Many celebrities use social networks and earn with their help very large sums, small enough advertising and money in their pockets.

Features of earning in Twitter

Twitter is a relatively young social network, but during its short existence the network has gained immense popularity. Millions of people around the world visit their accounts daily to get acquainted with the main events in the world. The main advantages of working on the network are:

• Lack of investments;
• earnings only take a few hours a day;
• high attendance of the network, increases the profitability of the work;
• resource mobility.

To start making money on Twitter, you just need to spin your account.

Popular ways to make money on Twitter

The most popular and simple way to earn money in a social network is advertising and affiliate programs. In order to get started you need:

• make the page popular,
• start participating in affiliate programs, find clients for advertising and place it on your page.

This method gives a steady income, without requiring any effort, but it is far from the only option, how else can you earn.

You can start earning in Twitter right after you registered. The site has offers to earn on the performance of special tasks. While the account is going through the process of promotion, you can simultaneously perform simple orders: read news and participate in the life of blogs, do retweets.

The main earnings will start as soon as the account becomes popular. Let’s consider it in more detail.

Earnings on advertising on Twitter.

Find partners and sell a place on your site for advertising simply, most importantly, to make the account readable (subscribers must be at least 100 people). There are special sites, exchanges, where you can find customers: QComment, Twite, Plibber and Socaltools. The principle of operation is very simple, customers need platforms for advertising, they pay, and the user places their information on their page.

You can advertise anything: services, goods, sites. The amount of advertising has limitations, so that the blog does not turn into a dump, but on those materials that are laid out for the day, you can normally earn. The more subscribers and views, the higher the earnings.

Earnings on affiliate links on Twitter.

According to the subject matter of which the blog is dedicated, one can earn money on affiliate links, it is also not difficult to find people interested in such advertising. Very often you can meet jobs to place a link on the thematic areas. For the very placement of the link is rarely paid, mostly money is accrued:

• for registering customers by reference;
• The number of views, and sometimes the goods sold as a result of the transition through an active link.

You can work with both companies directly and with private individuals who provide certain services.

Create a commercial microblog on Twitter and make money on it.

You can work for yourself, advertise your services and products, create online stores. Personal account can easily be turned into an advertising site with a list of services, a catalog of goods, in which prices and requisites will be indicated. This way of earning is also one of the most popular, it is enough to find customers and constantly increase their number. Earnings in this case can be very high.

Monetize the background image on Twitter.

There is another way of passive income. Advertisers pay well, so that images with their logos and services become a background image (picture) on a popular page.

The amount of money earned will depend on the popularity and subject matter of the microblogging, what it is more, the higher the fee for placing the picture.

Create unique backgrounds for Twitter accounts.

This earnings is suitable for professionals. Now it becomes fashionable to decorate your page in an unusual way to make it unique. If you have skills in designing a design, you can very well make money on this, there will be a lot of customers, the main thing is to correctly advertise yourself.

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