A dozen ways to make money online from scratch

Proposals of earning on the Internet is more than enough, so if you decide to earn some money in a freer time, you only need to select and move from plans to action. Most of the material on the net tell about revenues from own site, but often there are articles about the so-called surfing (viewing advertising), email sponsors etc. p. On such activity earn more or less substantial amounts, but we will review these options and it is possible for the happiness you lack quite a bit. More detail still dwell on the serious and long-lived species/break-in period.

If you only acquire the vast expanses of the Internet, you will reach the most simple kinds of work.

1. View online advertising

The most popular and easiest way to earn a little. My first money you will receive within a few minutes after launch. Sign up on the site of the advertiser, and it will send you daily links. Your task is simply to review materials. You will not be able to earn a lot, but not tired.

2. Clicks

PTC sponsors will provide you a list of links, and you should only click on them with the mouse. When the ad box opens, will start counting seconds (usually 20-30), then you will be credited view and assessed honestly earned money. Unfortunately, the number of daily links is limited, so and earnings is extremely modest.

3. Surfing

This earning is very similar to the clique, only view multiple pages need to slide on the site. Hence the name: surfing in English-glide. You can even use avtoserfingom and then the page will be perelistyvatsja without your presence. But do not rejoice prematurely, because prices for surfing the most offensive, you will earn a penny.

4. Mail messages

You will receive regular emails with advertising links, open them and get paid for it. Opinions about these kinds of earnings diametrically opposed. Someone spared no effort and time prosizhivaet at the computer 24 hours a day, and considers their revenues from endless clicks is quite decent. Others, disillusioned with this lesson because of pointlessness and futility, looking for something more serious. But the ranks of optimists constantly newcomers. If you want to try, register at WMmail.ru and Seosprint.net services.

5. Enter CAPTCHA

You have not seen a set of numbers and letters that you want to dial to confirm its existence. The Abracadabra and there is a CAPTCHA. The work is in the introduction to the characters in the picture window. Boring, uninteresting and very cheap.

6. Reviews and comments

Simple, but more fascinating than already listed, the kind of earnings. Each new resource interested in user activity, many are willing to pay interest in the form of reviews, new order, maintain communication, etc. p. On the feedback you don't get wealthy, but will gain useful experience in the network. Sign up for one of the kopirajterskih exchanges and find job offers.

7. File shares

On the Internet there are file archives or file shares. Downloading at a special website files, you get links to them. Next you should post these links to all available Web sites, forums, blogs. Customers will download your materials and you will get money for it. To do so, requires certain skills-the ability to back up your files, upload them, and to do so with the understanding that can get people interested.

Now let's move on to more serious pursuits, which allow you to earn, not to kill time.

8. Own website or blog

Creating and maintaining a site requires certain knowledge takes time and effort, but also paid much better. If you have a website, you can benefit from the profits in several ways.


Let's start with PPC advertising. You post on the site materials appropriate to your topic. Customers pages will click ads and go to the advertiser's site. For each such transition you owed money. In the network there are special services and content to get started you need to register in one of them and offer your site as an advertising platform.

Other varieties of this salary-teasers (commercials) and banners. If this definition is applicable to the Internet at all, you can call these methods to profit from the network one of the most ancient.

Writing articles

You need to register on the Exchange content and offer your services for writing and advertising articles. Customers will contact you, offering topics and terms of payment.

Affiliate programs

Every owner of an online shop, services, etc. p. interested to hear about it as many people as possible. You simply place on your website for information about service with the link. Your visitors see a link, pass it to perform certain actions that you specify in advance. You will receive a fee for each action or the percentage of sales from your link.

We believe it is our duty to warn: selling links is illegal and is punishable by search engines, and promotion links is regarded as tampering with results when searching. However, sin, many. For these classes need to understand links and search engine promotion, in order not to lose the site in the first few days of earnings.

Placement of articles

Good articles on websites is the surest way to raise the rating in the handouts. Advertisers willingly buy articles and post them on many sites. You can earn more if you learn to write the article yourself.

9. Freelance

Freelance is free work. Involved people from all walks of life, uniting on specialized sites freelancers. Customers of articles placed on these sites get their orders that artist, offered the best conditions in terms of quality, speed and price. Place on the site is for programmers, economists, journalists, doctors and all those who are able to clearly articulate thoughts. The fact of the matter is not as simple as click and view ads, and without the abilities and skills to write competently.

10. Forex

Today all have heard about Forex. Advertising on all sides convinces us that success is guaranteed, with enrichment must happen as soon as possible. Forex trade exchange, which can cheapen or cherish. The principle is simple, as in exchange offices: you want to buy a cheap currency and sell it when the price hike. The only difference in electronic form operations. Impressions of the trade on Forex are inconsistent-some believe that it is a hoax, others manage to actually earn. Do not expect quick victory, examine the subject deeply enough to understand what is what and you too will be able to successfully sell.

11. PAMM-accounts

A relatively new investment tool in Forex, but times when on pamm-accounts watched with alert, has already passed. PAMMy now is one of the most popular services among rookies and mid-level traders. Work on Forex using pamm-accounts are convenient and quite promising, subject to the rules. This form of investing is designed so that market participants are making money in the joint account, which is operated by the trader.

By the way, means Manager also engaged in trade on an equal footing with investors ' money, so he has a vested interest in success. Essentially, it is handing money in asset management, in which all participants receive profits or suffer losses, proportionally to the deposits. Starting to invest in PAMM, you must realize that you largely depends on the success of the operations. You need to choose the right account, pad, investment term, conditions, etc. p. In the end, you should have a clear understanding of the processes taking place in the market to in a pinch on time off account.

12. Investment

If you know about investment activity and have sufficient funds for such operations, perquisite online it is unlikely you are interested in. For the rest, in most cases, under the guise of investment funds and mutual are good old pyramids. Be very careful when choosing investment object, otherwise you will enrich its contribution only those who came to the project before you. Maybe you are lucky and you, but good luck girl naughty-you decide.

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