Why do I need a business plan

Any case, before we begin, it would be nice to think through in advance. For example, going to the supermarket, you're creating shopping lists, right? And immediately estimate their cost to calculate approximately how many with a take of money.

So, business is not a supermarket, market, and you-the buyer and seller at the same time. And without a clear plan you are here simply get lost. And return home without money and without buying anything. The economy of Russia and CIS countries is now in a State of "old already demolished, new yet to be built. A new generation of entrepreneurs, who has no experience and often totally does not represent the scale of the challenges they face.

Changing every day the market sometimes bewilders even experienced managers, forcing them to rethink their strategy and calculate every step. In order to attract foreign investment and loans, domestic entrepreneur should master the art of drawing up business plans.

Moreover, taking into account all the standards and requirements, which require such documents in the West. It has long been common practice, without which no start no case. Western axiom without business plan case begin! Too likely to fail.

What is a business plan?

There are many answers to this question, as undertaken abroad and we have goals. Cause we are all here. Say simply: a business plan is a document. This document is modeled by all future business life-information about the product (service), price, market analysis, marketing paths, the number of employees and wages, the coming challenges and how to address them.

What are the objectives pursues business plan?

Depending on the purpose of business plans can be divided into two categories:

  1. For use within the company. Here is the most complete set of documents on all aspects of business activity. Provides the most complete and accurate information, which depending on market conditions or on the enterprise is constantly adjusted and supplemented. In other words, such a business plan serves as a management tool for business.
  2. For external use. This business plan is prepared for use outside companies for engaging in business partners, investors and banks. Its purpose is to present the business in the most favorable light.

What specific tasks will help solve the entrepreneur business plan?

  1. Determine the specific activity. Examine the target market and niche firms on the market.
  2. Determine the list of goods and services that the company is ready to offer consumers. Calculate the cost of their manufacture and sale.
  3. Develop long-term and short-term goals and ways of achieving them.
  4. Calculate the need for enterprise staff costs tied to its content and wages.
  5. Consider the marketing policy of the firm. Product market research, advertising, distribution channels, ways to stimulate sales.
  6. Provide key risks and challenges to be faced and ways to avoid them. Each objective should be pursued in conjunction with the other.

If the employer neglects the drafting of a business plan, it is, in the absence of experience, might not be ready for the challenges that await him. This, in turn, is fraught with disappointing results for the business. Therefore, you should not underestimate the value of a business plan, even if the market situation is unstable. Each business plan is the result of a purposeful organization. Its purpose is to study the direction of the company, product and services perspectives. Therefore, every business plan should be based on:

  1. A project of production of the goods (services). Create new or competitive product or service.
  2. A full and comprehensive analysis of the enterprise's activities. The goal is to identify strengths and weaknesses and position in the market.
  3. Study of economic mechanisms with a view to their use for specific tasks.

The main advantage of business planning that correctly and competently plan provides an opportunity to examine the prospects and ways of development of the company. Ultimately, this gives the answer to the question "is it worth it?"-to invest time, money, effort, nerves in the project. Business plan-a document promising. It consists, as a rule, several years in advance. With first and second year planning usually make quarterly breakdown, but if possible, then monthly. Annual figures are limited only by the third year. Drawing up a business plan, remember:

  • Brevity is the sister of talent. The document must not contain excess water, be concise and at the same time informative;
  • Written in plain and intelligible language with a minimum of complicated terms is to understand not only the expert, but the ordinary officer;
  • Must be "live", prompting interest from potential investor or partner.

And one more very important point. Personal participation in the drafting of the business plan of the head is necessary. Many Western investors and banks categorically denied even considering document drawn up by the experts, and only signed by the supervisor.

As a result of all the above

Business-plan is not only an internal document intended for management and staff. It is not less important and for "external" use-attracting partners and investors in the case. And no investor would not risk capital if it does not receive confirmation of reliability and profitability of the project as a good business plan.

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