Food delivery is not new on the market, but the rise of the restaurant services of its popularity is gaining momentum just as our noted the accelerated rhythm of time. Restaurants, leading its history since the year 1782, when Paris was the first institution in which arsenal were menus, separate tables and strictly defined work hours. As before, they are not the only place where you can eat delicious food, but also to address important business issues. But it's not every day that you need to visit restaurants, sometimes people just simply need to eat with minimal loss of time. The accelerated pace of life leads to change of institutions, which can slowly eat and talk, a new business service requested-order and delivery at the place of the requirements.

Indeed, why throw the urgent work and lose time in traffic jams, getting to a caf? or restaurant, if you can just order food delivery? And it is inexpensive.

The heyday of this business in the delivery of food fell even at the beginning of the twentieth century, when there was a promising business idea deliver birthday cakes. Later, in America, when there was a telephone connection, enterprising Italian emigrants came up with the idea of pizza delivery at home. Soon, their competitors have become hard-working Asians, organizing the delivery of their national food. Traditionally existed in Europe Hotel upgrade service, in the United States a deft restaurateurs transformed into delivery of ordered food from restaurants directly to your home. And employers, in order to save time, have become available at the offices for their employees to business lunches.

Now this way of feeding is typical not only for foreign countries, but also in the entire post-Soviet space. Today restaurateurs offer a great selection of different national cuisines, gala dinners. In addition, you can order food delivery and serving selected dishes are also invited and waiter service.

First, the most popular service among Russians was pizza delivery at home, and then as a successful competitor made shipping Japanese sushi dishes. Among the advantages of pizza delivery or sushi could be called the time saved, which do not have to spend on cooking or a trip to a restaurant. Also important is the speed and the possibility of choosing the time and place for delivery.

But without the disadvantages of too is complete. The range of food delivered to your home is limited, and it costs more expensive due to transport costs. The main when ordering a meal, is to choose a reliable supplier, guaranteeing high quality and delicious dishes, prepared with all the sanitary standards and conditions for this service.

Usually such development service engaged in restaurants and other catering enterprises, because of their desire to improve their competitiveness, keeping old and getting new clients.

Now the main food positions for delivery through the order remain pizza, Japanese cuisine and business lunches (lunch). This uncomplicated choice due to the simplicity and speed of preparation of dishes offered. Often clients choose catering service or company, not even focusing on the taste of the dishes, and the speed of their delivery.

If in Moscow and St. Petersburg market segment already completely full meal delivery, on the periphery of this market is still developing, but demand still exceeds supply.

How will evolve in the future market, meal delivery business, the future will show. It is a fact that today catering is a worthy niche in the market.

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