Cybersquatting as business, or who are cybersquatters

21-th century saw a new direction business-cybersquatting. English Cybersuatting-domain seizure. Unusual for hearing the word means the resale of domains. The original business was one of the consequences of the widespread development of the World Wide Web.

To date, expert estimates that this type of business is one of the most promising in our country. People (cybersquatters) do not bad money, being engaged in the resale of domain names. The profitability of the enterprise as a whole is estimated at 1:4.

One of the conditions for the giving of a domain name to a person or company is the temporality of the event. Domain registration is usually defined for a period of approximately 1 year. Next, you or refuse this name or renewing from the subscription. If all the terms have long expired and the landlord did not extend the right to use the domain name cybersquatters Act on stage.

Recent wait time when the lease term expires and catch "inattentive" hosts on this because domain can recorded for lawful owner of a month after the end of the subscription. It is not uncommon for large companies can easily "prozevat" all the time. Here all about frames. In larger companies, the people responsible for the use of the domain name may simply forget or in a series of cases missed all deadlines. One man forgot the other did not pay, the third is not recalled and as a result is not extended on expiry of registration of all deadlines.

But cybersquatters not only "catch" domains. Some enterprising hustlers make money on buying those names in the hope that in the future such domains can bring tangible profits. Many companies or individuals are interested in acquiring original domains, and is calculated. However, according to estimates by cybersquatters themselves, the most relevant domain names already have owners to date.

The letter of the law while is silent regarding the entire enterprise. From a legal point of view, there is no clear indication of how to proceed in each case. However, there are special rules of Ripn, which regulates such activities.

It legitimizes it completely on the basis of its provisions. According to: "for the purposes of the registration of the domain name you want to apply. The latter is subjected to rigorous review on a common basis. There are no privileges and so on "(p. 1.3).

In the same paragraph stated that normally, when the domain name serves multiple applications, priority is given to the one which came before (p. 3.6).

The legality of the actions of cybersquatters to some extent confirmed and opened not so long ago the auction on selling domain names. This was done by Ru-Center. However, the players themselves in this market, several ambiguous and even skeptical to this step. According to their statements, it is much easier to get the desired domain, just going at it and not turning on this auction.

In addition to the main directions of activity, the ago has its Division into legs. One of these branches is typosquatting. If the registration of a well-known domain name was a mistake, it is also a good way to earn. This business is the extreme popularity in the West. Russian dealers do not actively use a similar feature.

Attractiveness of cybersquatting are extremely high, as for resale of domain names does not require significant funding. To start an Internet business you have to be only about 100 dollars. Using this "seed capital" you easily will be able to register up to five domain names.

The development of this business going on for some time, gradually. For registration is not required. When you have plenty of registered domain names, to prolong their enjoyment of the already required greater financial infusion.

In a sense, this type of business can be called passive. It does not require the Organization of advertising campaign. Interested in buying domain names faces, themselves looking for cybersquatters. Does not require the active involvement of customers and demand stimulation.

If you decide to become a kiberskovotterom, simply purchase the required number of domains, and place advertised. You can speed up the whole thing, if you can't wait to sell your goods soon.

Through various search engines to find potential buyers and make them an offer they cannot refuse. Typically, this is the most common variation of this business. Usually bought domain names not too often, but the sale of just one domain allows you to compensate for all costs and even bring tangible profits.

To register a domain name in the Russian zone, you will need approximately 20 dollars per year. Transaction amount from the sale of such goods can reach tens of thousands of dollars. Average price-3-5 thousand. If such goods sell can't even for a long time, enough to place advertising on it, and this allows you to compensate for all costs and bring profit to the seller. Of course, the more the demand for a name, the real income.

However, it is not necessary to rejoice. Beginners in this business may not develop because all most interesting domain names have already been distributed among professionals. But even that doesn't make such a business less promising for the novice. If lead comparative figures, in zone RU about one million domain names. And in the German zone DE them already about eleven million.

Therefore, Outlook adds up quite rosy. Originality and relevance of domain names, especially large companies, will be relevant for a long time. If you decide to earn in this manner, you should hurry.

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