Coding sites like earnings

You can earn not only on their websites, but also do bespoke websites. you can earn not only on their websites, but also do bespoke sites.
Someone thinks:
-Pff, yes it is easily bought hosting, domain, put freestuff engine, downloaded content, and gave, RAS spit!
Who the same vice versa:
Is creepy, so difficult, millions of numbers, symbols, codes, protection, question, do the programmer learn.. It's not mine.
In fact, there a bit more.
Coding is exactly the skeleton of the site who can write without programs just by opening Notepad on your computer.
Here is the place to be HTML and CSS is possible but now so many sites and assistants in that you can learn the two languages per week to perfection! And in this case a more meaningful role plays practice rather than theory, more will write — to write faster, remember, get used to, learn!
The essence of wage knowing the basics HTML u CSS you can register on specialized sites, and give your resume there, programming services, orders are always very much.
People with experience will be able to tailor the pattern site card for 1-4 hours, the cost of such cards will be 500-1000 rubles and now calculate how much you can without leaving home, mark up business cards per day, or come to work, and instead of the tv sit down and mark up one site and additional charge income, what is not small.
There are also orders and to other Web sites, blogs, boards, online stores, but stores already verstajutsja for weeks, months, harder, but they also cost not 500, not 1000, and not 10 000 rubles, and varies from 50 000 rubles, if you want to write a new and unique online store.

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