What to choose: earn money on Forex market or your Internet business

It's no secret that the Internet can make in a variety of ways. But there are only a few that you can use to gain status. It's earning on Forex and creating their own Internet projects.

In this article, I want to share with you my journalistic investigation that I conducted specifically for this writing.

The goal of the experiment was to understand whether a beginner who is absolutely not versed in economy and Forex in particular, anything to make money. And what's better: trading in the currency markets or have your Internet business?

I opened an account at a minimum amount in one of the centers that provide brokerage services at Forex market and Forex market.

Is it difficult to open an account on Forex?

Absolutely not difficult. First you need to choose a broker (company) from which you will be able to open an account. These companies pretty much, but the most popular and largest in Runet about 5-7. Find them not as hard enough in any search engine to drive the word "Forex" or something in that spirit and in search results, there are thousands of links to articles describing and advertising of these brokers.

What is the difference between brokers?

Professional traders may say that I do not understand, but I think that especially big difference there is between them. Virtually every Broker provides the ability to open as a cent and dollar bills, all provide the ability to trade over the Internet using special software-MetaTrader.

What do I do next?

Next, you register the selected broker by filling in the special form on the website. After completing this procedure, you need to fund your trading account (in case you decide to play for real money). This can be done in various ways, ranging from the traditional to the Internet, electronic money and ending with a bank transfer.

Actually then the fun begins-sale! Going forward, I will say that the lesson is very interesting and exciting, it is no wonder that many people compare trading Forex with the game of roulette, although it is fundamentally not true.

Professional traders refer to trading as to work differently and cannot be changed. And here's the newcomers who do not understand and are trading at random as time and have those players at roulette.

And so, here I am, young, green trader, opened a Terminal in which trades occur and will conquer Financial Olympus. A year or two ago, I'm a little practiced in trading on a demo account, but has not shown much enthusiasm. Yes with virtual money, probably because of prituplennogo fear of losing them, not at all thought and … prosadil is not one of the top ten thousand dollars.

Now playing for real money, though not a large sum, you understand that you can lose, and perceive everything more seriously, responsibly.

Trading robot

Open a real account I wanted once came across an advertisement for one adviser. I used to be a cautious attitude to all advisers since there was practically no them, but this one got me hooked on something, and I ventured to some adventure.

Opened an account, downloaded, ran the Adviser (or more correctly say trading robot!) and waited, when my Bill doubled, and at best will increase once in ten to twenty. But, as it happens in life, nothing good happened. The first deal the robot a little in the second merged played, and so on, to the end of the day I was in the red, has lost more than 10% of the deposited amount.

Are you Sarah Connor?

Eliminating its "Terminator", I decided to play hard earned. Scanned the majors and stopped my look at a pair of British pound/dollar. As far as I could judge, dorozhal Pound and Dollar fell, as a result there has been some trend in which I wanted to fit in.

It turned out pretty well, by the end of the day I played your 10% and calmed down. The next morning, I was full of enthusiasm and continued his experiment. Trading in trend, probably the best solution, I thought, continuing to view graphics and headlines, which aired here in the Terminal.

Somewhere a couple of hours on a pair of Swiss franc/dollar trend has emerged, in which I joined. After my order, the market began to play against me, but I'm not giving up, and with their * money * played against the market, fulfilling orders similar to the first. It was madness, but I felt that the trend will continue. well, otherwise, would have lost all the money and scoring on this thing.

I decided not to sit and dumbly staring not at screen, and go to the kitchen and make a sandwich. And when he returned, was glad that my intuition I didn't let down and the trend still continued, I was in a good black, but decided not to close orders.

This time appeared a greed. This is when you want more, want to see, and all of a sudden price rise still, and I earn much more than now. It has a detrimental effect on the entire trade, as I later realized. The trend ended and began to wobble, so I finally gave up and closed orders, deprived of potentially several percent.

Just pretty negatively affected trade after the time when you were able to hit the jackpot, make a good deal. Apparently, in the brain is allocated any pheromone there happiness that prevents clear thinking. Though maybe it was just me!?

In the evening of the same day, I discovered in the Terminal the ability to trade shares of Russian and American companies, that I certainly pleased, because the stock market I treated more positively.

Not long thinking, I opened the graphics companies Apple, Google, IBM, American Bank and began their study. At the moment I am interested in IBM, whose shares since opening of trades with confidence gained in price. Unfortunately, due to a small amount on the account, I was able to buy some of the shares there (in General a bit), but by the end of the day I had a significant increase in percentage terms, but the company's shares Google me to the contrary, a little bankrupted.

The next day I continued his experiments with the stock market and stock trading. Also strengthened his belief that the stock market me more sympathetic than monetary, but you should of course still have a lot to learn, and indeed the trade stands with large capital to see real profits!

Leaving the shares alone, a couple of days I still traded currencies, tried to silver and gold. By the end of the week, namely much lasted my experiment, I did 66% of the deposited amount. In my opinion, this is a pretty good result for both the beginner and the capital increase compared to the same deposits in banks.

The conclusions of the

And now the time has come to conclusions about Forex trading, as a way to increase his wealth. Contrary to popular belief, you can earn on Forex, scanned myself. But you need to be a professional trader, or at least understand the basics.

Those damn doesn't understand how I, and decides to try it myself in Forex trading, acts as the Casino. Someone lucky, some do not. And here are the ones who are not lucky, then write in blogs and forums that Forex is scam out there that you cannot earn, etc. p.. If you have great desire to earn on Forex, but not knowledge, it is better to invest in these traders by pamm-accounts or use asset management, in such a case, the risks are less and the positive outcome is much higher.

Earn money on your website or service

Another option of earning on the Internet is creating Web sites and Internet services. I will not talk much and turn immediately to the pluses. Creating Internet project, certainly with a view to further earnings, I (as well as any other citizen) risks are much smaller.

And here's why. Of course, because the initial investment costs, are much less. Although no one bothers to create the project and for $100 000000. But usually, couples thousand rubles for a small site is enough. Secondly, to recapture the money much more realistic, even if the project is, as they say, do not shoot! Thus, risks almost minimized.

Secondly, when the project started and achieved some success, for example in the form of attendance, he begins to make a profit. A small, but profitable. So you are in the black, all the time. And, of course, probably the most positive thing-you will not be able to leave negative, compared with the currency market regardless of where your progress and experience, always remains great rysk lose all (or most) of the amount for the blink of an eye.

The conclusions of the

And the Forex market and its Internet projects can yield good money, provided that you have at least a bit familiar with what you are doing. If you're an absolute zero, then practice on a demo account, learn about fundamental and technical analysis, if you choose to trade on Forex.

Study courses on site, read the articles on doing business, if you choose to create an Internet business. Otherwise, you will join the losers who write that Forex is a scam, and there is no money on the Internet!


My opinion is that the creation of their Web projects more peaceful occupation and certainly less risky. Therefore, if you are a beginner and in that and other areas, then I recommend you take a closer look in the direction of creating your online business.


Yesterday and today are still traded. Forex still tightens, and no matter how you feel to it, as to the game or how to something more serious. These two days I was in the black and if you take the whole period I increased its deposit at 102%. All, I am done with Forex-leave the Canary Islands:)

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