Let's say you decide to create, or have already established their business. And may you have long been doing its thing, but decided to use additional promotion on the Internet. Indeed it is hard to imagine a business today without the Internet. But that it is best to select: group social network or online shop? Indeed, each of these sites has its own advantages and disadvantages, that we now consider. Through this article, you will be able to determine which option will be most appropriate for you.

1. First, let's look at the cost of promoting both sites. Qualitative Internet shop will cost between 2 thousand. dollars. What can you do on social networks for the money? For example, if personal ability to customize targetingovuju advertising, as well as with skills in promotion of communities, you can get around these results: Openid over 2 thousand. dollars can attract up to 100 000 audience and in Facebook which is more attractive for business promotion, can attract up to 70 000 audience. What is more attractive to you. However, not every online shop can boast of such traffic (70-100 thousand. people). Each of these options requires further advancement and promotion. As iintrnet-shops must be advertise from time to time, and groups in SOC. networks also need to advertise in other venues.

2. Now let's talk about the effectiveness of product promotion. The downside of social networks is the lack of audience to advertising. Since most people have become accustomed to advertising on tv or radio, in social networks to it remains dismissive. Most people go to their pages on social networks to relax, so advertising here is moving from bad to worse. Yes and most often people are looking for in SOC. networks of entertainment content, rather than products for purchase. Therefore, more often than not, if something you want to buy, people are looking for it on the Internet. However, this point is the key. People visit online store only if looking for something. Social networks have the ability to offer goods online store for their subscribers. So social networks you can say closer to his client.

3. You can also mention and appearance of these two resources. Although making lately communities in social networks has really improved, and now many experts and designers, who provide such services, yet it can not be compared with registration, which can be done online. This point is important in some cases. For example, if you promote the same design services, or something creative, then just on the site it is possible to show a lot more attractive. In addition, if you are selling something expensive, it is also important to present this beautiful and unusual that it is not always possible in social networks.

4. Because in either of these two sites may be crooks who can cheat and not send the goods after payment, all in the same social networks this happens more often. Therefore trust more inspire exactly websites and online shops. In addition, it is convenient to make purchases, as there is a basket of goods, as well as the possibility to pay for purchases immediately through different electronic systems.

5. With regard to the search for products and services, the online and social networks it runs useful due to the fact that in some social networks made updates that are aimed specifically at improving the quality and convenience of communities to use them as a platform for advertising and promotion.

6. Also worth mentioning in respect of the earn money on advertising. As websites and social networks can have extra income from advertising. Certainly, groups in social networks enjoyed greater appeal among advertisers. When you consider the number of audiences that we saw at the beginning of this article, the community can revile to 20 000 USD. per month. Agree, good extra income. In online stores and websites to earn such funds more difficult. This is only possible with a high percentage of attendance.

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