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Center for collective investments not published tips for choosing mutual funds and investments.

At the moment the situation is totally changed, and some Councils have lost their relevance. Now investors are encouraged by the profitability of the market and they are not afraid of crisis and other fluctuations caused by different reasons.

Many investors believe that there should be absolutely no risks that funds have to work every day, companies must listen to the advice and wishes of the investors. That is why we decided whether to appeal to the right advice to investors. To begin, ask yourself the question "and whether you need generally invest?" perhaps this question will seem strange to you, but its still worth itself set.

It will help you figure out whether you invest in different funds or this is not for you. Sometimes, when talking with shareholder money, it turns out that he has exactly one paycheck to the next payday. Do not expect that your finances will increase several hundred times. Remember that mutual funds is a serious institutions in which there are no miracles. Of course there's a lot more yield than conventional banks, but it doesn't change anything.

And don't forget about the possibility of the development of another plot. Remember that there may be losses. The price of shares and the stock market can not only grow, but also fall sharply. In the long term the market is growing, but happen and quite lengthy periods of his fall. If you drastically reduce the overall opportunity makes the cost of your investment, it is not even worth and investments.

Where to invest?

If you are serious money, you can hire a broker or trustee. If you like taking risks, hoping only to myself and to you one solution, it is possible that mutual funds will be for you too calm and fresh. If so, this you should try to buy stocks yourself. In this case, the adrenaline you provided.

If you decide to become a shareholder, then it's time to make your money work. If you realize that you need to become a shareholder of any investment you font, it is time to move to the correct sequence of actions. First, you should determine the type of Fund. Decide what type of Foundation is for you preferred. The Fund invests in equities or securities? Think about which fund you're comfortable: interval or open? In order to make a correct decision, it is necessary to get more information.

Where to find it? Where can you get?

More information about funds can be obtained on the website of the Center for investment. Also an excellent source for information can become official site first deposit, as well as on the website of the companies that manage mutual funds. In order to identify the most attractive for your first visit, please call the Foundation at several companies.

Find out what amount is the minimum for investing, what documents are needed to buy shares. Bring documents and a minimum amount of money needed to purchase the shares, if you think that may make a decision about investing right on the spot.

Paperwork and buying shares will take about two hours. Remember that investing is a very serious matter. Do not rush into a decision. PIF is a bag with money that has been assembled means of chipped different shareholders. The money bag manages the company. This helps the management company agents who are busy posting, sale and redemption of shares.

These agents may be organizations that have entered into a contract with the management company. In order to purchase shares needed to come and apply. Be sure to find out who created this item: agent of the company or the management company. Any management company must be licensed, which certified stamp printing Commission.

It reaffirms the right to manage company property, your money once you become a shareholder. If the license is revoked, withdrawn or simply does not exist, then you should immediately go away. License issues indicate problems with the Foundation.

If you are in the paragraph, which was created by the agent of the company, then you should make sure that information about this paragraph included in mutual fund rules. If you for some reason cannot show power of Attorney, you must immediately leave this item. Read with special attention to rules and fund prospectuses. The Fund rules are the primary instrument by means of which are governed by the relationships and activities of all companies and individuals who are directly involved in the work of the PIF.

Try to find out whether the conditions specified in the regulations of the Fund. Ask a few questions. Not received your answers quite unsure, it is best to contact other invisticionnyj Fund.

How does the share price?

Pai is commercial paper, which is produced directly by the management company of the Fund. This paper reaffirms the right of the shareholder to a specific part of the property Fund. In the first stage, the cost of shares does not change, but once the initial capital and recruited money invested, their cost is beginning to change. It is calculated through a certain period of time and is equal to the value of the assets divided by number of shares.

Information on the value of shares can be received in any point of the admission of applications, as well as in the press. When buying shares necessarily learn how changed their value over the past few months. But high yield is not a guarantee that the same yield will be retained by the management company and in the future.

Management company and agent have the right to redeem shares from shareholders at a discount and sell shares at a premium. That is the price of a share is different from its value. But supplement and discount may not be more than five per cent of the private cost share.

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