What is HYIP-project (HYIP) and how to make it?

HYIP high yield investment program position themselves as Internet-drafts. English acronym Hyip-High Yield Investment Program. In fact hyips-pyramid scheme. Argue this allows hyips work principle-disbursements shall be recorded at the expense of the newly included investors.

Like any pyramid, HYIP there until there is a fresh infusion of money from new clients. Hyip-live from month to month until a couple of years, but predict the exact time of the inevitable "death" of the project. The lifetime depends on the type and development of selected creators of a particular project.

There are three types of HYIP:

  • High-yield-promises a lot, but lives-a couple of days or weeks, rarely is a month. The promised yield-up to 40% per month.
  • Srednedohodnyj-stretch further-to a year, the promised profit-30%.
  • Low profitable-very similar to real asset management, but it is not. There have been cases of longevity-4 year with yields of up to 12%.


  • High yield. Promise too sweet gingerbread-a sure sign of a pyramid.
  • The absence of addresses and company data. As a rule, no phones and e-mail, not specified the place of registration and physical address.
  • No license information. This document must confirm the activity of the company and its registration.
  • The inability to trace the movement of money.
  • Poor communication with the company. You can't get through to the company on any channel, and if you do manage to get gibberish or incorrect answers staff.
  • Absolute assurance of profitability. Any investment company has commercial risks, one hundred percent profit you cannot promise no real operating company.
  • The lack of a losing days. The draft without losing days pays income from new revenues from fresh customers.

It is the characteristics of medium and highly profitable HYIP created for quick collect investors ' money. When the planned amount is collected, the company to dissolve without trace.

This kind of fraud thrives and evolves on the Internet. Not so long ago, there are new "development"-yielding hyips that are easily mistaken for true asset management. The so-called premium-hyips may work up to 4 years of age, do not fit in the above picture of deceit and remain undetected for a long time, but the result is no different from Frank deception first two kinds. However, premium HYIP earn still possible if the right approach to the selection.

HYIP-project selection criteria

You must think a hundred times, hesitating to invest in HYIP, but if you want to try, consider several criteria for selection:

  • The project must exist at least one year.
  • High quality, well prepared and designed website.
  • The founder or the project manager must really exist. On this site find his data set, how you can contact them if necessary.
  • Note on the site. Must be sections with specific information about the company, rather than vague stories about the best and reliable project. Must also be specified, what is involved in the company: trust management, investment in shares, etc. d.
  • Reliable feedback to the company.
  • Yield no higher than 8-12% per month.
  • The project should live, as will occur on the site changes. Projects that are not based on one month lead mailing list and update information on the site.
  • Positive reviews. Does not adhere to the reviews posted on the site, look for the real forums, and even better-keep in touch with the "victims" and successful investors.

These omens you separate the hype from the premium high-and srednedohodnogo, but this is not enough for secure placement. The company must be officially registered, have their Office and to engage in a specific activity.

Risks HYIP-projects

Any investment involves two types of risks:

  • Trade-linked to operations in the market.
  • Inactive-the theft of money.

Trading risks are normal and inevitable accompanying any trading operations. Another thing, if one day you mail will receive a message about the company's bankruptcy, in which you have invested, and all money will be lost. HYIP can declare itself bankrupt, investors ' assets and dissolve in the mist. Comfort you will have nothing, you will gain experience and be more careful in the future.

The only more or less reliable HYIP-low profitable. You will be able to earn on it, if you enter one of the first and gradually will withdraw your profit. For example, you have invested in a premium-$1000, HYIP yield-10%. Through 8 months amount should double, and you can withdraw the deposit, leaving profit. You can take it that you have lost nothing and trading risk you are not afraid.

The sooner you entered the hype, the better the chances to earn. When the flow of new investments will begin to dry up, the chance to recover their money will diminish with each passing day.

How to arise the hyips?

Organize HYIP can one man is not difficult. In Internet there are offers of cheap HYIP scripts-ready HYIP, which you only need to configure, change the interface, pour on the server and bind to payment systems. Harder to attract clients, but come to the aid of HYIP monitoring and forums. HYIP forums certainly scolded, but to answer the attacks there are "refovody", illustrating their pseudo-winning screenshots payments. These Barkers attract new investors and earn. Referral program, however, is widely used by Exchange, hosting, online stores, etc. p. -There's nothing wicked.

Typical scheme of HYIP:

  • Someone starts a project, and to promote the hiring of "refovodov".
  • Come the early investors, mostly experienced users.
  • With each new investment, someone paying with refovodami, takes some of the money himself, and the rest lies in the accounts of investors-this is overclocking HYIP.
  • After the end of the acceleration experienced investors begin to withdraw money, knowing that long is "happiness" could not continue.
  • Decision on termination of HYIP accepts the one who started it. If the profit seems too little, it picks up and disappears.

Thus, hyips are beneficial:

  • Created.
  • Refovodu.
  • An experienced investor, points to withdraw money.

No luck for beginners, confident that the money is invested in the investment program, while losing money not insured and experienced hypo-investors.

For those who now leaves no plans to invest in HYIP, a few tips:

  • Be aware of seasonal threats. More often than not hyips slam before the new year and summer vacation-need money.
  • Try to withdraw the money when it is half the life expectancy of HYIP.
  • See what payment systems project works-they should not be less than four.
  • The low-income hyips off 1.2 months deposit.

In General, investing in hyips seems too risky and unprofitable-earn a lot will fail, and the probability of losing all the money and time is too high.

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