What is outsourcing? The main advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing

Any business, if his conduct is officially in compliance with all financial and legal requirements, consists of many more processes than might appear to an outside observer. Even if you have a company with several employees, you besides the main business process have to deal with a number of equally important and compulsory processes (for example, accounting, transport, logistics, use, etc. p.).

Many, by the way, the presence of so many additional "headaches" stops from opening his firm, while ideas can be very promising. Just to address these problems, and was coined by the principle of outsourcing (back in the thirties of the last century bigwigs automotive business).

Whence arises the need to use external staff?

After all, seemingly, much nicer when the company has the staff to solve all questions. However, most business needs is always the challenge of improving efficiency. And even if there were no crises, need to make each process more efficiently and qualitatively still would lead to the Division of all functions of the campaign for sectional and accompanying.

  • Profile functions and staff profile, respectively, are the ones who make the company's flagship product, with all the necessary attributes: better, cheaper than others, etc. d. And the target company, their work load to the maximum.
  • Related functions are most often is to ensure that function for normal work of the basic/profile staff. And their work load is determined by basic needs/specialized personnel.

For example, in a law firm, lawyers is the primary staff selling services which the company earns its profit. Accordingly, the objective of the management of maximum load of full-time lawyers. And that's IT-specialists perform only those functions that are necessary to operate computers, networks, software and other tools, and the lawyers themselves. Dilemma: to steadily employed and in case of failures could be quickly restored — qualified IT-kind of guy. But if he really professional, then the entire process he arranged and most of the time it is nothing to do. And is it expensive, he said.

In this situation, the most logical way out — to conclude a contract IT staff outsourcing, for which specialist will address emerging issues in a law firm, but it would not pay full wages, but only for the amount of work performed.

Historical background

One should not think that outsourcing emerged yesterday, or a few days ago. The idea is not new! And before outsourcing came to us from the West, he was very harmoniously integrated into the Soviet economy and personnel policies. For examples don't have to go far: cleaners and janitors, watched the ceremonial purity, porches, adjacent territories were brought to work at the same time several organizations whose scope of work required only a couple of hours and then every day. This is not only in the USSR called outsourcing, though the fact was them.

Advantages of outsourcing

You can identify a number of advantages of using outsourcing, among which is:

  • Savings achieved by the fact that the outsourcing company providing a specialist can provide it simultaneously to different firms, thus most fully using its time.
  • The quality level for firms providing outsourcing services this type of activity is the main/core. So she can afford to devote much more time to all the storonaam specific activities: from special equipment officer, until his deeper vocational training and benefit from the experience of many experts — the company in non-core activities for themselves not for ever will.
  • Reliability and guarantees is another crucial, in my opinion, in many spheres of business advantage. Labour law, if your employee fell ill and gave the applicant a certificate, you cannot demand that it return to work, whatever you have not happened.

Under the Treaty the same outsourcing, you don't get sick, it is important to have staff or an Outsourcer they robots. There is a contract, guarantee and responsibility for their implementation. Sick or failed one, let us both. Point. All disciplinary, administrative, motivational and other, other numerous problems with employees you no longer relate!

It is this benefit outsourcing makes it very popular in areas where personnel are most severe.

For a variety of reasons IT outsourcing specialist can be much more qualified:

  • due to extensive experience;
  • in his work, he uses a larger number of good, often expensive paid services and programmes that he purchased much more affordable than it would be if it worked with only one customer.

Disadvantages of outsourcing

The advantages of outsourcing we understand, now let's talk about its shortcomings. Disadvantages of outsourcing for consumer, in my opinion, are more far-fetched. Significant mention only one factor that must be taken into account. This risks associated with the Organization of a "foreign person". Then there are the possible information leaks, the machinations of competitors, etc. d. But these risks must be cut in the case of hiring a new person in your own State and in many other situations.

My opinion is that in the near future business, especially small and medium-sized, generally can only consist of a few key people, generating ideas. And the whole implementation and ongoing work can be effectively transferred to outsourcing.

Over time, many companies realize the effectiveness of this method and will use it more fully. For example, today in many firms partially used outsourcing: it's coming cleaning, which does not necessarily hold in the State, IT-specialists, that at any moment a remotely or on-site solve problems of varying difficulty arising with all Office equipment. The company will realize that there is no need to keep staff members that are only needed in order to ensure the smooth operation of the team, but they absolutely do not need a standalone workstation, and if necessary, briefly.

Today, when the crisis became more rapidly develop medium business. A person who wants to work for themselves and organizes, for example, IP, not necessarily shoot Office employees. In fact, it is enough to have in the State of 2-3 staff "on udalenke", that he really needed. For example, the firm is engaged in the provision of advertising services, promotion of any goods or sites. In the State it is enough to have a courier, a specialist in contextual advertising and accountant, although priorities, of course, may be different — it all depends on the needs of the enterprise. Thus, kopirajterskie, SMM services, design can be obtained by using the same software outsourcing. There are so-called Exchange copywriters who provide services, market value which is much lower than if you hold the copywriter in the State. The same applies to the design, contextual advertising and other posts.

Thus, outsourcing is the future of domestic small and medium-sized businesses, which helps develop it through effective and cost-effective methods.

It is worth mentioning the fact that outsourcing helps solve another equally important problem is already a social plan.

It is well known that in response to the crisis, many companies have been forced to reduce the number of jobs. The labour exchange and in "free floating" sent a huge number of staff. Many people to somehow stay afloat, even had to change careers and start doing something never done before. And what can I do? The crisis is a survival of the fittest. And here's the part of those who are not broken, and decided, by all means stay afloat, have found themselves in outstaffing companies (from engl. out = out, staff-staff), sitting there at work.

Outstaffing and outsourcing are two concepts that can not exist without each other. But this should not be confused!

For these companies is the ability to have a stable income, work and provide for the family. It is one thing to work somewhere "on honest Word, without employment record, have no savings and pension fund, and a completely different — get the confidence in the future, formal employment, minimum social benefits and employment contract. All this provides its employees with the companies autstaffingom, t. (e). the provision of suitably qualified staff to other firms.

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