What you need to know about stat small business in Russia

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

What you need to know about stat small business in Russia

In 2013, the Russian Federation received state support for more than 250 thousand entrepreneurs for a total amount exceeding 10 billion. Rubles. Is it a lot or a little? I think a lot. Moreover, today it is safe to say that in the next few years the amount of financing of State support programs for entrepreneurship in Russia will not be less, as the federal program of development of entrepreneurship is supported by Funds worth more than 20 bln. Rubles. This suggests that many other small and medium-sized businesses will receive financial support in the near future.

State support for small and medium-sized businesses can be divided into two types:

  1. Legal and information support
  2. Financial support

The first kind of support should include all public organizations, organizations created with the participation of the State and working for the benefit of entrepreneurship development:

  • All-Russian Association of entrepreneurs "pillar of Russia", the main purpose of which is to protect the rights and interests of entrepreneurs, fight corruption, create a favorable business climate in the Russian regions. Not seldom actions of "support" influence on changes of the legislation of the Russian Federation in favour of businessmen;
  • Commissioners for the rights of entrepreneurs operating in many regions of our country. Their task is similar to the tasks of support, only works Commissioner more to solve local problems, that is, the problems of the individual entrepreneur, and not the whole country;
  • Consumer unions of entrepreneurs, created on the basis of the law of the Russian Federation of June 19, 1992. N 3085-I "on consumer cooperation in the Russian Federation". These unions are created for development of collective warehouse infrastructure in retail trade of goods, for collective realization of the products. Often the creation of a consumer union is the only way to fight small businesses with large trading networks;
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry (not state non-profit organizations), which are created on the basis of membership for realization of purposes and tasks connected with granting of interests of the Russian businessmen in relations with authorities, assistance in Formation of the legal environment and rendering practical assistance to entrepreneurs in establishing business relations with foreign partners;
  • Employers ' associations, which are designed to protect the interests of employers in the field of social and labour relations. Such associations are created in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and federal law № 156-FZ "On employers ' associations";
  • Non-profit organizations-centers of entrepreneurship development, created with the participation of the State and carrying out information, consulting, legal, accounting and other assistance to entrepreneurs. These centers operate in many cities and towns of our country.

The second type of support, perhaps more interesting than the first is the state financial support of entrepreneurship. Our state, in its essence, carries out many kinds of support, but the most interesting is the financial support of business. Let's consider this direction in more detail.

How and where to apply for financial support?

In each region there is a regional ministry of Economy under the Department of Business Development departments or corporations, as well as regional centers of support for small and medium businesses.  They first and foremost care about the prosperity of entrepreneurship in their region, so you can safely knock on their doors.

Do not forget about local administration and district cents of enterprise development, where also it is possible to receive the detailed consultation on measures of financial support of your business.

Participation in the programs of state support can be held by small and medium-sized businesses, who work in their field for more than one year, and aspiring entrepreneurs who are only going to register their activities.

Main types of state support of entrepreneurship operating on the territory of the Russian Federation (not full list):

  • Grants for the opening of own business, up to 500 000 rubles (formerly there were 300 thous. R.). The program was opened in 2011, but today does not operate in all regions of the Russian Federation;
  • Subsidization of interest rate on loans received by small and medium business entities in credit organizations of the Russian Federation, in the amount of refinancing rate of CB (8%). In other words, if the entrepreneur took the loan at 20% per annum and received state support, 8% of overpayment on the loan will be compensated by the state. Thus, the amount of overpayment on the loan will be only 12%;
  • Subsidization of the first instalment under leasing agreements up to 30%, but not more than 1 mln. Rubles;
  • Compensation of the part of expenses connected with training and professional development of employees;
  • Provision of subsidies to beginning farmers (farms) up to 1.5 mln. Rubles within the framework of the federal Program for agricultural Development of the Russian Federation;
  • Provision of loans to small and medium-sized businesses up to 3 mln. Rubles under 8% per annum, for a period not exceeding 1 year (conditions may differ depending on the region);
  • Subsidies to small and medium enterprises up to 1 mln. Rubles in order to compensate for the costs of acquiring equipment for the production of heat and electricity by using alternative sources such as pellets and pellet boilers;
  • Support of export-oriented small and medium business entities (although it is not financial). As part of this support, you will try to help in finding foreign partners for the conclusion of export and import contracts.

We will not dwell on every single form of state support. Let's analyze only one, perhaps, the most popular kind of support, it is grants for opening own business. Although this measure of support is increasingly rarely supported by regional and local authorities, it should soon be abolished.

Grants for the opening of own business (start-ups)-is gratuitous assistance to novice entrepreneurs from the state. This is not a loan, which should be given with interest, namely gratuitous assistance, that is, after receiving support, you do not owe anyone. The amount of the subsidy under this support is not large – up to 500 thousand. Rubles. However, do not think that you will be able to spend it on anything you want to receive support. Under the terms of the grant you are obliged to spend the money received only for the acquisition of fixed assets (specified in the Business plan). It can be equipment, building, construction materials, car, S.H. Animals. In other words, you have to spend money on the target use, according to the business plan. Check your honesty they will be able to, this is not to be doubted.

The basic conditions of receiving the grant support:

  • The applicant is a novice entrepreneur and from the moment of registration, which has passed no more than 1 year;
  • No liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings are being carried out against the applicant;
  • The applicant will be refused support if his case belongs to the sphere of gambling business, insurance business, production of excisable goods.

Priority within the framework of this support is more given to such spheres of business as manufacture, construction, innovative business, agriculture, public catering. Then there is a sphere of services, entertainment and on the last place trade (this sphere is oversaturated).
To obtain a grant (grant) the applicant must prove the solvency of his project. In other words, write a business plan. Can be explored on our website.

The package of documents for obtaining the grant is (in the case of the Ulyanovsk region):

  1. Application for support;
  2. Business plan and cost estimate;
  3. Copies of existing contracts and contracts (if any);
  4. Documents confirming the presence of industrial or office premises, if their need is provided by a business plan;
  5. Copies of licenses and permits (if required);
  6. Applicant's questionnaire;
  7. Certificate of presence of bank accounts;
  8. Copies of constituent documents (for LLC);
  9. Copy of extract from Egrip (for IP) or Egrul (for LLC);
  10. A copy of the certificate of registration as an IP or a legal entity;
  11. Certificate of tax authority on the last reporting date on absence of arrears on payment of taxes, insurance contributions, penalties, etc.
  12. The applicant's receipt that he had not previously been registered as an individual entrepreneur (more than a year).

These are usually the main documents required to receive a grant of 500 thousand. Rubles. In each individual region, the list of documents may be slightly supplemented.

Grants, by the way, can be given not only to the oblast (Ministry of Economy), but also to be played at the local level, but there is support available in the district administration.

You can learn more about all kinds of business support by contacting the Regional Business Support Center of your city or village. These centers were created by the State on the territory of Russia back in 2009 – 2010 and their main idea and goal is to help small and medium businesses. In the center you can receive free accounting and legal services, as well as assistance in drawing up a business plan.

If you are interested in statistics on state support of entrepreneurship in a particular region, you can visit the federal portal of Small and medium enterprises: http://smb.gov.ru/

On this portal you will find detailed information about regional and municipal programs of support of small and medium-sized business, which bodies of the State authorities are responsible for implementation of some programs of support of entrepreneurship, and also about Number of business entities that have received support in your region.

For information about existing programs in your area, see the support measures navigator. You only need to select the desired region and the site will provide a list of measures to support small and medium businesses:

You may have a question: what are the chances of getting business support without serious costs and should you trust the authorities? To get support really, and without corruption component. The main thing to ask for support during the time, do not hesitate to visit the local administration and knock on all the doors. In general, if there is a serious suspicion that the failures of regional and local authorities in the support of your business are wrong, there is one good method, called: "Letter to the president." And for the future, try all your movements to accompany written appeals.

Good luck in the development of your business!

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