Once a person decides to become a businessman, it often raises the question of choice of areas in which it could succeed. From this point of view is rather attractive kind of pawnshop business, holding a good profit, regardless of the status of the State's economy.

However, before you take up this case, it is important to evaluate its potential, also need to define the area of activity of the pawnshop, because depending on what serves as collateral, it can be:



By road.

Associated with household appliances.

By the way, the second of its kind is the most popular, because of the stability of the value of precious metals. However, with its opening due most of all problems and difficulties. You will need to collect a hefty stack of documents and spend very large amounts of his personal time to visit the various institutions.

The second most popular is Lombard, where the car acts as collateral. But there are already other problems, mostly related to finding a suitable parking space for cars, with a robust signaling and protection.

In General, in order to legally formalize the Lombard, need different documents. It all depends on the variety and scope of activities. In general terms, the standard package includes:

Statements and references to the internal revenue service.

Resolution (for example, the sale of jewelry).

Certificate of the assay Office (need to pawn shop, linked with precious metals and jewels).

Certificates (receive have to pawn for each employee).

As a form of Organization for its future business, it is better to give preference, LLC register your selection in the tax office. After that, the future of the businessman is no more than a month to write a statement with a request to put the company on the account, for which you will have to visit the Federal service. For the Lombards, whose activities will be linked to jewellery, will require additional treatment in the assay Chamber.

You will also need a cooperation agreement with the insurance company, because the pawnshop requires compulsory insurance of all things which he receives as collateral. Also, you need to find a good and reliable security firm with a positive reputation.

Further solely depends on the owner. The choice of name, office location and other chores will fall solely on his shoulders. One last tip: while business just formed, particularly close attention to the better pay directly advertising to potential customers learn about it. For this it is better to use all available resources, such as television or the press.

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