What you need to know for a quick start online store

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What you need to know for a quick start online store

If you want to create your project, you need to highlight the main points. No need to try to make high-quality design. The design does not make you good sales, often it will reduce them even. Good design costs between 200 000 and above.

Локобанк [CPS] RU

Above it runs not only the designer but also a marketer, people on usability. You need a minimum, simple design plus usability.

In usability include those 14 points that I described, and you will have a great selling site. Second: be sure to place a good photograph. 70% of the sales depend on the pictures. Be sure to write and publish texts on all pages, optimize them.

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There are texts that are written for people, not for robots. Need some good texts readable. People will actually read the article, especially if your emotional text. So the goods are sold "cheers!" you need to make a technical audit of the site.

It can be ordered on freelancing. Themselves do not recommend, it is better to pay thousands 6 rubles. Technical audit will further strengthen trastovost. Will go the time and its weight will increase.

At the start it is best to only use Yandex direct. Why? Under normal advertising 20-30 settings% refusal rates in SEO, they are often higher, but cheaper traffic. Plus Yandex. Advertising that you create advertisements, run it and see how sales are going. If you're a qualitatively, Direct track will be a good indicator. SEO start then.

If your startup big momentum, you can hire a marketer. But most likely, you will have a little momentum, and you have to be a marketer. Almost every good entrepreneur marketer a little. He must weigh the indicators to understand whether the sale. He does not need to know how that tune, but he needs to be able to manipulate the numbers.

Ta sales funnel, which I gave you, done to you manipulated the figures. You drive these rates in the sales funnel, and see whether you go plus or minus. Weighing results must go through Google Analytics or Yandex. Metric.

Both are perfect. But for startups I recommend Yandex. Metric. Much easier to work with it. It is heavily automated Unlike Google Analytics. If you run a Yandex, it automatically syncs all the metrics and statistics.

Secrets of successful work with Yandex Direct.

There are two main strategies: trafikovye and specrazmeshhenija. What is the difference between them? Trafikovaja strategy works not the target audience. Not the fact that people with such advertising will buy a product. Anywhere takes cheap traffic, pours on the site of a huge thread.

Good goes to different kuponatorah. There are also websites and blogs that sell trafikovuju strategy. Let's say I have a blog. The blog goes 600 people and I find customers who are interested to advertise. Blogs are earning so for 100 000 BR per month! If you have a blog with 1000 visits per day, then God himself told you to advertise. For example, you can easily earn 30 000 rubles per month.

The second strategy is the highest position. Very important in Yandex. Direkte occupy the highest position. There is such a notion as CTR. The higher the CTR, the cheaper the cost of your clicks. In Yandex. Direkte work quite a lot of algorithms. If you think you put prices, and everything is fine, then you are wrong. You need to understand the basic algorithms.

It's like in SEO. If you understand the 20 basic algorithms, under which they need to optimize sites, then the rest you know is optional. The highest position is that search is over. They are calculated differently. The top does not need to strive to get to the first place, so it will be much cheaper. There are 3 positions.

What is the result? You have entrance to the highest position worth $1 per click. You go for the dollar, hang, accumulate a certain number of clicks, depending on requests is recalculated CTR. For example, accumulates 100 clicks and CTR is recalculated. When you have you 40% CTR, price your clique falls to 30 cents.

Why you highlighted 5 dollars? Because companies that have long hang in Yandex. Direkte high clickthrough rate (CTR). For example, the query "valenki" injected 100 people a month, 40% of those 100 are moving on the site means 40 people from the crowd will go exactly to your site. This is a good performance! Yandex is struggling to match the client's request and SERP, so she is to you and helps you in this way.

Yandex reduces the cost of your ads to you longer hung on the first ground, because if users frequently click on you means you have a good ad. From my practice all polutorodollarovye properties fell eventually to cost 30 cents.

Хочешь платить по кредиту меньше? Это реально. Я являюсь партнером Уральского Банка и имею там привилегии. Как тебе ставка 8,5%, меньше твоей? Рефинансируй свой кредит и плати меньше! Заполни заявку по моей партнерской ссылке и получи ставку в 8,5%, лимит до 1,5млн. и дополнительные средства наличными. Осталось 7 заявок!

There are times that and below 40% CTR, BTW, it is possible to raise and to 60%. But you need to hire not just marketers, but copywriters who write mirroring the texts. But not everyone can write them. There's even with three lines can be drawn very high conversion rates.

On Avito I have friend copywriter, he wrote the proposal for the free book and pointed out the mail. Of the 20 people not contacted and sent the request for 8 people. If people wrote himself is already seriously.

That is, if you write a good text, he really touches. Insanely important headers. 80% of people click on titles, without reading what is written at the bottom. If the header is good, the CTR is 40%, and clicks are worth 30 cents.

How to get free quality traffic to the site

The first option is free, but requires a bit of time. This is a partner site. Good sites of this type around 20. We talk about the two platforms. This is where the elephant and Wikimart. Wikimart is a huge online store which offers you at its affiliate conditions placed on its showcase product. They work their managers who meet by phone.

If they have issued an order, you send a letter, where it is stated that a reservation through them and take over this 5% of the value of the goods. It is very convenient. You do not zamorachivaetes nor the site, nor on something else. Take the yml Yandex sheet. Marketa, upload on Wikimart and start working with them. Cons in there that not all topics will be high conversion.

On several topics they really work well. It is a RC cars, clothing for newborns. Will be good sales. But there are certain conditions.

If you slip away and did not react to the letter, you still take 5%. Also if a person for some reason refused, then you still seek 5%. There are people who have already been working with Wikimart. They have no serious problems, and there are no permanent failures.

About affiliate platforms where the elephant. It works differently. It registered webmasters different blogs. For example, you register your shop set product, price, write that give 5% of the value of the goods if the goods purchase through your blog. Pros that moderation is very strict.

Initial sites just don't miss, online stores with 100 people in attendance, too, is unlikely to pass. There are all very tightly. Blogs of various webmasters too, very high quality are checked.

If you calculate what blog you have going traffic, you can call this blogger and offer employment directly by placing your banner on its homepage. Then you'll paddle spade traffic!? And if it's targeted traffic, then all generally Super. These affiliate platform costs you test. Many sites recommend not dial, enough of these two.

How to properly weigh sales conversion

Better work: with Google Analytics or Yandex. Metric? You can work on usability over channels of traffic, improve bounce rates, improve conversions, build channels of traffic, but if you all are not going to weigh, it would lead nowhere. Every moment that you are improving, should go to you. You need to learn how to lead a Yandex. Metrics or Analytics.

Google Analytics provides an enormous amount of powerful tools for extensive analytics that need only stores, which employ 3-4 Manager, about 10 couriers and Director. When the shop good attendance in 1500 people, there you can try to test a variety of banners. First, it is proposed that one banner, then another.

Are there any cunning, there are entire algorithms how banners present people. Just so you can weigh the effectiveness of banner. In the early stages do not recommend over this bother. That is, the plus is that it's a really powerful tool, but there all is configured manually. You will have to search for information on the Internet, watch videos on YouTube, read the article to learn how to work with Google Analytics.

Yandex metrics allows you to get a virtual number for you to weigh all the orders with Yandex. Direct. It is very important to calculate the first calls because you need to calculate how many calls into orders.

If you want to track all calls, you have two channel SEO and Yandex direct, you will know what is SEO calls if you subtract from the total number of calls received calls only Yandex. Direct. With Yandex. Direct you can keep track of all calls is easy. A virtual number is free of charge, but only after you take the 6000 rubles in Yandex direct.

How it works? People who come from the advertising, displayed a virtual number. If they call on it, it automatically is forwarded. Everyone else can see your real number. So you can see how many calls occurred and how much direct's net profit goes to the advertising will be clear on the sales funnel.

Yandex metrics is fully automated. You don't need to configure anything, like in Google Analytics. Yandex metrics immediately synchronized with Direct. Already added to it Vebvizor. You can watch a video about how people with the mouse koposhitsja on your site.

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