Cats with your coffee?

Cats with your coffee? That can take entrepreneurs from Curringtons Cat Cafe

More than a year ago, I first heard the rumor that the caf? in London for cats.

To me it seemed bizarre, a storyteller like places where you can drink a cup of tea and Pat the cat at the same time. Charming, I thought, but a bit unbelievable-whether such an institution exists?

After a little more research I found out that these cafes were quite real, and first became popular in Japan, where tiny apartments often don't allow you to include pets. As much as I thought about the order to play with the cats, after drinking a cup of coffee, I removed it as a novelty, and I have never had the chance to visit.

However, interest in cat cafes in the United States is certainly growing. Just last year, several people in the United States, opened a caf? in New York City, Oakland, California, and soon in Portland Oregon. I talked with my wife and husband team Kristen and Sergio Castillo, whose cat Caf? Purringtons is going to open in Portland at the end of January.

Business insight

This is a story that we've all heard before: the unrealized corporate work Kristen Castillo craved a new direction. Then, in October of the year 2014, she was sent a video on Facebook for cats Caf? in Paris.

"I had an epiphany," says Kristen. "I literally started making phone calls the next day and has since worked on opening a caf?.

For Kristen idea cat caf? was exactly what she was looking for. In April 2014, she resigned from work to devote his time to the project, and with the help of her husband and business partner Sergio couple tirelessly working on its goal of open Purringtons Cat Lounge.

Bold offset when several cats have gone before

Castillos are in a unique position-opening Caf? for cats in the United States, they occur on a completely new ground. The business model for the cat's Caf? is incredibly new and, thus, far fewer opportunities for road maps for these entrepreneurs.

How do you open a business unlike any other? In the case of cat cafes Kristen discussed the difficulties in managing the opening of what is essentially two separate enterprises.

"It's like getting two major enterprises in one," says Kristen. Purringtons will run as a restaurant and as a shelter, where live cats; They even plan to take cats interested patrons.

This creates some problems, because business is so multifaceted. "What we do is unprecedented," said Kristen and she is right. Purtingony will become the first coffee cafes in the United States to work with live animals in the room and full restaurant, serving beer, wine and food Made on the spot. "There are no recommendations," said Kristen, who made opening Purringtons learning experience.

Opening a cafe for cats: entrepreneurship education

For Kastilosa Purringtons will be their first business deal. "It's been quite an education," said Kristen, who notes that the opening of the first business will inevitably mean that you are faced with situations that you are not ready.

An unexpected challenge was to find a suitable place for Purringtons, because of the uniqueness of the Caf? made it difficult to find as an acceptable layout and a landlord who wants to let the cats live indoors. Ultimately, with Kastilosom directly contacted the owner of the building, who had heard about his intention to open a caf? for cats, and they redesigned the space from scratch, with the necessary linkage.

The cat and the coffee business ideas

"It was almost better that it was designed from the ground up," said Kristen, who worked with the designer to make sure that the space suits their aesthetic requirements and complies with the code.

This allowed Kastilosu to plan the layout themselves, including the double doors and sufficient separation between kitchen and living room to cats have never been able to get into areas of cooking.

Purringtons planning from scratch allowed Kastilosu freedom to determine what they wanted from the cosmos-and equally important, what they don't like. For Kristen was important to avoid clinical, fluorescent sensations. "We wanted to make it aesthetically pleasing, with good lighting, good music and comfortable furniture, and make this experience," she said.

Although the opening of their first business was not without its problems, Kastilos enjoys the process. "You have to live a fairly dangerous to risk, but also know to ask questions that will help you," says Sergio.

6 lessons new entrepreneurs can learn from Purringtons Cat Cafe:

1. If you break new ground, research is crucial

If Kastilos was planning to open any old restaurant or Cafe, they would have found a huge amount of resources to do this, from the restaurant business plans before consultation with veterans of the industry.

However, for institutions, combining an animal shelter and restaurant, Kastilos not just throwing out a playlist, they completely rewrote it. Kristen and Sergio, who could do little, and a few steps to follow, conducted its own research. "We simply understand it themselves," said Kristen. They examined the existing coffee cafes abroad, got to the owners and talked to city officials.

If you start a business with a unique angle, you may find that you have more limited resources. Council Castillo? Research, research, research. "Do your research, talk to other people. get advice and listen to stories of people, "says Kristen.

2. Phone calls and emails only go

Although you may tend to look for information by email, Kristen says that meeting eye to eye is often the best way. In conjunction with shelter for animals and restaurant Kastilos know that they will need to comply with various health codes.

Rather than send an email they personally went to the Health Department. "When you're talking to someone on the phone. they just rip off code, "says Kristen. When they were talking to someone in person, it was much easier to answer their questions. "He just said, here's what you need to do," says Kristen.

When you complete the steps to opening your own business, you have specific questions. Although the emails and phone calls-a good place to start, think about how to talk to someone in person whenever possible-it can save your time and get the detailed answers you need fast.

3. Create a business plan, even if you never show

We often promote this idea in Palo Alto Software; Our founder Tim Berry even wrote a book about it. The planning process is required even if you are the only one who ever saw the plan.

Kastilos has created a business plan for Purringtons, but in the end, "never showed the plan to anyone. However, Kristen says that this process was invaluable. "It makes you think about things, to organize and solve problems you don't even k[у вас]now," she said.

Your business plan should not be time-consuming-in fact a business plan on one page will often work fine. Important part? Actually doing the planning.

4. Don't be careful with successful campaign

So, you have a business idea, you've done some research and planning, and you're ready to raise funds. So many businesses have made unbridled success with campaigns to raise money-why not try?

Slow down. While the crowdfunding can be a great way to raise money is not given or warranty. Fundraising campaign at Kastilose on the popular stock website Indigogo, while she taught them valuable lessons and helped print press, was not a success, as they might have hoped. "I think it was good for advertising, I think it was good to get out there, but we're not very good were to raise funds," said Kristen, who notes that the use of the larger social networks often crucial to reach enough people to make a successful crowdfunding.

Sergio agrees: "If you have a larger toehold in social networks than we do, you will continue to advance. get as many as[последователей] you can on Instagram, on Facebook, on everything you can that allows you to spread the word. "

Whether you should totally abandon crowdfunding? Of course not, but don't put all your eggs in this basket undefined. Provide as much of the other funding sources, and make sure that you have plenty enough to make so that your efforts to reverse funding paid off.

5. Come to the first floor ideas

"If we just opened another Cafe, we would not have a spray," said Kristen, and she's right-in a city like Portland, where plenty of caf?s and restaurants, you need to stand out. Caf? where you can love kittens, and even take one home? Now this is newsworthy. Coffee cafes operate throughout the United States, and their growing popularity has put Purringtons in the center of attention. "These cafes really attract a lot of attention," said Sergio helped Purringtons achieve the level of transparency to which they otherwise would not have access.

Your business has a unique angle, which could become the newest fad, or are you interested in starting a business, which tends to? The sooner you do, the better-new, popular idea you will attract much more attention than what has been done before. Kristen says, "you can't win in the free press.

6. Make something that fits your community

"This place is full of animal lovers. they love something new and strange, "says Kristen. This is very true; Portland is a community that has its own Caf?, animals, a healthy number of quirks. It seems like this is great for the community; "I just can't believe that no one here!" says Kristen.

Whether your business is one of the best in your local community? Do you have a niche in which you know that everyone will love? Sometimes it can mean the difference between surviving and thriving business.

Opening of the Purringtons also provided the opportunity to give his Castillos community and do something that can bring happiness to many. "It's nice to be able to be a part of this," says Sergio. «Greater good which you provide. This is good ".

You are eagerly waiting for the opening of the cafe for cats in your area? What do you think about this unique new business model? Let us know in the comments below.

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