Business with China

CHINA is the absolute leader in turnover volume and quantity of manufactured products in the world market. The famous "Chinese miracle" wrought revolutionize in the redistribution of trade flows and pushed for the development of new technologies and the strengthening of competition for each buyer.

Even today Chinese products were of high quality and not considered second-class, but now due to the increasing cost of human resources and development of technologies has increased and the quality of products at the same affordable prices.

Open your own business is very simple and it does not need a multi-million dollar capital, but only a desire and a private audience for marketing.

The main types of highly profitable business with China:


Joint purchase;

Large and small wholesale;


Dropshipping is based on simple pattern: an entrepreneur sells a product on their site after purchase and the payment funds remitted to account of the Chinese manufacturer and he sends the goods directly to the buyer. Goods, the amount of which does not exceed 1 k. Euro (approximately) are tax-free and customs fees. The difference from the value of sales and production is the seller's Commission, which can reach 10-30%. The seller is not spending its own funds to purchase the goods, and the manufacturer cannot advertise your goods at the expense of overall savings the transaction profitable for all. Many sellers are interested in generating a stream of customers and offer an enticing conditions at small wholesale purchases and new clients.

Joint purchase

Major Chinese manufacturers cannot sell goods by the piece, due to the high cost of the product, but are ready to offer you a good discount for a group of customers. Joint buying can be a good way to start a small business, you can find many online communities for joint purchases in China. When you purchase a small batch wholesale price of each product will be below retail prices. Goods can be resold through social networks or ads in your city. It's a great channel for "odnostranichnikov" and the smaller merchants.

Large and small wholesale

For wholesale purchases will require a wide distribution channel, a decent sum of money (not less than 50 thousand. rub.) and the availability of reliable partners to liaise with Chinese vendors. Some businessmen go to China to become mediators, so know the language and move to China does not necessarily, but 10-15% Commission. When working with partners, it is important to comply with the security regulations and not to trust anyone who will offer a better deal.

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