Business with an attachment not more than 50000 roubles

1) On-site computer repair specialist and household appliances.
2) color printing on items (utensils, clothing, plastic items, etc. d.)
3) production of keys.
4) electrical installation and construction services.
5) Crafts with their hands (souvenirs, toys, jewelry).
6) Santa Claus, clown for the holidays.
7) stickers on cars (advertising, vinyl, paint svjatjashhajasja).
8) Stamping commemorative and souvenir tokens and coins.
9) manicure, pedicure, hair coloring.
10) cakes and pies with decorated for the holidays.
11) DJ, singer, Toastmasters.
12) Lease of power tools, ladders, testing devices.
13) repair of apartments (gluing wallpaper, replacing linoleum, carpet, etc. d.).
14), tubing Rental skates, rollers.
15) Exit the slide master.
16) sale of household sugar.
17) for an hour's husband (electrician, plumber, mechanic).
18) Babysitter, tutor, speech therapist, teacher of singing, etc. d.
19) meal delivery service, flowers, gifts.
20) advertising agency for dissemination of leaflets.
21) seals, business cards.
22) the creation and promotion of sites.
23) polishing the headlights of the car.
25) wedding photographer, celebrations, anniversaries and other events.

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