Business: We examine the house with a thermal imager and earn money

Business: We examine the house with a thermal imager and earn money

Business on the survey of houses with a thermal imager is one of the types of energy audit. Yes, there is a whole direction called energy audit and companies that work in this area are engaged in the search for heat loss and other energy losses at enterprises and private homes. Today such services are in great demand not only from enterprises that are obliged to do this according to the 261-FZ «On Energy Saving», but also from the owners of private houses that do not want to overpay for heating.

Highlights in the organization of business

In the beginning of the article we will mention the most important moments of the organization of this business. First, of course, you need to register a business. In this case, the IP is quite suitable. Secondly, the survey of houses with a thermal imager, as we wrote at the beginning of this article, refers to an energy audit, which means that to provide these services it is necessary to join the self-regulatory organization of energy auditors in the self-regulating organization. There are similar in almost any region of Russia, and in this case, the location does not play any role, the SRO may be in Moscow. The cost of joining the SRO energy auditors is different, but within 10 thousand rubles. Also do not forget that the SRO members pay annual fees, their size should be specified in a specific organization.

Next, you need to buy equipment, look for and train employees (unless you plan to work independently) and start promoting your new business for house inspection with a thermal imager.

Necessary equipment

You need a good thermal imager, you can certainly find cheap models, but it is worth considering that thermal imagers are different for different tasks. If we talk about the survey of buildings, then prices start from 140 thousand rubles and reach half a million. For 180-200 thousand you can buy a very good model, which will allow you to inspect any building with a guarantee of results.

Many of those who think about opening this business believe that only a thermal imager is needed, but this is not so. In order for the survey to be complete and effective, it is necessary to create a difference in temperature with a street of at least 10-15 degrees in the room. Of course, in the winter it is not very relevant, but such examinations can be ordered not only in the cold season, but even in the summer. For these purposes, ideal heat guns or portable heaters, which can quickly raise the temperature in the room. In the heat, you can go another way — to cool the air in the room with the help of an air conditioner. The cost of this equipment will be from 20 to 40 thousand rubles.

In fact, you can do without buying heat guns and heaters, you just need to warn your client that he himself warmed up the room before your visit. However, this is not always possible, since the house can only be built or for other reasons. Therefore, we recommend that you have all the necessary equipment for examining the house with a thermal imager.

The report to the client is provided in the form of a thermogram, they are created using software (software), which must be supplied with a thermal imager. The report should be detailed, with images showing all the problem areas. Recommendations for eliminating places where heat loss can occur can not be given, since your task is only to find out such places. Although, there are companies that give similar recommendations, but already for a fee and in this case there must be a specialist in your staff.

The financial side of business

Taking into account the accession to the SRO and annual contributions (averaged), the registration of IP and the purchase of equipment will cost 300 thousand rubles. If we talk about the minimum threshold, it is 200 thousand rubles. We in our calculations take average prices, since they will be relevant for quite some time. Rent office (which small business in this case is not needed) and the salary of the employee we do not take into account.

As for revenues, then you need to look at the competition in each specific city / region, and many companies in one region can have very different prices. We investigated the proposals in Moscow and the average prices for the survey of thermal imagers revealed the following indicators:

Apartment — 4500 rubles;
House up to 150 square meters — 11 thousand rubles;
House from 150 to 250-300 square meters — 15 thousand rubles;
The price of a house with an area of ??more than 300 square meters, as a rule, is negotiable.

It turns out that a survey of one square meter with a thermal imager costs 60 rubles averaged. That is, in its calculations when drawing up a business plan it is worth starting from this figure, although for regions this amount may be lower, we will repeat: always study prices in your city or region.

Thus, at the price of examination by a thermal imager of 60 rubles per 1 square meter, you will need to inspect about five thousand square meters, which would recoup the cost of equipment and organization of this business. On the average it is 30-35 houses.

 Promoting business and working with clients

The service for the inspection of houses with a thermal imager is quite new and requires advancement. That is, not only the business itself needs to be promoted, but the service itself in principle — customers need to convey information that it will be really useful for them. It is necessary to emphasize that the client will receive:

  1. Reduction of heating costs;
  2. Absence of drafts and a reduction in the risk of diseases;
  3. Comfortable temperature in all rooms of the house.

The optimal strategy for promoting this business will be the creation of a page or pages in social networks, as well as a site where it will be necessary to post information about its services, prices and an example of a report. The site can be advertised in the contextual advertising networks (Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords), pages in social networks are most effectively advertised in urban and regional communities to which many local residents are subscribed. In fact, many people do not even know about this possibility, so information should be provided in the most detailed and detailed manner.

The business of surveying houses with a thermal imager is quite promising, that would draw attention to it. Moreover, it does not require large initial investment (250-300 thousand in modern conditions is a small amount), and it is also perfect for those who simply seek additional income. Starting investments can pay off already in half a year or even faster, all depends on how actively you will look for clients.