Business plan for motorcycle club

Business plan for motorcycle club

Business plan motoshkoly

Where there are fans there usually there and the Club. For example, Moto fans Club. Motorcycle is in fact such a thing which is strongly pulls together people.

No wonder the motoljubiteli say that the vehicle carries the body, and the motorcycle-soul. Organize a Club is pretty simple, but earn on it is a challenge. Help you in its decision we will attempt to use this article. To organize a club, you need a minimum of effort-to register as an NGO, recruit participants, and quiet operation.

Simply? No wonder! What then is the problem? The problem is, how to use the public organization to earn money. Let's have a little pofantaziruem. Let's say you're the President of the motorcycle club, consisting of 30 people. These 30 people regularly pay dues. With this money, let's say, leased premises, paid fees is not so important.

But the important thing is that this company keeps exclusively on the enthusiasm of its members. And enthusiasm is a finite resource, and sooner or later will end. That's the question arises-how to maintain your favorite Club? It would be good to make favorite child to generate income, yes such that mere participation in his life has been beneficial. How to do it? Read on.


There are several such, look at them. What is a Club? Properly, society of people who know about motorcycles almost all as passionate about this case. How can I use it?

Arrange competitions, participate in various promotions, celebrations, holidays, open driving a motorcycle in the end. Variants weight. But let us in order.


Organization of competitions case simple but quite troublesome. The main thing is to get the support of local administrative bodies, and, of course, sponsors. What interest could cause sponsor such competitions?

Advertising and PR motorcycle club

Along the route you can put promotional posters and banners with advertising sponsor. For many companies, sports is a way to express yourself, improve ranking, and improve their position. For you main goal is to find these sponsors, and persuade them to support your endeavors.

Best option-a few sponsors who will be able to allocate enough money to generate a prize pool. No need to ignore the contributions of the participants. Amount should not be too big-can afford to each participant.

Events and holidays

If members of your Club-professionals, why not use their skills for earning extra money? Put a few tricks, rooms. Having in such a "trump card", you can safely apply for participation in various events. Audiences love such speeches, and for your club that could serve as a good advertisement.

In such cases, the Administration is quite willing to go on contact. The main thing is that your statement consistent with the scope and format of the holiday.

Driving a motorcycle

There are specialists in driving, and there are a lot of people who would like to master the steel horse. On this basis, we would recommend that you open at Club driving a motorcycle.

But now requires registration of the legal entity that includes registration in tax inspection, legal address, search and other not very pleasant and hlopotnye things … Big plus-there is no need to obtain a license for this activity.

How and where "naverbovat" cadets? Quite a lot of ways-advertisements in mass-media, the Internet, posting of ads around the city, etc. Megazarabotka from such activities do not need to wait.

But if your city is large enough, and want to become more than a hundred, the result can be quite pleasurable. In addition, courses can become not only a source of income for the Club, but also an original method of attracting new members.


So, in this article we "tossed" several ideas initially unprofitable enterprise can be put on the "financial" Rails, and turn it into a profitable business. The rest depends only on you.