Now is 21 opportunities when everyone can do what it wants. Including and open their own business. Let's try to understand how having your business, have success without major financial investments.

Option # 1-business services

This is one of those ideas that come to mind in the case when a person decides to go into business. In General, you need to understand that the scope of services is extensive, ranging from writing term papers for money before sewing workshops, from cleaning before the holidays, etc. etc.

If people decided to implement this idea, it is important to understand that a business (a certain team running the entrepreneur) is different from self-employment (in this case, the services are provided in person).

Pros: ideas

-Its feasibility-will not be obstacle finding professionals to provide a particular service;

-Massification-services today is full of tools, because the consumer will not be difficult to find.


-Konkurentoemkost, i.e. too many direct competitors, competing organizations.

However, this significant negative can be turned into good, if you approach the implementation of the plan with the invention. Some "zest"-and you will be able to regain market share from competing among themselves structures.

Option # 2-home Hand-Made

Most popular today is unlikely to concede the idea first. At home, you can implement a pretty lucrative business, especially if you take into account how extensive "crafts" with his own hands: this and all sorts of toys from various materials, SOAP, souvenirs, clothing, candles, sculptures, etc.

The pros are identical ideas expressed below. By cons added problems that can occur with search marketing channels. But this is the work of the head-how to bring the product to a specific customer.

Option # 3-Vending

Not everyone heard this word, but here is the realization of business krojushhegosja behind him, could watch every. Vending is a vending machine with different content.

The idea of, like, does not match the phrase "minimum cost", but if you look for "b-films" machine or a new leased-case may not be so expensive.

Plus is obvious, since earnings is simple, requires no substantive knowledge entrepreneur. Only know yourself, that fill the contents of a certain quality.

But where there are pluses, there do not always possible without downsides: this business requires search "bread," which in itself is problematic, because the idea is not sold the first freshness and all who could hurry up already. In addition, the income is limited to average purchasing power, increase which may not always be possible. But, as practice shows, this is the future of business.

This, perhaps, we will finish the presentation of business ideas. We have reviewed opportunities is the most popular solution, not requiring huge investments. You only need to touch on one of to, having studied it thoroughly, start earning.

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