Business Ideas in Czech Republic

10 unusual business ideas in the Czech Republic

Would you like to start a business in the Czech Republic? If so, the first question that you have is: «And in what area should I start a business?»

We present you the story of a young businesswoman who will gladly share with you ideas for business in the Czech Republic, based on her own experience. Suppose you are thinking about emigrating or have already emigrated. The question before you is: how to approach the Czech market and what to invest in? Everything is very simple.

First we explore the market.

The population of the Czech Republic is about 10 million, specifically Prague: 1.3 million (of which about 200,000 migrants). Also for a year there are about 7 million tourists in the country. Average income (25 000-30 000 kroons, for rubles about 55 000 rubles)

Habits of Czechs

Czechs are pretty tight-fisted and consider every penny, like to spend their free time in cheap pubs (hospoda), go in for sports, go hiking (judging by rucksacks).

Of the emigrants, mostly Vietnamese, Ukrainians and Russians. Slovaks do not take, they are similar in habits with the Czechs.

So what kind of business would be interesting in such a country?

  1. Unique excursions. For 6 years of life in Prague, I have never met a typical «St. Petersburg» theme — a tour of the roofs. Although Prague was created for this, because all houses are covered with red tiles and the view is simply stunning. Also an interesting option would be a trip on a water boat or a retro car, dinner in a Czech family or a master class to make «gulas s hnedliky» (goulash). Also Prague is very well developed for people with disabilities, Prague needs to be shown to everyone!
  2. Coaches with coffee. Those who live or often happen in Russia noticed that in Prague there are absolutely no cars with coffee on the streets. The market is completely free. Everyone knows that coffee is made the biggest cheat (the cost of coffee is not more than 10 kroons, and you can sell for 100 or more)
  3. Male striptease. Everyone knows that in Prague they shoot a lot of porn, legal prostitution. You will not be prevented from organizing a similar for the weaker sex. Czechs also have hen parties, birthdays, also do not forget about tourists who come in search of fun, relax from «bytovuha», husband and children.
  4. Quest room. A fairly new topic, especially students change every 3-5 years and it will not become obsolete. Students in Prague are fairly well-off and do little to learn, to drink and smoke the grass is always boring, for a change everyone will come.
  5. Mini Hotel. The season in Prague is almost all year round. The flow of tourists is approximately the same year round. Try to go on the booking and choose dates in 2 months (you will be shown that 88% is already occupied). 7 million tourists a year is 550 thousand a month, all these people want to live not expensive and with comfort.
  6. Rent expensive cars. Transfers. We turn to more ambitious and costly projects. Prague is certainly a budget city, but at the same time very unique, tourists from all over the world come here. And 10% of them like to be very well off, who are accustomed to comfort and luxury (Arab emirates, Americans, Russians). The cost of one transfer on a car is not more than 2000 kroons, but they are sold not less than 10,000 kroons.
  7. Own line of clothing. Why not open a workshop at home and not sew your designer clothes. I also hasten to inform you that in the Czech Republic they celebrate graduation parties at school (maturitn? ples), where all the Czech beauties are dressed in all their glory.
  8. Franchise Pizza Hut or sushi wok. A very simple way if you do not want to invest in the promotion of a new brand, buy, what consumers from other countries already know. With a good pizza and sushi in Prague has always been a big strain. And as we know, Americans can not without their pizza, as well as Russian without sushi.
  9. Hookah bar. Of course there are enough hookahs in Prague, but if you are a very sociable person and you have many friends in Prague, you are already becoming a kind of celebrity and people are reaching out to you. So it’s time to open your place so that you can have fun or dad said that it’s time for you to earn yourself and give start-up capital, and you’ve always been a party-goer and do not really want to understand paper notes.
  10. Bakery. Confectionery. Cooking. There is a great opportunity for variation here. It depends on what you know how to do and what resources. You can always start with cooking at home and display in the group «vkontakte», then how will the word of mouth go. Those who have lived in Prague for a long time already know how sick they are from a single copper or how sometimes they want a homemade pie.

Choose any idea you like and put it into practice. Good luck!