Business Ideas in 2018

Business Ideas in 2018

Many of us are of the opinion that the next year to open a business that could become promising on the territory of Russia is a very difficult task due to the presence of many factors. Among these, we can note the crisis, the minimum level of flexibility and mobility of legislation in the matter of entrepreneurship and so on. But if you take some time to analyze different directions, you can identify a number of niches, where demand predominates, which invariably increases, and there is the possibility of future development.

Very roughly, the types of business in demand in 2018 can be divided into five areas:

— a business in which a variety of modern technologies are used;
— A business based on the need of a person to save money and time;
— business related to interest in a healthy lifestyle and environmental friendliness;
— business based on goods and services for children;
— business related to self-education, self-development and deepening in certain spheres of skills and knowledge.

Business and technology.

Due to the fact that the technology is developing very rapidly, there are a lot of options for starting a business in 2018 with the use of such technologies. Among the many attractive destinations, there are 5 ideas:

— Organization of a cafe-cinema in 2018.

The idea is very interesting and new. The bottom line is that a visitor of such an institution can watch the film of interest in parallel with the reception of food. Undoubtedly, not only food is paid, but also being in such a cafe.

Target audience — people under thirty years old, and so you can arrange not only cinemas in a cafe, but also other entertainment — from hookahs to game consoles.
The downside is finding a suitable room — from 150 square meters, large investments in opening and complexity with attracting visitors.

— Delivery service with the help of drones.

The cost of purchasing a single drone in 2018 will vary from 15 to 40 thousand rubles, and the cost of the actual delivery process is very small.

One of the problems is the availability of restrictions on the distance and weight of the cargo. Also, the legislation of the Russian Federation at the moment does not regulate the use of drones.

— Build and lease electric bicycles in 2018.

The difference between this and conventional transport is that the former is very convenient, ergonomic, and can develop a great speed. It is possible to use not only for ordinary trips, but also for transportation of oversized cargo. When fully charged, the operating time of the electric bike is approximately three hours, but after discharge it can be used as an ordinary bicycle. In case of resale of such bicycles, the profit can be approximately 5000 rubles for one product. Ideal business for the city in 2018.

— Augmented reality tools.

You can create attractions, wherever virtual reality is used, use enlarged reality glasses in the process of work. The second option is more expensive than the first. The downside is incomplete saturation of such a market and a low level of user loyalty, although in 2018 it will grow.

— Three-dimensional printing.

There are several business options with the expectation of launching in 2018:

— Assembling printers for 3D printing.
— Development of models to order or for self-printing and sales.
— Sale of printed models (from souvenirs to household appliances).

Business and the desire to save.

The crisis in 2018 will only intensify, which means that the economy, as always, is in the topic. In this direction, the following ideas can be noted:

— Shop with goods at fixed prices;
— Opening of the hostel according to the capsule scheme;
— Mobile beauty salon;
— Services provided on an outsourcing basis.
— Goods at fixed prices.

Yes, the notorious fix-price business in 2018 remains an excellent idea! The idea has taken root quite well in the market. The main emphasis is on the volume of total sales. The main task is to compile the assortment matrix so that consumers are interested. And it is desirable to create such a store in those cities in which the population is not lower than 100 thousand people.

— Hostel on a capsule scheme.

This is one of the most cost-minimized types of business in 2018. For example, in a room with a total area of ​​20 sq.m. can accommodate about 8 capsules. The difficulty is to ensure an adequate level of safety and comfort. Often such hostels receive the main profit on the provision of additional services.

— Mobile beauty salon.

This format appeared relatively recently and will definitely shoot in 2018. Convenience is that specialists of any direction can go to the customer of the service and provide a quality service.

To do this, it is necessary to pass training on the courses intended for this, to purchase equipment and spend a little time on advertising the service.

— Outsourcing services in 2018.

In the coming year, one of the most popular will be outsourcing in the field of IT-technologies. In this business there are a lot of ways for development, and it is very profitable. But in order to organize such a case, it will be necessary to find partners among the suppliers of software and information systems, as well as invest considerable funds.
Also, I would like to briefly draw attention to other areas of the current business in 2018:

Business and a healthy lifestyle. Ecology.

Here you can distinguish such types as:

— organization of fitness studio EMS;
— production of package-BIO;
— marketing of fruits and vegetables of exotic character;
— Fast food cafe with healthy food.

Goods and services for the smallest people in 2018.

— scientific-cognitive show-programs focused on children;
— organization of a hairdresser for children;
— Games houses for children;
— toys, created by the drawings of children.

Businesses in the field of self-improvement.

— training centers;
— writing your own literary work;
— Creation of training courses in video format.

The list of business ideas of 2018 that is presented to you is just a small drop of water in the ocean of those ideas on the basis of which it is possible to create a promising business in the territory of the Russian Federation next year. You must take into account your own hobbies and experience, the possibility of investing funds and all the risks. And they are also not afraid to use even such variants, which may seem unnecessarily innovative at first glance.

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