Business idea — selling wafers

Sale of wafers as a business

All with pleasure eat waffles waffles with delicious fillings, French waffles. On such an idea as selling wafers you can build a good business.

Waffle products are competitors to donuts, pancakes and pies. To organize the production of waffle products, you need to go through several stages. But the recoupment of such a business is great, and the equipment for opening a small business is only necessary: ??the wafer itself, the dough (you can have it ready-the cost is less), various fillings and the place where all the products are sold (for example, a mobile stall). Having all the equipment and place, you can start making cakes, tubes and cakes.

Mobile stalls require a small cost.

You do not need to look for a room, everything is at hand always and everywhere. Mobile wafer bakeries are best placed in crowded places: near public buildings (universities, offices), as well as in parks, squares, even near the transitions. Waffle products can be sold in any supermarket, shopping and entertainment center or cafe.

Put production on the flow and open your bakery will be much more difficult, and costs a lot. But it’s a popular and profitable business.

You need to start with the business plan:

1. Target audience of users. Waffles are pleased with their price and taste, and therefore everyone can buy the product. The market is very large. But with this plus there is a minus — competitors. The technology of production is simple, even a beginner can afford such a business. The challenge is to withstand competition. If the businessman is determined, then there are 2 options for marketing ready-made wafers: the first — retail sales through outlets, the second — wholesale companies. The wholesale distribution is more convenient, but only the profit is much less.

2. Equipment. Very expensive point of the plan. Equipment for the production of waffles is different, because the price will also be different. There is fully automated equipment, there is partly automatic. It is better to take a semi-automatic, tk. For beginners, the other is very expensive and unjustified.

3. Working personnel. To work, you need 8 people: machine operators, sales managers, accountant and a pastry technologist. The area for such a number of people and equipment is about 100 square meters.

Another issue concerns the financial side.

How much to invest in such a confectionery shop? The cost of equipment is exemplary, it all depends on the type of machines and financial capabilities of the entrepreneur: mixer, planetary type — 130,000 rubles; Automatic or semi-automatic oven (PAK type) — 1 million 340 thousand rubles; Cooling conveyor — 480 thousand rubles; A special apparatus for packaging — 80000 rubles. The result: the whole production line costs about 2 million rubles. Still there will be expenses for advertising, raw materials, wages to workers. But the income will be about 730 thousand rubles.

Another major component of such a business as the sale of waffles is promotion.

As already mentioned, you can promote your products not only through your own network, but also through other entrepreneurs. It will be good to conclude an agreement with a large supermarket, a cafe, of course, do not forget the coffee shops. If in addition to the main dessert produce cups and horns for ice cream, then the market will be even wider. There is also a demand for ready-made ordinary wafer sheets.

The assortment of waffle products in most Russians is associated with standard wafers with a diverse layer. But there are Austrian, English, American, Belgian, Dutch, Czech, Norwegian and other delicacies. All of them are distinguished by original recipes and tastes, the way of feeding is different, and the fillings are the most unusual. Waffle business is new for our country and is characterized by simplicity. Products are most often prepared right before our eyes.

To avoid unnecessary waste, you can use a wafer franchise to sell waffles.

A ready-made business for selling waffles is popular. Young people from 20-21 years are invited to the partners. Basically, franchisors sell small retail spaces in shopping centers, kiosks, only in some individual cases there is an opportunity to open a cafe. In addition to space in the shopping center, the franchise may include equipment, mixtures for the preparation of waffles and all consumables. Recommendations are given on doing business, instructions on how to manage. Cooking utensils for the preparation of delicacies are also attached. Marketing support is also organized by the franchisor. The cost of a franchise depends on the seller’s participation in the promotion of this outlet, the equipment and services provided.

Buy a ready-made business for the production and sale of wafers is much more profitable. No spending on equipment, but the costs for rent, advertising, wages, employees will have to count the newly-made businessman himself. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the production of waffles is a profitable modern business.