Business idea — opening for sex salon. Business plan.

Business idea — opening for sex salon. Business plan.

Let’s fantasize about the topic … but what if in Russia legalized prostitution? A very complex ethical question, let everyone decide for himself how to treat it, but the truth remains unchanged — this is the oldest of the professions and it is possible to earn good money if you know how to open the intimate salon.

If you look at the European experience.

Czechia is very loyal in terms of erotic entertainment country, immediately after the Netherlands. It allows everything-casino, grass, prostitution (loopholes in the legislation such that everyone can bypass.

Walking around the city, you will not see cheap inscriptions in the style of «mermaid», «VIP vacation» and other cheap marketing. Everything is much simpler. In Prague there are several dozens of «special establishments» for absolutely different categories (wallets and needs).

— Lux Darling Cabaret intimate salon.

At first glance, the traditional cabaret. The girls here are well-groomed, multinational, lovely and constantly bred you for money privat, drinks, sex. It takes half an hour to enjoy an average of 4,000 kroons (9,000 rubles). All the girls here work as hired staff and receive a percentage from each client. On average, a month, working in such an institution, you can get 100 000 kronor (230,000 rubles) working, for example, 3-4 times a week. There are always a lot of clients (mainly tourists, Russians, Europeans or Arabs) by the standards of really well-off customers of 4,000 kroons (150 euros), of course a penny.

— There are places more budgetary. For example, an intimate showroom Show Park.

Here is a completely different approach. Everyone wishing to earn extra money girls are renting «apartments» here. A small room with bathroom accessories. A man is walking along a long corridor, and on the sides there are girls in the openings, from which you can choose and already retire in her room. There will no longer be a fun-filled costume show. But it is possible to get a good spiritual conversation (most of the girls are from the former Soviet Union, and specifically from Ukraine). Half-hour services cost an average of 2500 kroons (100 euros or 6,000 rubles). Rent a room 20 000-25 000 per month. For a month it’s real to receive 50,000 kroons (110,000 rubles). If you work hard.

— Even more budgetary option is such an intimate salon tantraclub.

Here the guest pays an entrance fee of about 2000 kroons and gets a whole show. First, all the guests gather in a large room, where special lessons are held. There is a teacher, guests of the man and guests of the girl (who in fact are fake, that is, prostitutes). In the first half of the lesson, the teacher introduces the guests to each other, tells a little theory and shows the exercises. Then the guests break up into pairs and start practicing in different secluded rooms. In such places the girls are not the youngest and the freshest. Customers are not so generous and rich, hence, and earnings are not so great. On average, a month is 30,000 kroons (55,000 rubles)

So, back to the idea that prostitution was legalized. There are two options:

1) Work on the specialty in the «intimate salon». Take the middle class. The cost per client per hour is 3500 rubles. 50% you leave yourself, 50% give.

-You work on schedule (2/2) per month for 15 days. On the day you have 4 clients, each by the hour (4 * 15 * 1750) = 105 000 rubles. It turns out the average income for the month

2) You have opened the «Intimate Salon». The level is average. There are 10 girls working for you.

-Income per day: you have 5 girls a day. Each has 4 clients. Every session by the hour. 5 * 4 * 1750 = 35 000 rubles

Your intimate salon works 30 days a month = 35 000 * 30 = 1 050 000 rubles

-Cost of Intimacy Salon:

-Rent (80 000 rubles)

-Communal services (20 000 rubles)

-Administrator (3 people * 40,000 rubles = 120,000 rubles

-Cleaning (25 000 rubles)

-Purchase of necessary equipment (linen, decor, condoms, sweets) 50 000 rubles

-The salary of girls (already included in the calculation of costs)

-Nation VAT 18% (130 700 rubles)

Net profit of the salon = 610 300 rubles

It can easily be concluded that it would be very beneficial to have a couple of such «enterprises». To open this business, you need a maximum of 500,000 start-up capital (including premises equipment). The sphere is very popular, there will always be people who need to diversify their sex life.

Even if you decide to work for hire in this area. You can easily pay a mortgage for an apartment, a car, raise a child and stay on lovely trinkets. As they say «Think for yourself, decide for yourself … whether or not to have an intimate salon.