Business idea — a private cemetery for pets

Business idea — a private cemetery for pets

The death of a pet is a tragic event in the life of any family. It is associated with many difficulties, in particular, with the choice of the burial place of the pet. Such a problem appears, as a rule, among the inhabitants of cities. Few want to throw the body of the deceased animal into a trash. An excellent way to solve this problem is to burial a pet in a private cemetery.

However, only residents of the capital cities have such an opportunity today. In the province, zoological business is almost not developed. Nevertheless, in almost any city there are people who will want to use zoological services.

Costs of opening a pet graveyard

At the opening of such a service, you can organize your business with relatively small capital investments. The size of the investment depends on the region of residence of the entrepreneur. One way or another, to start the project will need at least 500 thousand rubles. To open a private cemetery for pets, it is necessary to find a land plot within a settlement or on its outskirts. Then you should apply to the local municipality and draw up a lease. About 200-300 thousand rubles will be required for the improvement of the territory.

Decoration of the pet cemetery

The opening of a private cemetery for pets is an activity that does not require licensing. However, the entrepreneur will need to obtain permission from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. All corpses of dead animals before burial should be checked by a veterinarian.

Services of pets cemetery

A private cemetery can provide the population with various services. A good profit can bring not only the burial of the animal, but also its transportation. However, this will require additional investment, since the businessman will need a car with a refrigerator. Zoological services can also provide animal cremation services. As practice shows, this kind of activity also brings a good profit. In addition, a businessman can start making monuments, coffins, photo medallions and other ritual accessories for dead pets.

The territory of a private cemetery can be divided into several sections for clients with different income levels. The businessman will also need to build a brick wall, where the ashes of cremated pets will be stored.

Income and expenses of a pet cemetery

What profit can a private pet cemetery bring? This depends on the scale of commercial activities and the range of zoological services that the entrepreneur will specialize in providing.

The annual fee for a place in a private cemetery can be set at a rate of 3-5 thousand rubles. The amount of payment for owners of cremated pets can be slightly lower. As practice shows, zoological business allows you to earn up to 500 thousand rubles annually.