Business dating service for animals

Business dating service for animals

Many, having a stable job and a salary, think about additional income. On the idea of ??creating a pet dating service in your city you can make good money.

According to statistics, about a third of Russians keep cats and dogs at home, so the market for servicing pets is quite capacious. To date, many veterinary clinics have been opened, points for the sale of various feeds, beauty salons for cats and dogs, manufacturers produce special clothes for walking, there are clubs of fans of a particular breed.

There are a huge number of breeds of pets. Some of them are popular and widely distributed, but rare and exotic specimens are also found. In any case, the lucky owners of a cat or a dog eventually face the need to find a worthy partner for breeding. Pages of social networks are filled with announcements about the selection of a suitable pair for a beloved animal.

Mating is a very important matter, as it is necessary to take into account compatibility, health, color and breed. Each owner wants to get from his pet a healthy offspring with a beautiful exterior. However, people, as a rule, are too busy to seriously deal with this issue, therefore, if you have free time and desire, such work can be undertaken (naturally, for a reward).

If you manage to select a pair in accordance with all parameters, satisfied and grateful hosts will necessarily pass the information about you to others, earn «word of mouth».

How to create a database

Just walking around the city, on the way to work or to the store. The main thing is to have the desire to communicate with people and a smartphone with a good camera (or a normal camera). Having met a person who walks an animal, it is easy to enter into a conversation with him, talk about his service, take photographs and record information. The hosts are likely to be only happy to talk in detail about the animal and willingly give their coordinates.

When talking, you should give business cards with your contacts. This business is suitable for communicative, polite, able to locate the interlocutor to people. An important quality is to love animals.

What is necessary

A smartphone with a high-quality camera (or camera), a computer, an Internet connection, business cards, you might need a printer.

What’s the idea?

Create a database of pets in your city. The portfolio will include photographs and a detailed description: the exact name of the breed, age, weight, awards and other characteristics.

If you managed to locate the owner of the animal, then eventually he will contact you (the owners, as a rule, prefer to solve similar issues through intermediaries), and you, for a small reward, will pick up his suitable pair for mating.

Create a website

Creating a site on a free hosting that contains information about cats and dogs will take very little time. Users will be able to access it only after paying for your services (such settings are provided).

Of course, one can not consider the business of «matchmaker» as the main income, but it will bring a stable additional income, with minimal time and money.

If you are seriously carried away by this idea, you can create a full site with detailed information about cats and dogs (the format is suitable for a large city). To do this, you need a small investment: pay for programmers, copywriters, etc.

A quality Internet resource should be informative, with good navigation and user-friendly interface. On the pages of the site should be marked with beautiful photos of pets and their full description (breed, exterior data, age, color).

The resource also needs to be filled with content — useful, interesting articles: about caring for animals, different breeds and proper nutrition, about exhibitions of cats and dogs that take place in the city. Information can be gleaned from private ads and articles on the Internet.

To promote the site, it is enough to contact nurseries — to post data about breeders, and on the pages of the kennel will be information about your Internet resource.

As an option — to organize a productive, mutually beneficial cooperation with the owners of stores of animal feed and veterinary clinics.

To present your services, you will need to make colorful advertising leaflets and organize their distribution at cat and dog shows, in specialized stores and veterinary centers.

You can promote the resource through the dissemination of information through popular social networks (for example, VKontakte, Facebook). In order to attract the target audience to place on the Internet contextual and banner advertising.