Breeding pedigreed cats

Although the title of the article speaks for itself, anyone who was hoping to see business-recipe, you can ask the next does not bother reading. For thoroughbred kittens seek efficient and there is a perception that breeders are highly secured. In most cases it is. Let's calculate how much earns filinolog. Breeding cats is a delicate matter, and it is unknown in advance how much you have to spend before business starts to bear fruit.

Let's start with buying a thoroughbred cat on progeny dams which we hope to earn. Here you need to be careful: you should validate documents purchased the animal, because they are the only guarantor of future profits. The second point is health. Can catch an animal with a deadly infection or genetic disease. The most favourable option: we bought a cat-albeit more expensive than on the market through the Kennel Club, or with all documents and vaccinations.

We begin to invest in our "means of production" finances, paying special attention to high-quality forage. Be sure to acquire Club membership, otherwise future offspring will remain undocumented. Plus, cannot do without the participation of at least one international exhibition. And here we may face unpleasant surprises like suddenly vyjasnivshegosja the fact that tribal marriage.

However, we assume that this is not our case, and our pitomica received a prestigious title and is ready to continue their family line. Select the groom is from what-but it is worth considering that the most promising are usually closed to the public. The matter will have to be taken very seriously and get ready to shell out for analysis and the binding, especially if a suitable candidate is found only in another city. And yet consider that the duration of binding-3-5 days. Minimise all possible risks, like unsuccessful pregnancy or infection by concluding a contract. However, we have everything in order, and my mother is waiting for posterity, and costs are rising, meanwhile, especially on higher-quality diet with plenty of vitamins.

Now about childbirth: it is preferred that they took the vet and, therefore, have to pay for his services and cost medicines. And another will be ready to take time off from work, so you don't miss a moment of the "x". If childbirth take place naturally, believe that we are lucky, but you may want to and caesarean section. In addition, you may experience various complications, so we will be prepared not only to physical but also moral upheaval.

Let our case and here. Litter can be as little-one-two kittens, and great. You should not rejoice in advance-there is a chance that breast milk at all, and the inexperience of a large part of the breeder kittens will die. New pets need special care and equipment, for example, the indoor Aviary. Don't forget about the documents and vaccinations.

Lucky if 3-3, 5 months all kittens were able to attach, as naively believing that without significant marketing effort on our part they will buy anyone. In General, the longer the kittens from a breeder they sit, the more he carries the costs and the less the desire for a potential buyer to purchase them.

So, let us count what we've got. Since the ideal case, we went to zero, given that his work we feel free. When less favourable balance and does negative. It is for this reason that for most novice breeders first becomes the latest attempt. As professional breeders are getting their profits thanks largely to the size of its business and affairs because they contain large kennels.

The conclusion here is one: for amateur breeding of pedigreed animals-rather expensive hobby than a profitable business. But if you are not afraid of financial and moral difficulties-why not, go for it! Besides, this lesson is not necessarily used as main source of income, because you can just get yourself a pet, more precisely a couple, with an additional view of the fact that they will bring to you in addition to fun and more money. For example, a pair of Mei-cunow will bring (3 kittens) from 30 to 60 thousand. rubles per year, taking into account the same litter.

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