Business plan: Profitable Bitcoin mining at Kriptohabr Farm

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly habitual component not only of the world's financial markets, but also of daily news releases. Many have already heard the word "bitcoin", and besides it every year hundreds of new promising coins appear. You can get them in different ways, and the first way was the mining, which was called "mining" (translated from Eng. "Mining of Minerals"). Actually, mining and now has not lost its relevance, but there are a lot of pitfalls that deliver majneru complexity and reduce the level of earnings (and in some cases can even take it to minus).


    To minimize the risks of free navigation in financial markets, it makes sense to become a member of a large and reliable project. An example of such a project is the largest KRIPTOHABR in cryptocurrency production, which allows investors to earn 120% per year with minimal risks. The following is a business plan to become a member of the project and start earning with others.

    Open Step Plan

    The approximate procedure for becoming part of the KRIPTOHABR project will be as follows:

    1. Read the terms and conditions.
    2. Determine the amount of initial investment.
    3. Register to participate in the project.
    4. Clarify all the questions you are interested in with the manager.
    5. Issue documents for the beginning of cooperation.
    6. Make investments in the farm and expect the first dividends to be received.

    As you can see, nothing complicated from you will not be required, and the income can make a very decent amount.

    How much can you earn

    The amount of earnings will be directly proportional to the investment made by the user. In general, the project KRIPTOHABR assumes that each investor will be able to get at least 120% of the annual income in bitcoins on their investments. 15 Bitcoins will allow the participant to receive annual cash flow in the amount of 1.8 pts. If you convert this to rubles or dollars at the current rate, the amount will be quite impressive.  In addition, the investor receives a double profit:

    1. Your investments in Bitcoins are increasing, and having invested one bitcoin, in a year you can have already 1.2 bitcoins, and in four years-2 bitcoins.
    2. The Bitcoin course is growing. Only since the beginning of this year it has grown more than four times, and in the last five years – 40 times. Many experts believe that in 5 years the rate of Bitcoin will increase at least 5 times, and perhaps in 10, 20 or 50. It is easy to calculate your passive income taking into account the increase in the number of bitcoins and the increase in the rate of cryptocurrency in relation to fiatnym money.

    Here is an approximate calculation for 5 years, from the calculation of investments $4200 (1 Bitcoin at the current rate). With the estimated profitability of 120% per year by 2022, the investor should increase its capital to 2.4 bitcoins.

    Business plan: Profitable Bitcoin mining at Kriptohabr Farm

    If Bitcoin grows 5 times by 2022 and costs 20 000 $, the amount of capital of the investor in Fiat money will be 48 000 $.

    If Bitcoin grows 10 times by 2022 and costs 40 000 $, the investor's capital will amount to 96 000 $.

    How much money you need to start a business on the farm KRIPTOHABR

    Any investor can enter the project with the sum of investments from 1 BTC and above. The more it will be, the more revenue you can get in bitcoins.

    You can take the minimum bar in 1 pts and start investing with this amount (as of October 1, 2017 it is slightly more than 254, 5 thousand rubles at the rate of sale).

    The skills you need to get started

    This is a kind of passive income, so the user does not have to do anything on their own. You can only track the dynamics of the course change and the increase of your balance of payments. Do not forget that one of the features of cryptocurrency-high volatility, so that in the short term, the course can fluctuate in one or the other side, but in the DOLROSROCHNOJ perspective it is always growing.

    What equipment to choose for mining on the farm KRIPTOHABR

    One of the most important factors of mining payback is the equipment used. The KRIPTOHABR project uses only the most reliable and modern technology to increase the productivity and profitability of the farm. Established contacts with manufacturers give the opportunity to purchase it at wholesale prices (including powerful processors, video cards, ASIC-chips, etc.).

    Own online shop will allow to sell it in retail with 200% markup and will provide additional profit to the project participants due to the fact that part of the received profit is constantly reinvested for the purchase of new computing capacity and payment Electricity.

    However, the investor does not need to worry about buying, setting up or repairing the equipment-all this is handled by the specialists of the farm Kriptohabr.

    What documents are needed to open

    All documents and other administrative matters are handled by the management of the Kriptohabr farm. To become a member of the project, you will only need to sign a contract. There will be no paper red tape and running.

    What system of taxation to choose (for Internet-entrepreneurs)

    Currently, mining and cryptocurrency turnover in our country are not regulated. Investors receive income in bitcoins, which are not recognized by means of payment in the territory of the Russian Federation. Thus, you do not need to report income before the tax. And to be aware of all developments in the Bitcoins market, including the legislative, subscribe to the channel KRIPTOHABR in Telegram

    Do I need permission to open

    All necessary permissions have already been received and the farm has started working. The investor does not need to receive any special papers, licenses, certificates-it is enough to conclude a contract and become a part of the general team.

    Mining technology at Kriptohabr Farm

    The main feature of the project is that all the concerns of the user are taken by the organizers and engineers Kriptohabr. Also in the team are experienced forex traders who seek to exchange bitcoins or other digital coins at the most advantageous for the participants of the course, to scroll them on the stock exchange, which will bring investors an additional 10-15% of income. In the event of a fall, they will hold the tokens, and at the peak of takeoff-sell with the most profit.

    The farm produces not 1 or 2 varieties of cryptocurrency, but more than 10 different tokens, including promising coins. 11 different algorithms are used for this purpose. The computational capacity of the farm is always used to the maximum, and every day on the farm Majnjat not only BTC, but also other tokens, the extraction of which is most advantageous at this point.

    Business plan: Profitable Bitcoin mining at Kriptohabr Farm

    In addition to the most famous and expensive tokens: Bitcoins, ethers, etc.,-the farm Kriptohabr will invest a small part of the funds in some little-known but promising coins. Even if almost all of them prove to be unprofitable, thanks to 1 "Vystrelivshej" cryptocurrency can cover all losses and multiply capitals in several dozens of times.

    The project constantly explores new possibilities of increasing efficiency and profitability. It is planned to open its own online store, which will sell outdated equipment, which will reduce to zero the cost of electricity and increase profitability. In addition, engineers produce a 24-hour up-time farm.

    You will start earning immediately, because the farm is already functioning. The investor will not have to wait-the investment will immediately start to bring profit, and the payouts are accrued in bitcoins two or three times a year.

    If you want to know the details and register to participate in the project, click here:

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