Business Plan for travel agencies

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Business Plan for travel agencies


    Sample business plan for opening a travel company (travel agency) in a city with a population of 350 000 inhabitants.

    Despite the not the most favorable economic situation and problems with the leading tourist destinations (Turkey, Egypt) tourist business is still evolving. According to some data, the annual growth of this segment is not less than 15%, which is higher than the average salary increase.

    How much money you need to open a travel agency

    According to the preliminary calculations of the business plan, the opening of travel agencies will need to invest at least 775 000 R.:

    1. Company Registration-25 000 R.
    2. Purchase of office furniture and equipment-200 0000,-P.
    3. Creation and promotion of the site-150 000 R.
    4. Advertising budget-150 000 R.
    5. Other expenses-100 000 R.
    6. Reserve fund-150 000 R.

    What equipment to choose for travel agencies

    First of all, it is modern computer equipment, equipped with software and office equipment. Then, decent equipment, design and comfortable furnishing of the office, meeting the safety and reputation, prestige of the company. Transport for meeting or delivery of tourists from the airport is also useful.

    What okved to specify when registering a business

    You can use the following okved codes, both for registration and for further expansion of the Tour list. Services.

    79.11 or 79.12, covers Biznesdejatelnost tour. Agencies or tour operators, respectively. Then the code 79.90, corresponds to other services of booking and accompanying this work, which has subtypes:

    • For providing tourist information services-90.1 and excursion and tourist services ? 2;
    • Travel agencies for the provision of excursion and tourist services-90.21;
    • Independent guides and guides on providing excursion and tourist services – 90.22;
    • For the provision of tourist services associated with the reservation ? 90.3;
    • Booking tickets for cultural and entertainment events ? 90.31;
    • and other services related to the advance reservation service ? 90.32.

    In the classifier there are codes, registration of business on which will require licensing. Therefore, when registering a company choosing the main code for tourist services, do not forget to specify this on the list of activities that licensed.

    Turn-based plan for opening a travel agency

    1. Marketing research of the tourist services market of the city
    2. Finding a suitable room (office)
    3. Registration of Legal Entity (LLC)
    4. Conclusion of agency contracts with tour operators
    5. Office arrangement, purchase of furniture and equipment
    6. Site Creation
    7. Hiring and training of personnel
    8. advertising, promotion of services

    How much can you earn on selling tours

    Our Organization will be engaged in selection and sale (resale) of tours from the leading tour operators of the country. The main income of travel agencies will be composed of commissions, proceeds for the sale of Tours. According to the agency agreement, the tour operator will pay 10 to 14% of the tour price. The amount of interest depends on the volume of tourists sent for the season. The more travel will send the tourists-the higher the percentage of reward.

    The main directions for which the sale of tours are planned:

    • Europe (Germany, Great Britain, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, etc.)
    • Dominican
    • Tunisia
    • India
    • Bali
    • Thailand
    • Costa Rica
    • Cyprus
    • China
    • Russia (Sochi, Crimea, Anapa)

    According to preliminary calculations, in the first month of work (May) will be sold about 30 rounds (on average 1 tour per day). At an average price of a permit in 50 000 p. and 10% commission, the income from one sale will be 5 000 p., and the total revenue per month: 150 000 p. With the growing popularity of the Organization (regular customers), the monthly income in the first year of work will increase by an average of 10%. As the number of sales increases and the percentage of commission. Thus, for the first year of work is planned to bail out the order of 3 500 000 p.

    Production plan

    The first thing you need to do is find an office to host your organization. Large areas are not required for the full functioning of the business. Therefore, the preference will be given to the premises from 25 to 35 square meters. M. With Ready repair. This area will be sufficient to accommodate three jobs. At this stage, the main costs will be related to the acquisition of office furniture (tables, chairs, soft sofa for customers), equipment and consumables. The rent for the premises will be about 25 000 p. Per month.

    What system of taxation to choose for travel agency

    Then you need to register the company with the local tax office. As an organizational-legal form it is planned to register a limited Liability company (LLC). The status of a legal entity will be preferable both when working with customers and when working with tour operators. Licenses and certificates are not required for this activity. As a tax regime, the best option will be the transition to regime-USN (6% of the revenue or 15% of the profits).

    Upon completion of the registration of the company will need to conclude contracts with the leading tour operators of the country: Coral Travel, Tez Tour, Sunmar, Pegas Touristik, NTK-Intourist and so on. After the conclusion of the agency agreement will be obtained access to the system of online booking of the tour and opened a bonus account.

    After the registration of the company and the arrangement of the premises will be necessary to form a collective organization. The main staff of the travel agencies are managers of customer relations. Their duties include selection of individual and collective tours, advising clients on the directions of tourism, booking all kinds of tourist services, working with tour operators. At the start of the business will need employ not less than 3 managers with a schedule of 2/2. Wages will consist of 15 thousand salary. Dr. + Percentage of sales.

    Also for the functioning of the travel agency will need a coming accountant and cleaner (outsourcing). The responsibility of the Director/Manager will be assigned to the initiator of the project at first.

    Technology of Tours Sales

    The technology includes search and booking of tours, their registration and payment.  The process of interaction with partners, document Flow, scheme of delivery and issuance of documents to clients should also be worked out.

    Marketing and Promotion

    Without advertising and promotion it is impossible to build a profitable tourist business.
    Today the lion's share of Tours is purchased via the Internet. Even if the travel is located near the client, it is more convenient for him to go to the site and book the tour through the bank card. Therefore, the creation of a site for travel agencies-a mandatory event. Which sections should be on the site first:

    • Selection of Tours by parameters (direction of rest, date of arrival, number of nights, etc.)
    • Last minute tours (offer for holidays with discounts)
    • School Tours (organization of excursion tours for school and age groups)
    • Business Tours (organization of Tours for collective recreation)
    • Online-Booking Tours

    To create a functional site can get from 50 to 100 thousand. Dr. Advertising online resource can be through contextual advertising (Yandex-Direct and Google-Adsens).

    In addition to online promotion, it is worth to include in the business plan and ways of promotion through offline advertising:

    • Placing a bright sign over the entrance to the office of the travel Agency;
    • Billboard Advertising (Outdoor advertising)
    • Placement of information in specialized journals
    • Advertising on radio, television and local newspapers.

    Advertising on television is very expensive, but brings a noticeable effect, because it allows you to add the impression that travel is reliable and it can be entrusted to her vacation.
    On advertising and promotion of the Organization, in the end, can be spent not less than 30 000 p. Per month.

    Financial calculation

    Regular monthly expenses of the Organization:

    • Rent of the premises-25 000 R.
    • Salaries of the staff – 75 000 p.
    • Insurance Deductions-22 500 p.
    • Advertising-30 000 R.
    • Payment for outsourcing services (accounting and cleaning)-15 000,-P.
    • Office expenses (water, stationery, paper, etc.) – 6 000 p.
    • Other expenses-15 000 R.

    Total-188 500 R. (in the first months travel will actually work in minus). Annual expenses, thus, will make not less than 2 262 000 p.

    Structure of fixed costs:

    Business Plan for travel agencies

    Calculation of profit before tax per year: revenue-cost (fixed costs): 3 500 000 — 2 262 000 = 1 238 000, 0

    Calculation of net profit after tax payment (USN, 15% of profit): 1 238 000 * 0.15 = 185 700 p. (tax) 1 238 000 – 185 700 = 1 052 300 R. (Net profit)

    Profitability of the travel agency according to our calculations will make 46%, and the payback of the initial costs comes after 10-12 months of work.

    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that these are approximate calculations and may not coincide with the real state of affairs. Because too many factors can affect the final profit, in particular: political and economic situation in the country, the location of the company, the quality of services, qualification managers, competent advertising company and so Further.

    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

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