Business Plan Pig

Business Plan Pig


    An example of a business plan pig for 30 sows, with a monthly production of up to 6 tons of pork in live weight.

    How much money you need to open pig

    According to preliminary calculations, to open a pig farm for 30 sows will need to invest about 18 910 000 rubles:

    • Acquisition of land plot-1 200 000 rubles.
    • Purchase of sows 80-90 kg (30 goals) – 510 000 rubles. (17 thou. Rubles/goal).
    • Construction of pig "turnkey"-14 400 000 rubles.
    • Creation of fodder reserves – 400 000 rubles.
    • Registration of business, approval and permission-100 000 rub.
    • Other expenses – 300 000 rub.
    • Reserve capital-2 000 000 rubles.

    Pig Opening Step Plan

    The stages of opening a business assume the following successive actions:

    1. Search for project financing sources
    2. Business Registration
    3. Purchase and registration of a land plot
    4. Construction of pig "turnkey"
    5. Completion of the project coordination procedures (Rospotrebnadzor, fire inspection, district administration, etc.)
    6. Employment of employees
    7. Create a herd of farm
    8. Buying Feed and Vitamins
    9. Opening of production

    Market Prospects

    In connection with the recent world events (sanctions), imports of livestock products have decreased somewhat in our country. According to experts, by 2017 the import of pork will be reduced by three times compared to 2013 (at this time the import was the maximum). Of course, this will provide an opportunity for the development of domestic production. Increasing government support (feed and credit subsidies) and declining imports make entry into the livestock business increasingly attractive.

    Product Description

    According to the business plan, the farm is planned to contain mainly pork meat (bacon) direction. First of all, it is such breeds as Landrace, Duroc, Estonian bacon. Pigs are planned to be sold only in live weight. It will allow not to open at the enterprise, to contain additional personnel, to control quality of a product, etc. We also decided to refuse the sale of piglets.

    The ration of feeding of animals assumes that already to 6-month age The pig will be recruited in mass not less than 100 kg. The average increase in living mass will be 700-800 gr. A day.

    From one sows it is planned to receive on average 12 piglets. In fact, the acquired 30 sows will allow to create a permanent herd of farm equal to 350 – 400 goal.

    According to preliminary calculations, about 60 heads of pigs will be sold in a month. The sale price will be 125 rub. Kg. (live weight). The expected revenue of the farm will be equal to 650 000 rubles. Per month.

    The implementation of the animal Farm will only be carried out after 8-10 months of work, when the first offspring of pigs are grown.

    , our partners, with a guarantee of quality.

    Pig Location Selection

    For the placement of the farm, it is planned to purchase a land plot from the municipality, with a total area of 3400 sq. m. M. The cost of purchase and registration will be 1.2 mln. Rubles.

    Construction of pig is quite a complex project, which is better to entrust to specialists. It is necessary to create optimal conditions for pigs ' content, to build a system of feeding and drinking of animals, to equip the fencing system, to make floors, to equip ventilation, heating and to think over the system of manure.

    Therefore, the construction of mini pig will be ordered "turnkey" from a specialized company. The construction price will be 12 000 rubles per square meter. The total area of the complex will be equal to 1200 square meters. M. Construction of pig, thus, will cost 14 400 000 rubles. As a result, we will get a room ready for maintenance and breeding, manned and equipped according to all norms of sanitary and fire safety.

    Pig Growing technology

    The following technological parameters will be given special attention in the maintenance of animals:

    • Room temperature. For comfortable maintenance of sows the constant temperature of air will stay at the level of 15 – 20 Gr.
    • Air humidity.  The pigsty will operate an automatic ventilation system. It is impossible to allow presence in a premise of high humidity as it leads to weakness of animals, reduction of immunity and occurrence of cold diseases.
    • Water access. Animals must have 24-hour access to clean water, especially in the summer season. Without due drinking in animals decreases appetite and general digestibility of Forages. Pregnant sows consume about 25 liters per day.
    • The area is calculated on one head. For the maintenance of one pig the area of not less than three square meters will be allocated.


    For the operation of the farm is planned employ the following employees: Pig, veterinarian, animal, handymen, supply manager. The staffing schedule will look as follows:

    Business Plan Pig

    The staffing table will include 8 permanent employees. The wage fund per month will be 124 000 rubles, in a year – 1 4888 000 rubles.
    The services of an accountant are planned to be taken on outsourcing (coming). Payment of accounting services will cost 8000 rubles per month.

    What system of taxation to choose for pig

    A limited liability company consisting of two founders will be registered as an organizational form. The system of taxation of the economy will be a single agricultural tax (ESHN). Under such a system, tax payments will make only 6% of the farm's profits.

    Financial plan

    Let's go to the calculation of the main indicators of production efficiency.
    Monthly expenses pig for 350 goals according to business plan:

    • Salary-124 000 rub.
    • Insurance Payments – 37 200 rubles.
    • Utility payments (electricity, water) – 30 000 rub.
    • Feed consumption-157 500 rub. (450 rub/goal)
    • Accounting services-8000 rub.
    • Other expenses (vet. Drugs, lubricants, etc.) -20 000 rub.
    • Total-376 700 rub.

    The cost structure is as follows:

    Business Plan Pig

    Calculation of gross and net profit is presented in the table-Forecast of income and expenses of pig:

    Business Plan Pig

    How much can you earn on pig

    According to the calculations of the business plan, the net profit of pig per month will be 256 902 rubles. Farm profitability equals 68%. At such indicators the project pays off for 6 years of work of pig.

    We recommend that our partners, with a guarantee of quality.
    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

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