Airbrush Studio business plan

Airbrush Studio business plan

Аэрографией is a method of artistic drawing images on a variety of surfaces.

To do this, apply liquid or powdered dyes, sputtering assisted by compressed air. This is done using airbrush-special device designed for these purposes.

Adjustable spray width allows you to get a great many strokes, from the gross to the subtle. After the wizard for applying paint to give her dry, and then fix varnish.

Thanks to this piece of ajerograficheskogo art is gaining strength and nesmyvaemost. There are obvious pros. Original figure makes the car unique work of art that is not stolen.

Than colorful and nepovtorimee painted body, the greater the chance that you will always see your cars on rightful place in the garage or on the parking lot, waking up in the morning. It is best to cover the entire car, because it is worth to paint only the hood or door, hijack risk remains, albeit somewhat diminished.

There are also downsides. But here plays the role of a more aesthetic factor. There is a perception that a painted similarly machine proves that her boss is devoid of intelligence and taste.

How to start a business in airbrushing?

It should be understood that here you can have a pretty close analogy with master tattoo. It is very important to have a professional portfolio of their work. This will put the case on a stream and have regular customers.

Prior to the independent case it is best to enter pupils for themselves already with the positive side of the wizard. This kind of experience is simply priceless.

As well as gradually accumulate your own collection of photos, which you can easily prove. This is especially significant in our time, when figures for registration portfolio stolen by unscrupulous masters.

Twenty-first century dictates to the same conditions. A professional must perfect possession of Photoshop'om and Corel Draw. It is necessary to create preliminary sketches, that nowadays is done on the computer much more often and easier than on paper. However, a sketch by hand also useful skill.

You might decide that seasonality such classes are not so relevant. There will always be customers who are ready to make gray auto Marshmallow. However, this is not the case. Professionals in this field have long noticed a seasonal pattern. Auto signs more often in the offseason, spring or autumn; high demand in the summer painting apartments; in winter, the preferences are given to motorcycles.

Of course, this case stands open only if you or your staff is a true artist. Many customers are oriented exactly on it, since every master has its own techniques and style.

Airbrushing is a piece goods and therefore the price of the machine after the murals even increases by ten-fifteen percent because is already a work of art. In addition you must get into the spirit of this industry. Join the clubs: real or Internet, get into the crowd on the forums, always be aware of the latest developments of the region.

To get started, you'll need about two thousand dollars of seed capital. Need it to open his Studio. You will need to rent rooms, equipped with air-tight box with light and Extractor hood.

Then register a company (for example, register as an LLC), which will have to run to authorities and gather the necessary documents. And of course the equipment (gun, airbrush, compressor).

Be sure to purchase a camera for drying finished products. Resistance is determined by the picture it is drying. Dust, temperature variations, all this helps avoid this camera.

Still have doubts about the profitability of the entire enterprise? Want to know how it okupaemo? It all depends on many reasons. Quality and cost of raw materials, the uniqueness of the drawing and the complexity of its execution as well as the artist name.

For example, consider a simple drawing of one tone without the background. It costs an average of eight thousand rubles. Thinner, which means hard work, where there are many small details, background, complex study can cost anywhere from fifteen thousand rubles and above. And this is only one element of the machine. Then there is the price of wings, doors, hoods, trunk, and so on. And if you want to completely paint the car under full, then push and put a greater amount.

Usually Studio airbrush is based on three pillars-the main employees: painter, kuzovschik and of course the artist. When you do this, you need experience to become an artist, you can get on the painter's Assistant, where you want to work a year or two.

Among other things, the artist must be able to not only beautifully reflect the wishes of the customer. On the bodywork of the car always come in small or not very defects which should be removed before processing. And here come in handy skills just try worker.

One should not hope that will succeed, if one person in your company combines all the posts. Happens just halturnaja work. And if you only started this business?

Then it is best if you have your own car service. You can simply invite artists as necessary for temporary work. Clear and well-established relationship with such artists is very important, because work on the airbrushing may require at any time.

Where study skills?

The most appropriate option would be entering courses professional Wizard. You can also individually go to the apprentices. You can either be already held by the artist or a newcomer, but with inclinations. Term of training depends on this.

Not only machines need aerographic processing. Currently, this service is used for the decoration of computers, telephones, refrigerators, skateboards, tables and even walls.

It is best to start practice on small surfaces, and after the groundwork experience to navigate to auto. If you are committed to this business, took into account all the factors, pros and cons, burning desire and have opportunities this business for you!