Business Plan of the sports Shop

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

Business Plan of the sports Shop


    Sample business plan for the opening of a sports shop for the sale of goods for the sport and skiing.

    Turn-based plan for opening a sports store

    Fashion for a healthy lifestyle in our country is gaining momentum. Recent sports events related to the Olympics in Sochi, world championships, which are increasingly held in Russia, naturally heated the interest of young people in sports. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for all kinds of sports equipment, clothing and paraphernalia. Not for nothing the big hypermarkets on sale of sports goods open even where 10 years opened did not make sense (to take, for example, "Sportmaster").

    It should be noted at once that the sports market is an expensive project. To compete successfully with network players you will need:

    1. The trading area is not less than 150 sq. m. M.
    2. A wide range of products or specific specializations on a particular product (e.g. "All for fitness" or "cycling")
    3. Successful location of the store, in large shopping malls (or nearby), in places of increased passableness of the solvent audience
    4. Active advertising and promotion (marketing and PR)
    5. Selection of qualified personnel

    Opening a specialized store will certainly require much less investment than trading "all in a row". and the area for trading can be enough in the range of 50 – 100 square meters. M. However, it should be said that this format will work only in large cities, where there is a sufficient number of potential audience of buyers. It is a question of cities with a population of not less than 500 thousand. Residents.

    In this article we will briefly consider the business plan of opening a specialized shop for the sale of goods for cycling. To avoid the factor of seasonality (in winter such sports are not actual), in the winter season the store will specialize in the sale of goods for winter sports: skis, snowboards, skates, clothes, etc. Thus, we will get a fairly competitive store, while spending much less investment.

    How much money you need to open a sports store

    First, let's define the approximate size of investment in the business. In practice, for obvious reasons, investments can differ sharply from the "paper version". But in general, it will allow us to understand what the fixed assets will be spent on:

    • Deposit for renting a room for 2 months. – 119 000 p. For 85 sq. m. M. (700 R. Sq. M.)
    • Trade equipment (shelving, showcase, video surveillance, cash register, etc.) – 150 000,-P.
    • The range of goods – 1 400 000 R.
    • Advertising budget (signboard, banners, creation of a site-business cards) – 120 000,-P.
    • Business registration and other expenses – 50 000 p.
    • Reserve fund-300 000 R.

    Total-2 139 000 R.

    Description of goods and services

    The characteristic advantage of sports markets, before other projects of sphere of trade – high average check. According to some data, the average check here is not less than 10 000 p. (according to PayU studies). This fact confirms the range of our store, where the bulk of the goods passes the bar in 10 000 rubles (bicycles and spare parts to them are not cheap goods).

    However, the average trade margin is only 35%. Therefore, the potential income from one sale will be equal to an average of 2600 p.
    And so, the assortment of our shop will include the following items of goods:

    • Bicycles for Adults (mountain, road, women, folding, Universal)
    • Children's Bicycles
    • Outfit (goggles, backpacks, gloves, helmets, T-shirts, jerseys, vests, sweatshirts, T-shirts, Velostrusy, Kombinizony, Velobele, shoes, socks)
    • Spare parts (children's wheels, takeaways, grips, cameras, carriages, cassettes, pedals, switches, tires, handlebars, saddles, brakes, chains, connecting rods, shifters, etc.)
    • Accessories (trunks, computers, pen protection, calls, wings, pumps, mirrors, tools, lanterns, covers, etc.)
    • Skis (incl. H. Boots for skis, sticks, fastenings, etc.)
    • Snowboards
    • Skates
    • Clothes and footwear for winter sports.

    How much can you earn by opening Sportmagazin

    Calculate the potential revenue.
    The number of buyers in the first three months of work, for obvious reasons will not be large. On average, given the advertising we are counting on three buyers per day. Next, with the growth of popularity of the store and the "dress-up Radio" the number of purchases will increase to 6 – 7 per day. The dynamics of purchases in the context of each month for the first year of work will look as follows:

    Business Plan of the sports Shop

    According to preliminary calculations, the potential income (minus the goods) for the first year of work will be 4 316 000 rubles.

    Production plan

    Our shop will be located in a rented space of 85 sq. m. M. The rental rate will be 700 rubles. M2. This room has a very good location. Firstly, it is a new district with an abundance of newly-constructed and solvent young people. Secondly, there is a busy highway and a large federal hypermarket "Ribbon". Placing only one banner near the track will allow us to attract a large audience of customers.

    The premise does not need serious repair. It already complies with the safety standards, including the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and body. We will carry out only cosmetic repair and buy the necessary trading equipment: racks, rack of the seller, racks for fastening of bicycles. We'll set up a good lighting and CCTV system. Total costs at this stage will be no more than 150 000 p.

    The goods are planned to be purchased from large metropolitan dealers representing leading brands of such manufacturers as Scott, Trek, Specialized, Merida. There are no problems with the selection of suppliers today. Most of them will come to us.

    Now as for the staff. The requirements for sellers of such shop are very high. The person should not only have experience in trade, but also to be on sports "savvy". Ideally, he should have a good understanding of cycling and velotehnike. But such people today are very few (who are able to sell and understand in velotehnike). Therefore, some time will be spent on finding young people with trade experience and teaching them the basics of selling bicycles, accessories and goods for winter sports (skis, snowboards, skates). In total we plan to employ 2 sellers, one store manager and a warehouse worker (and handbook in one person). The latter's responsibilities will include not only the control of balances, but also the work with suppliers.

    As an organizational form it is planned to register a limited Liability company (LLC). The optimal taxation system for the sporting goods store with an area of less than 150 square meters. M. is imputed-a single tax on imputed income. Tax payments will be fixed and independent of revenue. Monthly payment will be 7500 p.

    What okved to specify when registering a business

    Retail trade of clothing ? okved 52.42. and also 52.48.39 ? specialized retail trade of other non-food goods, or 52.48.3 ? specialized retail trade of non-food goods. Depending on the range of goods.

    What documents are needed to open a store

    Need to register a PI or LLC. For this purpose it is necessary: the passport, the application about registration, the receipt on payment of the state duty, and also a copy of the certificate tin.

    What tax system to choose for business registration

    A single imputed tax on income or a simplified tax system will be suitable for such a store.

    Do I need permission to open

    To open the sports goods store you will need the following permissions and agreements:

    • Sanjepid Conclusion on conformity of store premises to the current rules and norms of SES;
    • Permission to stay from Rospotrebnadzor – entitles the company to start its activity;
    • The presence of the cat (Program of Sanitary and Industrial control) ensures compliance with SAN. Rules and regulations;
    • Contracts for and disinfection of motor transport;
    • Agreements for the provision of deratization, disinfection, dezinsekcionnyh, laundry and dry cleaning services for the washing of working clothes;
    • Hozdogovory for ventilation and air conditioning cleaning;
    • A contract for the export of solid waste and other debris.
    • conclusion of fire control;
    • Register the cash register.

    Sales Technology

    Sales technology depends on the range of products, specialization of the store, its location and clientele. The shop can be oriented on winter or water zones of rest, on extreme kinds of sports. It is possible to choose a range of products for the clientele of fitness halls or fans of sports jogging, biking or skating.

    Marketing and promotion of the store

    The number of fans of cycling in our city is growing. Reconstruction of parks, construction of sidewalks and zones for rental contribute to the development of this kind of sport.

    By and large, advertising our store we will try to do the target. That is to be placed where there is a potential audience. First, it is cooperation with VELOPROKATNYMI organizations. Secondly, it is placing advertising in parks, near sports establishments. Third, it is advertising on the Internet, through its own site, contextual advertising and groups in social networks.

    It is planned to distribute flyers and booklets regularly in places of mass congestion of youth. We will not lose sight of the adult audience of buyers who can buy bicycles, skis and other sports equipment not only for themselves, but also for their children. For this purpose it is possible to carry out all kinds of actions, to place advertising near large shopping centers. In winter, when the ski season comes, our shop will be advertised on ski bases.

    Special attention will be paid to the creation of a bright advertising signboard. Competent arrangement of signboard – 50% of success in attraction of new visitors. It should be not only bright, but also well-viewed.

    Business efficiency Calculation

    The final point of the business plan is the calculation of the efficiency of the sporting goods store.
    Let's start with the calculation of the fixed monthly expenses:

    • Rent-59 500 R.
    • Salaries of 2 sellers (salary + percent of sales) – 60 000, 5 p.
    • Salary of the administrator and the employee of the warehouse – 50 000,-P.
    • Rhinestone Deductions for employees-33 000 p.
    • Accounting and cleaning (outsourcing) – 11 000 R.
    • Taxes (imputed) – 7500 R.
    • Utility payments – 10 000,-P.
    • The cost of protection of the object-18 000 R.
    • Advertising-15 000 R.
    • Other contingencies – 25 000 p.

    Total-289 000 R.
    Annual expenses, thus, will make 3 468 000 p.

    Revenue and expenses are known to us. Now you can calculate the net profit of the business: 4 316 000 – 3 468 000 = 848 000 p. A year. Profitability equals 24%. It should be noted that these calculations are typical for the first year of work, when the store has not gained popularity. In the following years, revenue, as well as profits, will certainly grow. With such indicators we expect a return on investment in 30 – 35 months.

    This is a complete, ready project that you will not find in the free access.
    Business Plan content: 1. Konfindencialnost 2. Summary 3. Stages of project implementation 4. Object characteristic 5. Marketing Plan 6. Technical and economic data of the equipment 7. Financial plan 8. Risk Assessment 9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments 10. Conclusions

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