Business Plan for breeding cattle (cattle)

We propose to consider the business plan for breeding cattle on the example of a small economy of the Ulyanovsk region. This business plan can be used as a feasibility study of S.H. The bank or with participation in state support.


    Business Plan for breeding cattle (cattle)


    We propose to consider the business plan for breeding cattle on the example of a small economy of the Ulyanovsk region. This business plan can be used as a feasibility study of S.H. The bank or with participation in state support.

    Description of the cattle breeding project

    We bring to your attention the feasibility study of the creation of a small enterprise for the breeding of cattle.

    The aim of the project is to breed cattle of meat and dairy direction for further realization S.H. Products to the population in the form of milk and meat.

    Production of this type of production is a promising trend, as the market of meat products is one of the largest markets of food products. Meat products are in constant demand both for the population and for the organizations in the purchase of meat products for further processing.

    How to start Project implementation

    1. Construction of cattle breeding facilities;
    2. Purchase of young meat and dairy;
    3. Cultivation and breeding of animals for the purpose of receiving the finished product in the form of milk and meat;
    4. Sale of finished products (milk and meat) to the population.

    For realization of the project it is planned to attract credit funds in the amount of 650 thousand. Rubles. The whole amount of the received loan will be directed to the acquisition of fixed assets and the construction of a room for livestock maintenance.

    How much money you need to start a cattle breeding business

    № p/PNameAmount, rub.
    1Construction of industrial Premises 30m * 6m (incl.)170 000
    1.1Clay blocks (3 thou. Pieces)90 000
    1.2Sand (10t)4 000
    1.3Cement (50 bags)14 000
    1.4Lumber (5 cubes) and roofing40 000
    1.5Rubble (10t)12 000
    1.6Construction works10 000
    2Cows, 5 heads250 000
    3Young cattle (Bulls), 12 goals170 000
    4Feed (barley, oats, hay, straw) for 12 months60 000
    Total650 000

    Individual entrepreneurship was registered to carry out the production activity of the enterprise.

    What okved to specify when registering this business

    The main activity of individual entrepreneur on Okved is code 01.2 – livestock.

    What system of taxation to choose for breeding cattle

    As a system of taxation, a simplified system of Taxation (USN) – 6% of gross income is chosen.

    For the maintenance of animals will be built heated room with an area of 180 m2. This room is capable of accommodating up to 30 heads of adult cattle.

    At the beginning of the project the following livestock will be purchased:

    1. Cows at the age of 24 months – 5 goals;
    2. Young cattle (Bulls) at the age of 6 months – 12 goals;

    There are 17 goals.

    The bulk of the feed will be purchased from S.H. Enterprises-processors at the retail price. The rest of the feed (hay and straw) will be partially procured by the individual entrepreneur.

    The production activity of the farm will be carried out with the involvement of 2 employees in the positions of handyman.

    Table № 1: Planned staffing

    PostNumber of employees, personsWages, rubles/monthTotal, rub.
    Handyman210 00020 000
    Total220 000

    Product Description

    The project provides for the purchase of young cattle from third-party organizations with further dorashhivaniem of livestock in the farm and the sale of meat and dairy products.

    The activity of our farm will be divided into 3 stages:

    1. Purchase of young (age up to 6 months);
    2. Animal care;
    3. Realization of the received production – meat and milk.

    To obtain high milk milk, it is planned to acquire a highly productive black-and-white breed of dairy direction. This breed of cows is capable to bring for lactation period (305 days) about 8000 liters of milk with fat content 3.5 – 4% or 20 liters of milk per day. Live weight of an adult cow from 450 to 600 kg. In one calendar year, the cow consumes an average of 18 tonnes of food.

    Calves of Simmental breed will be purchased for growing cattle of meat direction. This breed of cattle is characterized by increased meat productivity, to 18-month age the bull gains weight from 850 to 1100 kg.

    In the diet of cattle feeding will include:

    • Feed;
    • Straw;
    • Hay;
    • Haylage;
    • Root;
    • Beet;
    • Potatoes;
    • Cake and meal.

    Marketing Plan

    The main competitors of our economy will be similar manufacturers, personal subsidiary farms, peasant-farms and larger agricultural production complexes.

    Sales of production are planned to be carried out in the following directions:

    1. Sale of products at retail outlets Dimitrovgrad, in particular on the "Meat Market";
    2. Sale of meat and milk in locality point at the place of registration of individual entrepreneur;
    3. Sale of produced products to small wholesale organizations-dealers;
    4. Sale of products in the form of exit trade (from the machine) in neighboring settlements.

    Sales of products will be carried out at prices:

    • Beef Retail: 250 rub/kg;
    • Beef Wholesale: 170 rub/kg;
    • Milk Retail: 35 rub/L;
    • Milk Wholesale: 24 rub/kg.

    Planned to be sold in a month to 2250 L. Milk and 350 kg of meat, or:

    1. Milk Retail-1000 kg;
    2. Milk Wholesale-1250 kg;
    3. Meat Retail-150 kg;
    4. Meat Wholesale-200 kg.

    The structure of realization of the produced products is presented in the form of diagram:
    Business Plan for breeding cattle (cattle)

    Production plan

    To determine the main economic performance of the company we will calculate the planned costs and revenues of our farm.

    For cultivation and maintenance of 1 head per month it is required on average 1.5 tons of forages (hay, straw, grain). One adult cow eats about 50 kg of food per day. The average cost of fodder ration (50kg) per day is 80 rubles, per month – 2400 rubles for 1 head. For the maintenance of 17 goals per month on average will be spent 41 000 rubles.

    Table № 2 fixed costs of the farm

    Business Plan for breeding cattle (cattle)

    Total sum of monthly expenses will be 79 000 rubles.

    How much you can earn on this business

    Let's proceed to calculation of monthly gross income of the economy.


    On average, one cow gives 20 liters of milk a day. The first 2 months of 10 liters of milk will go to the feeding of calves. In the future, all the milk goes to the realization. Taking into account that 2 months are given on the hotel, the planned volume of realization of milk in a year will make 5400 L from one cow:

    1. 30 days * 20 liters/day * 8 months = 4800 liters
    2. 30 days * 10 liters/day * 2 months = 600 liters

    Accordingly, with 5 goals per year you can get up to 27 000 liters of milk.


    Bulls bought at the age of 6 months, with proper nutrition and care for 1 year will gain up to 500 kg of live weight, when the meat yields 70% is about 350 kg each.

    Accordingly, with 12 goals can be obtained up to 4200 kg of commercial meat.

    Table № 3 Average monthly revenue of the farm

    № p/PNamePrice per kg, rub.Sales volume per month, kg.Revenue per month, rub.Revenue per year, rub.
    1Milk Retail35100035 000420 000
    2Milk Wholesale24125030 000360 000
    3Meat Retail25015037 500450 000
    4Meat Wholesale17020034 000408 000
    TotalXX136 5001 638 000 *

    Total total amount of monthly revenue will be 1 638 000 rubles.

    * For convenience of calculation the volume of realization is specified by months. However, in the financial forecast for the first few months the meat will not be sold (as opposed to milk), but as the young grow, the whole volume of meat will be realized. As a result, the proceeds obtained from the sale of meat will cover all the previous costs for the maintenance of animals, and the remainder of the funds would be our profit.


    To implement the project, the following activities should be undertaken:

    Table № 4 Project implementation schedule

    N P/PProject Phase NameStart dateEnd DateCost of the stage
    1Construction of production premises01.05.201301/07/2013170 000
    2Buying Young Cattle01/07/201315.07.2013420 000
    3Purchase of Feed01/07/201315.07.201360 000
    4Start of activity15.07.2013

    It is planned that the sale of milk will begin in autumn 2013. Sale of the first batch of meat is planned for summer 2014.

    Financial plan

    For the organization of the economy will need investments in the amount of 650 thousand. Rubles. A bank credit will be issued for these purposes.

    The main costs will be the cost of growing animals, that is, the feed-41 thousand. Rubles per month. The second largest expense is the payment of wages to two workers-20 thous. Rub. Per month.

    The structure of the annual costs of the economy is presented in the form of a chart: based on the above data, it is possible to calculate the basic indicators of economic efficiency of the economy:

    Business Plan for breeding cattle (cattle)

    How much can you earn in the production of cattle

    Net profit on the results of annual sales of milk and meat will be 556 720 rubles.

    Profitability of the farm = 58.7%

    The payback of the project with such indicators will be 14 months.

    What you can do right now

     With quality assurance

    This is a full-fledged, ready-made project, not a school abstract. There are no free access to such projects.

    The contents of the business plan for livestock Cattle production:

    1. Privacy
    2. Summary
    3. Stages of project implementation
    4. Characteristics of the object
    5. Marketing Plan
    6. Technical and economic data of the equipment
    7. Financial plan
    8. Risk assessment
    9. Financial and economic substantiation of investments
    10. Conclusions

    What equipment to choose

    It is impossible to contain cattle breeding farm without necessary agricultural equipment. You will need:

    • Tractors for transportation of forage and cleaning of manure from barns.
    • Various attachments for tractors, necessary for collecting and harvesting hay: mowers, Rake-tedders, ploughs, etc.
    • Gazelles for transportation of dairy and meat products to the market.

    In addition to the main equipment, it is also necessary to purchase cans for milk, shovels, forks and other agricultural tools.

    What documents are needed to open

    To breed cattle for commercial purposes for sale of meat and milk it is necessary with registration of FE or LLC, depending on volumes of manufacture and quantity of co-founders. Documents required for the registration of an individual entrepreneur: A statement certified by a notary, a photocopy of the passport and IND code, a receipt for the payment of the state fee, as well as an indication of the necessary codes okved. After that it will also be necessary to conclude veterinary examination of animals in order to be able to trade meat and milk on the market.

    Do I need permission to open

    Permission from the Fire Inspectorate and the sanitary-epidemiological station will be required to open the farm. Besides, it is necessary to open the obverse color on communication and to choose the optimum form of taxation.

    Breeding technology

    Breeding of cattle is better directed to the production of two types of products: milk and meat. For sale of milk the best variant will be conclusion of the contract on wholesale realization with nearest dairies. This way you will always be able to supply fresh goods to the market, regardless of the amount of the product. In addition, you can organize the production of skins, wool, as well as young. Also remember that the success in the cattle breeding business is mainly in animal health, so be sure to hire a staff breeder and a veterinarian. Start a business better with a small farm, and the money received gradually invest in its expansion. It will allow to feel better the market, to coordinate contact with the consumer and absorbs starting expenses.

    How to increase your chances of success even before the start of the project

    Before finally deciding what kind of breeding business to start, pay attention to other business plans, it is better now to invest a little time and a small amount of money for a detailed study, than then sad to think of who I need my products.

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